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  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
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  • 01.11.01  Components and accessories (suppliers to the glass machinery industry)

Components and accessories (suppliers to the glass machinery industry)

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
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Transport and handling systems

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Motorized Technology

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Product category: Components and accessories (suppliers to the glass machinery industry)

Tooth Chain Program

With the extensive tooth chain program Renold offers the ideal components for your glass production.
With unparalleled product quality and expert service. Inverted tooth conveyor chains, whether as an IS-machine conveyor or a cross conveyor in front of the furnace offer ideal guiding characteristics: low-vibration, smooth operation, high production speeds, minimal sliding resistance and extended service-life. High-precision drives with inverted tooth chains ensure smooth processes in sheet glass production. The inverted tooth chain is a cohesive network of sturdy links. It is made of numerous link plates and profile pins. The result: a powerful and flexible chain drive that can be perfectly  adapted to the task at hand. HPC- and Biflex tooth chain drives: space-saving and variable in type, design and width, slip-free and silent, simple assembly / disassembly.


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Reduction of costs and emissions in the glass production process

Product category: Components and accessories (suppliers to the glass machinery industry)

Now Trending: Stainless Inverted Tooth Chains

Stainless steel for increased efficiency and reduced waste

The leading European technology specialist for inverted tooth chain applications, RENOLD, stands for quality, individuality, and innovation. This year’s focus at the Glasstec: stainless steel inverted tooth chains.  

•Stainless steel inverted tooth chains increase energy efficiency in the production process
•Inverted tooth chain: Specialist for drive and transport in glass production and processing 

“Admittedly, the designation ¿'stainless inverted tooth chains' may be confusing – because the advantage of our stainless steel inverted tooth chains for the glass industry are in another area,” emphasizes Uwe Gillert, glass industry manager for inverted tooth chain manufacturer RENOLD. As stainless steel has a lower thermal conductivity than standard steel, the interface temperature between the burning hot glass and the inverted tooth chain increases. “This way, base cracks in the glass are reduced, which results in minimal waste during production,” explains the inverted tooth chain specialist. Preheating the inverted tooth chains is also no longer necessary. For a standard IS-machine, this can save energy costs of tens of thousands of euros per year. “We will present current calculations at this year's Glasstec in Düsseldorf, Germany,” Gillert reports.

Of course, the stainless steel inverted tooth chain also features the classic advantages of the inverted tooth chain design: The interlocking power transmission between the inverted tooth chain and the sprocket ensures slip-free drive operation. The inverted tooth chain engages in the sprocket with minimal impact and minimizes energy loss. And the 2-part rolling pivot joint features virtually zero friction losses. This results in efficiencies up to 99% – in production lines with many operating hours and high speeds especially, the use of inverted tooth chains can increase energy efficiency in production.
Laser-welded rolling pivots offer major advantages in the glass industry in particular. The smooth contact surface on both sides of the inverted tooth chain creates a gap-free transition between the inverted tooth chain and the infeeding and transition points. This process also reduces the risk of pin breakage.

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Product category: Transport and handling systems

Conveyor Tooth Chains

Used in a wide variety of different applications, inverted tooth chains from Renold simplify conveying processes of small or huge parts, hot or cold items, sharp-edged or sensitive goods. Customer orientation and economic solutions combined. Over 100 years of experience in silent chains, more than 50 years of close cooperation with IS-machine manufactures and glass plants.  Renold conveyor tooth chains for high performance, laser-welded pins, regular and extended pitch, patented TRILEG design, improved pitch consistence, stainless steel plates. Special plate designs also customized for specific conveyor aplications. Wear reduced two pin rolling pivot joint for both – drive and conveyor applications.

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Product category: Transport and handling systems


Tailor-made for your application; drive and transport solutions with inverted tooth chains. The secret to our high-qualtity inverted tooth chains lies in their construction – a combination of numerous link plates and profile pins. The result: a powerful and flexible chain drive that can be perfectly adapted to the task at hand. Two-pin rolling pivot joints are just one unique feature. Powerful, precise, fast, smooth-running, temperature-resistant, and durable, inverted tooth chains are often the superior drive and transport solutions.

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Product category: Motorized Technology

Tooth Chain Drives

Tooth chain drives from Renold for blowing machines, ampoule and laboratory glass machines, vacuum coating equipment and take-out-gears. Highly efficient and temperature resistant drive tooth chains for long-lasting synchronized drives. Smooth operation and harmonized chain-sprocket engagement achieving chain speeds up to 50 m/s. Small and compact design with high load capacity.


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About us

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Renold GmbH is a subsidiary of Renold plc, a leading international manufacturer and supplier of industrial chains and related power transmission products with more than 140 years of experience, 23 locations and more than 2000 employees. Before January 2016 Renold Tooth Chain Branch used to be a part of the Aventics GmbH ( better known as Rexroth Pneumatics ). The brand Renold Tooth Chain stands for well over 100 years of experience in the field of tooth chains, worldwide distribution and innovations, expertise for drive and transport technology in field of glass production and processing the 2-pin rolling pivot joint and the laser welded axle pivot in plates as an unique selling point with a high customer benefit and Technological leadership in the field of drive and conveyor tooth chains.

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20-100 Mio US $

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max. 75%

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