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Simon Cross

Lager/Material, Logistik, Transport

The Oaks, Badgers Croft
HP2 4NE Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

+44 1442 245810


Dr. Hanoch Shalit

Fertigung, Produktion

The Oaks, Badgers Croft
HP2 4NE Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

+44 1442 245810


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Product categories

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.02  Processed glass
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  •  Sun protection glass

Sun protection glass

  • 03  Glass products and applications
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  • 03  Glass products and applications
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  •  Systems for sun and glare protection

Systems for sun and glare protection

Our products

Product category: Sun protection glass

Sun Control Windows

Any sun facing external window is suitable for ActiveGlass.

Now that costs have been dramatically reduced, smart glass is no longer the preserve of prestige commercial uses, but is now affordable for residential as well as industrial property.

There are multiple configurations possible with ActiveGlass – combining not just the control of light, but also heat, privacy, and novel display materials for branding and advertising etc.

Please call to find out more.

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Product category: Other types of special glass, Systems for sun and glare protection

Thermal Windows

A new development from Active Glass – currently still in development, but attracting much interest –is a composite glass which reflects thermal radiation. Windows can be adjusted in the same way as the standard daylight filtering ActiveGlass. A special material that reflects rather than absorbs radiation is employed – thereby reducing the heat load on a window, and saving energy by lowering air conditioning use.

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Product category: Other types of special glass

Special ActiveGlass Applications

Some applications defy all normal expectations of ‘light controlling windows’ but are nonetheless in serious demand. Some examples:

Fridges and Freezers doors – ActiveGlass enables owners to see the contents of a fridge or freezer without opening the door (saving energy), yet hide everything, and look like a normal door, with the flick of a switch.

Agricultural glass (and plastic) buildings – an ActiveGlass canopy is positioned to manage the optimum distribution of sunlight energy throughout the day for growing crops. As the sun traverses the sky, the canopy selectively filters radiation intensity according to the angle of incidence, without recourse to any moving parts or electricity.

Information and Advertising displays – windows and partitions can be set up to have additional functions, such as text or advertising messages. For example a shop could be fitted with a Sun Control Window, which has Advertising images projected onto it, and also has a Privacy function whereby the window goes blank during closing hours, hiding the window contents from view.

For further information on any of these applications, or if you have any other novel uses for ActiveGlass, please do get in touch.

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Product category: Other types of special glass

Vehicle Sunroofs And Windows

ActiveGlass can be used on curved surfaces and has special properties particularly appropriate for vehicle glazing – for managing the amount of light and heat through windows.

Sun roofs, moon roofs, side windows and rear windows can be fitted with ActiveGlass – with specified degrees of tint and materials, to conform to regulations and safety requirements. The colour of the tint can also be specified – for both internal and external surfaces, independently. Thus the colour of a sun roof for example could be made to match the interior décor, while the outside matches the colour of the external paintwork.

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Product category: Other types of special glass


Skylights are typically the windows most vulnerable to sun exposure. Intended to let light in, they can often let in too much, and do not have any simple way to control this – blinds are available, but frequently fussy and awkward to use.

ActiveGlass skylights solve the problem at a stroke, and with the remote control option provide finger tip adjustment between fully open and closed. You can turn down a blinding sun at will and still have sufficient useful light – or block completely, for example in the early morning when you want the darkness to last a little longer.

Skylights are rarely used in hot countries because of uncomfortable levels of solar heating they generate. Now with ActiveGlass, this heat can be reflected away, but admit light – making skylights an attractive proposition for the first time in such areas.

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About us

Company details

ActiveGlass introduces a breakthough in smart glass technology. For the first time, an affordable solution offers full control of light and privacy - with a new type of glass that can be made for a fraction of the cost of other smart products.

ActiveGlass can be instantly switched from clear to fully opaque - and any shade in between. Let in as much or as little daylight as you desire. Uniquely, this glass can block the heat of the sun too - increasing productivity, reducing energy bills, and making life a lot more comfortable.

ActiveGlass can be used to manage Privacy as well. A diffused milky appearance blocks vision through the glass, so no one can see either in or out, yet scattered light is transmitted making the most of available illumination. This is ideal for room partitions, office cubicles, and bathrooms where complete privacy but maximum lighting is required.

Active glass has major benefits compared with other smart glass:

Very low cost of manufacture
No electric power needed
High performance - more effective control of light and heat under wide ranging conditions
Change of state is instant, and continuously variable
Can be supplied in any colours, with options for logos and text to appear on transition.

Active Glass Technologies specialises in developing smart glass solutions for manufacture under licence.

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0,5-1 Mio US $

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Area of business
  • Glass manufacture / Production technology
  • Glas processing and finishing
  • Glass products and applications
Target groups
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
  • Architecture / Construction
  • Windows and Facades
  • Solar Glass/Technical Glass