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Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.09  Safety glass technology
  • 02.09.01  Pre-tempering technology
  •  Furnaces for thermal pre-tempering of glass

Furnaces for thermal pre-tempering of glass

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.09  Safety glass technology
  • 02.09.02  Laminated glass technology
  •  Laminated glass technology with foil for architectural glass

Laminated glass technology with foil for architectural glass

Our products

Product category: Forming and bending technology

Glaston Matrix Bending furnace for windshields

Maximum performance with high yield and flexibility

When you are looking for superior windshield quality, flexible production as well as reliable and energy-efficient operation, Glaston Matrix is your choice. It’s perfect for both mixed and single model production of car and truck windshields.

Gravity bending allows you to create the most demanding windshield shapes, including deep sags and wrap-around corners, in a cost-effective way. You can use different types of molds at the same time, which makes it the best bending process for replacement windshields.

The press bending process is an OEM’s choice. It is relatively simple with only two phases: heating the glass and using molds to press it into the desired shape. This gives you very high output, good repeatability and tight tolerances.

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Product category: Forming and bending technology

Glaston ProBend - Cost effective and flexible production of high quality cylindrical glass

Glaston ProBend with zero-tooling process

ProBend with its zero-tooling process offers a cost-effective, flexible way of producing quality cylindrical safety glass in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

It has the capability of processing large glass sizes for bent tempered, heat-strengthened and even laminated products. The machine features separate or combined bending and tempering sections, LB and CB, processing flat glass in the bending section or in a separate chiller.

With ProBend, the changeover time is just 5–10 minutes from product to product.

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Product category: Forming and bending technology

HTBS Versatile and efficient production of bent tempered glass with high quality

The future is around the next bend

HTBS bending and tempering system covers a wide range of application areas in the automotive, appliance and furniture glass industries.

With its flexibility and high end-product quality, the HTBS furnace allows you to meet the requirements of the market and be creative.

The capability to process multiple glass sheets in one production load helps increase production output.

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Product category: Furnaces for thermal pre-tempering of glass

Glaston FC & RC Series flat tempering furnaces

All-new flat tempering range

We launched our RC200 and FC500 flat glass tempering furnaces at Glasstec in 2010. Since then, over 300 lines have been sold, making these furnaces the most successful premium tempering lines in history.

This year, we will again be setting new flat tempering standards with our renewed FC and RC Series. Being a masterpiece of intelligence, the FC Series provides a range of cutting-edge technological features for even more efficient flat glass processing, while the RC Series offers unprecedented flexibility, ease of use and consistently high glass quality. We also offer the FC and RC Series based heating chamber replacements, which allow your existing tempering line to meet the latest market demands in high glass quality and Low-E processing.

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Product category: Laminated glass technology with foil for architectural glass

Glaston ProL flat glass laminating line

Revolutionize the production of laminated glass

We have made ProL laminating line as easy as possible to operate. The process is practically recipe-free – you need to input only one parameter, and the rest will take care of itself. No more trial and error juggling with a number of variables.

The very concept of ProL is based on reaching a production capacity balance with Low-E and clear glass. ProL uses full convection technology, which does not differentiate between glass types or product modes. The convection system provides accurate and optimized heat transfer, giving you consistently superb glass quality and an up to 100% capacity increase compared with traditional infrared heating.

ProL’s full convection technology gives you the best possible control over the chamber temperature. This eliminates heat loss, which means considerable savings in energy costs.

ProL heating chamber is available as an upgrade to any laminating line brand on the market.

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Glaston is a global company developing glass processing technology for architectural, solar, appliance and automotive applications. Our portfolio ranges from safety glass machines to services. We are dedicated to our customers’ continued success and provide services for all glass processors.

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