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Product categories

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.01  Measurement and control technology, sensoring
  • 05.01.02  Inspection technology
  •  Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.01  Measurement and control technology, sensoring
  • 05.01.04  Detectors for laminated glass

Detectors for laminated glass

Our products

Product category: Visual inspection systems

Raven™ 12 with Integrated Controller

The Integrated Controller (IC) is an option to accompany the Raven sensor.  The IC allows the user to establish alarm conditions for glass presented in the improper orientation.  For example, soft coat lowE with the coating down or rear on the rollers may be alarmed.

Raven will discriminate the following products: 

- Clear (not coated)
- Single silver lowE
- Double silver lowE
- Triple silver lowE
- 4th surface lowE (ex i89 or IS15)

Controller includes: 

- Processor
- LCD screen with software to set alarms
- 24 VDC power supply
- Power distribution
- Audible and visual (red light) alarms

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Product category: Visual inspection systems

Osprey®7 Distortion + Flatness Inspection System for Glass and Plastic

The Osprey 7 is the world leading on-line measurement system for tempered glass, and is the only measurement system in the world capable of meeting the requirements of PPG Certified Fabricators, Guardian Select Fabricators, and suppliers to USA government contracts. First developed in 1999, over 190 Osprey systems operate in tempering plants on 5 continents.  Osprey 6 was launched in 2014 and provides state-of-the-art technology in optical distortion measurement in heat-treated glass and plastic.

The Osprey 6 provides true optical measurement in lens power (diopters) as seen by the customer!  The Osprey 6 measures all types of optical distortion including roll wave, edge kink, local bow, pocket, side kink, hammer, bird’s eye, picture framing, belly banding, edge lift and all other types of distortion. Utilizing patented optics, high-speed cameras and powerful algorithms, Osprey 6 by LiteSentry™ is the industry standard.

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Product category: Visual inspection systems

Owl™2 Mass Measurement & Closed-Loop Tempering Furnace Control for Batch Tempering Lines

Owl™2 is the all new design of LiteSentry’s successful Owl™ Mass Measurement System, first installed in 2002. The Owl 2 is a non-contact optical system measuring the thickness, type of coating and area of the glass as it approaches the furnace. Information is transmitted to the furnace control system and the furnace automatically selects a recipe and optimizes the heat profile to (1) optimize cycle time and (2) minimize distortion and roll wave.  Productivity and quality proven to increase over 20%!


- Increase Throughput
- Temper Flatter Glass
- Eliminate Human Error
- Improve Productivity

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Product category: Visual inspection systems

Hawk®4 Scratch and Defect Inspection System for Glass

Hawk®4 by LiteSentry™ is a high-resolution camera-based inspection system. Inspects both front and rear surfaces of monolithic glass as it moves down the fabrication line. This on-line defect inspection system operates at conveyor velocities up to 900 mm/s, the fastest in the industry.  Applications include IG / Double or Triple Glaze, Lamination and Coating lines.

- Prevents defects from proceeding to high value-added operations.
- Keeps defects out of your customer’s sight.
- Improved quality = increased profit.

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Product category: Visual inspection systems

Raven™ 12 Thickness & Coating Sensor for Glass

The Raven™ by LiteSentry™ Thickness & Coating Sensor measures moving or stationary glass on-line to +/-0.1 mm. This non-contact glass thickness sensor provides 100% inspection, replacing periodic human inspection. Monitors glass thickness. Confirms critical dimensions. Eliminates costly errors. 


- LED-based simple spectrometer, integral electronics and embedded algorithms
- On-line at glass velocities up to 700 mm/s
- Discriminates Clear from low E coated glass.
- Discriminates single, double and triple silver lowE coatings.
- Thickness measurement range: 0 – 35.0 mm.
- Mounts above glass. No components below glass.
- Rugged aluminum and steel housing intended for industrial environments
- Accuracy: +/-0.1 mm for 0-8 mm, +/- 0.15 mm for 9-35 mm glass thickness
- Outputs: Local alphanumeric LED display in mm and coating
- Remote output via Cat5 network connection and open-source XML output.
- 110 or 208-220 VAC input to DC power supply (provided)
- 5 meter (16 ft.) cable provided

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Glass Inspection and measurement systems for quality + process control

Introducing the new Osprey 7 Distortion + Flatness Inspection for tempered + laminated glass including Osprey Process Control Adviser for automatic furnace adjustment recommendations based on glass quality. 

Introducing the new Raven 12 Sensor for measurement of glass thickness, IG space thickness, LowE coating detection and coated surface identification.

Inspect Scratches, Blemishes + Coating Defect with the Hawk 4 scanner platfom for IG / Double Glaze, Coating + Laminatin lines.

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Measurement, testing, control technology and software

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  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
  • Architecture / Construction
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