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Our products

Product category: Washing machines and equipment

Abrasive brushes

Kartacovna Kolovec is offering to the customers the industrial abrasive brushes with Abralon filling material. We have more then 10 years experiences with the production of abrasive brushes.

Abralon is the filament with the polyamide base quality 6.12. There are some types of abrasive grains put in this base. We are using, as our standard material, filament with the the grains of the silicon carbide or the diamond. The standard size of the grain is from K 46 to K 500 and diamater of the filament is from 0,25mm till 2mm.

The types of brushes with abrasive filaments
The most common type is the brush roller/rotary brushes with abrasive filament. These kind of brushes substitute the brush roller with the steel wire filament.

The abrasive material is very often used as the filling material in:
brush discs – the most common using in CNC machines for grinding or deburring of surface twisted in brushes – the most common using is the deburring of drilled holes

Also we are able to produce the brushes with abrasive filament as spiral brushes, lath brushes and brooms and brush heads.

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Product category: Washing machines and equipment

Strip brushes

These brushes are produced by pressing bristle material into a metal tape.

In this way a strip brushes is produced. Strip brushes are especially used for sealing gaps, as the guiding  during the products movement and also as the underlay strip brushes.

Strip brushes can be delivered with h-, F-, Y-holder types.

Strip brushes can be formed into various shapes and it is also possible to chop holes into the bristle material.

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Product category: Washing machines and equipment

Roller brushes - rotary brushes

Roller rotary brushes offer many possibilities of application. Designing and production engineers in particular invent every day new applications for industrial brushes.

Roller brushes are used in businesses for transport of materials and semi finished products wherever it is necessary to clean, wash or grind. Application of the road sweepers and cleaning technics is also classical.

Roller rotary brushes can be composed of segments, trimmed into various shapes according to required application or for easier installation on shaft they can be delivered in halves. It is not a problem for us to produce the even a shaf upon client´s request.

Roller rotary brushes can by produced in several ways. There are three types - punch filled, manually filled and spiral brushes.

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Product category: Washing machines and equipment

Twisted in brushes

Twisted in brushes have a wide range of applications.

These brushes are mainly used for cleaning of cylindrical holes and tubes. They are also used as brushes for filtration facilities or brushes for hand hoovers. The application of twisted in wire brushes for deburring of drilled holes is constantly raising.

Twisted in wire brushes can be formed or the bristle material can be trimmed in various shapes.

Twisted in wire brushes differ in their purpose by various methods of finishing on their both sides.

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Product category: Washing machines and equipment

Lath brushes and brooms

Lath brushes and industrial brooms.

Lath brushes have unlimited quantity of applications. We deliver lath brushes for all industrial branches.  The most frequent application of  lath brushes is covering gaps e.g. in paintshops or machining centres. Filled by fine material they are used as underlay brushes for transport of fragile goods, vertically they are used for transport of glass panels, in horizontal position these brushes are used for wiping loose material and for grinding flat surfaces.

Independent use of such brushes is common for industrial brooms of any kind.

Lath brushes can be filled  with fibre under various angles, it is not a problem to deliver brushes with scroll gaps or cut into various shapes. It is possible to assemble the plates of these bruses.

Lath brushes can be manufactured in several ways. One method is as the punch filled brushes. Lath brushes can also be manufactured as manually filled brushes.

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Product category: Washing machines and equipment

Brush discs

Brush discs - disc brushes.

Disc brushes or brush discs are used everywhere you need strong pressure. The most frequent application of disc brushes is deburring, polishing, cleaning and surface washing and also classical use as  road sweepers and cleaning technics.

Disc brushes can be produced with various types of carriers, they can be easily provided with screw gaps or slots and the disc brushes can be also set together from brush segments which obviously saves material.

Disc brushes/brush discs can be produced in two ways - one method is as the punch filled brushes. Secondly, the disc brushes can also be manufactured  as the  manually filled brushes.

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About us

Company details

Czech producer of industrial brushes - brushes for laboratory glass and bottles, for cleaning for glass moulds for glass processing and glass industry.

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