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Our products

Product category: Forehearth technology

System 500 Forehearth

The System 500 forehearth was specifically designed to achieve the best glass thermal homogeneity over the widest operating range with optimum fuel efficiency and with more than 500 worldwide installations to date its ability to achieve these objectives is well proven.
The principal features of the System 500 design are as follows: 1.A single piece roof block with a multiple flue arrangement that separates the combustion from the cooling inside the forehearth
2.Direct longitudinal forced air cooling beneath the roof blocks for maximum cooling efficiency
3.Automatic control of the combustion and cooling dampers
4.Automatic control of the cooling air
5.Cooling sub-zones for enhanced cooling capacity

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Product category: Forehearth technology

System 500 Forehearth cooling

Cooling air is introduced through vented mantle blocks at the entry to each cooling sub-zone and passed longitudinally under the central section of the forehearth roof, exhausting through the central exhaust flue. The cooling air cools the underside of the central portion of roof block, enabling the glass to radiate heat to the cooler refractory surface.

The cooling air also maintains the internal pressure inside the forehearth, ensuring that the products of combustion are exhausted through the side exhaust flues.

The cooling air flow is regulated automatically by a control valve in the cooling air supply and by the simultaneous positioning of the side and central exhaust dampers.

At 100% cooling the side and centre dampers are fully open and the cooling air supply is at maximum.

At zero cooling the cooling air is at minimum, the side dampers closed, and the exhaust gases exit through the open central flue, heating the entire forehearth width.

In normal operation the system will modulate the cooling rate automatically between these two positions according to the cooling requirements of the forehearth.

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Product category: Forehearth technology

System 500 Distributor

Each System 500 Distributor is bespoke, designed specifically to suit the geographical layout of the forming machines and the cooling capacity requirements of the glass production unit.
The same System 500 cooling and heating configuration as used in the forehearth is employed, ensuring rapid heat removal and fast response to changes in pull rate. If required higher cooling rates can be achieved with the installation of ‘Pressurised Radiation Cooling’ over the throat riser and ‘Triple Jet Longitudinal Cooling’ in adjacent cooling zones.

‘Pressurised Radiation Cooling’ is used over the throat riser area. As cooling is required the radiation cooling dampers move to the open position and cooling air is introduced automatically from side entry flue blocks. The glass surface radiates directly to atmosphere and is further cooled by radiation to the underside of the roof blocks. The cooling air also maintains the internal pressure inside the distributor.

‘Triple jet longitudinal Cooling’ is used in zones adjacent to the throat riser section. As cooling is required the dampers move to the open position and cooling air is introduced through 3 outlet holes in a special vented mantle block. The cooling air cools the underside of the roof blocks across their entire width, enabling the glass surface to be cooled right across the distributor width. This ensures fast cooling rates without the intense cooling effect of radiation cooling to atmosphere.

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Product category: Forehearth technology

MR-5000 Combustion System

The MR-5000 forehearth & distributor combustion system is a pre-assembled skid-mounted combustion system built around ‘Maxon’ multi-ratio proportional air/gas combustion mixers. These mixers combine the functions of a combustion air control valve and a gas control valve in a single mixer unit, enabling the air-to-gas ratio to be mechanically fixed at a number of positions through the firing range. This enables optimum firing conditions to be achieved throughout the firing range, ensuring excellent fuel efficiency and eliminating the traditional air or gas mixture imbalance and its resultant loss of temperature control in the forehearth and distributor.

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Product category: Forehearth technology

Control Systems

PSR offer three principal levels of temperature control system for their forehearths and distributors.

For simple but effective control the 600D Control System is offered. This employs discrete heat/cool PID zone controllers combined with a data logger in an air cooled cabinet. The system is rugged and effective, and is simple to operate and maintain.

The 3000 control system is a PLC based system that combines a multi functional HMI (Human Machine Interface) with a high performance PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) to provide accurate temperature control with redundancy of processors, power supply and network.

In its 3000S form a supervisory computer is added to provide full SCADA functionality (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) via desktop mounted PC. Both systems can be configured for access over the internet or local area network depending upon the type and number of licences provided.

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PSR is a diversified manufacturer of specialised refractories and engineered products for the glass manufacturing industry.

We serve almost all sectors of the glass industry including the following:

Tubing & industrial glasses
TV tubes
Flat & patterned glass
Float glass

Located in Halifax, UK, approximately 250 km North of London, exports account for as much as 80% of our business and we have agents located in more than 20 countries around the world.

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