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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.10  Cold end technology for float glass, laminated glass, wired glass and other types of flat glass
  • 01.10.05  Separator applying machines

Our products

Product category: Separator applying machines


Powder Sprayer for Float and Flat Glass

Grafotec´s AP SINGLE is a nozzle system for the application of powdered separator agents and perfectly suited to standard conditions of the float and flat glass technology.

With its standard settings, AP SINGLE provides a basic level of float glass and flat glass protection with an application width of maximum 3,300 mm and its special nozzle system, and is easily integrated into current production lines – not least due to its space-saving design.

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Product category: Separator applying machines


Liquid Roller System for Auto Glass
Grafotec LA AUTOMOTIVE Spray System is a specially designed roller system for applying liquid separator agents for the sag bending of windshields in the auto glass industry. A high-speed roller with up to 6,000 revolutions per minute provides a fine spray that is applied to the glass homogenously and without direct contact. The Grafotec LA AUTOMOTIVE enhances both the reliability of the production process and the quality of the bending process.

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Product category: Separator applying machines


Powder Sprayer for Float and Flat Glass

AP TWIN is an enhancement of the proven and tested Grafotec nozzle system. With an applilcation width from 3,300 mm and a double batcher the AP TWIN powder sprayer permits a clever adaption to production widths and gaps as well as the application of two different separating agents during the production process due to two separate 15 liters powder reservoirs.

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Product category: Separator applying machines


Powder Sprayer for Auto Glass
The AP AUTOMOTIVE from Grafotec is specially customized for coating windscreens with powder separator agents and is perfectly suited to the standard conditions of the auto glass technology. Its nozzle system with »fixed spray angle« ensures a fine and uniform coating and is easily integrated into current production lines – due to its space-saving design. With AP AUTOMOTIVE we are offering a dry separator agent application device with the quality expected from products »Made in Bavaria«, that has been perfectly adapted to the state-of-the-art conditions in the auto glass industry.

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Product category: Separator applying machines


Powder Distribution System for Float-/Flat Glass
The Grafotec PDS is a special roller based on a powder separator application system. With an application width up to 6,500 mm and its special electrostatic powder charging it provides an outstanding uniform and homogeneous application of most separator agents for float and flat glass currently on the market.

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About us

Company details

High tech innovations for the glass industry

Offering high quality »Made In Bavaria« products for over 25 years
Grafotec, based in Diedorf/Bavaria, Germany, is one of the world´s leading specialists for separator application systems. For more than a quarter century we have been a proven leader and reliable partner providing innovative, cutting edge solutions to the glass industry.
Grafotec´s separator application systems are specifically customized to match perfectly into any existing flat, float or auto glass production line – anywhere in the world.

High tech products from Grafotec are always a step ahead. Whether a high-speed roller or spray nozzle system – Grafotec separator application systems always lead the way.
With our innovative high-speed roller, Liquid Applicator (LA) system for coating windscreens with liquid separators, auto glass finishing reaches a new standard of quality. High-precision rollers ensure homogeneous coating with liquid separators allowing for optimum coverage, maximum material yield and excellent performance. The key feature of our roller system is the positioning:
LA is integrated in the production line prior to gravity bending. The Grafotec Liquid Applicator enhances both the reliability of the production process and the quality of the bending process.

The patented jet spray nozzles of the Grafotec Advanced Powder system (AP) enable
multi-purpose application in all float glass and flat glass production lines and provides for consistent atomized spray and maximum protection of float and flat glass. The AP system is an innovative modular design. Trouble-free integration of the AP system into any existing float and flat glass production line is possible allowing for versatile customized system solutions.
The AP system is easy to use and incorporates unparalleled ease of cleaning and minimal maintenance costs.

Leaders in corrosion protection
The Liquid Applicator (LA) made by Grafotec is the world-leading application system and has been specially developed for applying corrosion protection liquids to float and flat glass. The nozzleless spraying system provides for a fine and uniform application and the system is designed to allow for maintenance to be conducted without interrupting the production process. Grafotec systems are setting the benchmark in corrosion protection.

Glass is our profession
Grafotec´s mission is to provide state-of-the-art systems for powder application, liquid separators, and corrosion protection liquids. Our main concern is to ensure perfect protection of flawless glass – during its long way from the float, coating, or lamination line to the final customer.

Advanced technology system solutions offered by Grafotec are trendsetting.
Our separator application systems are characterized by:

-optimum adaptability
-outstanding process reliability
-high degree of flexibility
-easy to use and control
-excellent price-performance ratio
-cost-efficient operating and economical maintenance

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