Phoenicia Flat Glass Industries Ltd.

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Our range of products

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Our products

Product category: Float and mirror glass

True Color™ - Low Iron Glass

When envisioning the perfect design for an interior space or an architectural enterprise, one can easily forget the slight color distortion in ordinary float glass. The green tint caused by the iron content in silica sand, can affect the whole design, the light transmission and the finished result.

To avoid any undesirable surprises, we developed a line of low-iron glass; True Color ™ by Phoenicia is specifically designed to your aesthetic vision.

True Color™ is characterized by a higher transparency and a neutral color; making it the ideal glass where high visibility and clarity are required.

When Colored or painted, True Color™ displays exactly the color you desired -regardless of panel thickness, and with no distortion or green tint.

True Color™ Can be tempered, laminated and painted for all your needs.

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Product category: Float and mirror glass

Laminated Glass - Lami-P™

Glazing is a major component of all types of buildings. Glass combined with a plastic film means safety, and safety is vision.

Lami-P™ is a glass composed of two or more layers of high quality float glass laminated to an interlayer of Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) so as to provide ultimate  security while resisting impact. Being virtually indistinguishable from monolithic glass of the same thickness, it will help you add  beauty and light to any space, commercial or residential.

Because laminated glass does not shatter upon impact and is resistant to breakage, it is a necessary glass product for homes and buildings that are built with the wellfare of the people in mind.

You can snaz up any space with our unlimited colour range designed to meet any of all designers' dreams.

Displays the visual appearance of monolithic float glass
Offers greater personal safety after breakage
Remains in frame upon impact
Suitable for safety glazing in selected thicknesses
Improved sound insulation – insulating glass
Blocks 99.9% UV radiation
Laminated Glass Combinations
Sound Control – Lami-P™-SC
Solar Absorbing – Lami-P™-SG
Tinted Laminated Glass
Low Iron Laminated Glass
Digital Printing Combination


Size: Up to 3.21m x 6.00m*

PVB thickness: 0.38-1.52mm.

Multilayers : According to Requirements

*Other sizes are available upon request.

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Product category: Float and mirror glass

Float Glass

Phoenicia’s flat glass is manufactured using the latest advances in glass-making technology, ensuring highest quality glass with a flat and smooth surface.

Clear Float glass made by Phoenicia is extremely convenient to work with thanks to Phoenicias' unique manufacturing process. Compared to other glass products, it is easily fabricated to client’s specifications.

There is no substitute to glass, due to its' magnificent characteristics the quality and clarity that it offers will last for years without the discolouration or deformation that  look alike plastic products would surely endure

Float glass can be used in a variety of applications and is easily adjusted to a specific requirement: lamination, low emissivity (Low-E), tempering, reflectivity, security, silk screening with ceramic colors, heat treatment and insulating glass.

* Phoenicia’s flat glass products carry CE marking.


Optical clarity
High light transmission
Easily fabricated
Clear cut


Windows and doors
Curtain walls
Shelving and display cases
Picture frames
Table tops
Furniture applications and appliances
Safety glazing

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Product category: Float and mirror glass

Digital Printing on Glass - DigiP™

When Design meets Technology, a new state of the art process is set into motion. Reproducing your image onto any number of glass panels, ceramic ink is applied directly onto the glass. The only limit being your imagination.

To integrate printed glass elements into any exterior, in addition to wall coverings and other elements the interior space of a building, was yesterdays dream and with UltraDigiP™ it is todays’ reality.

The printing technology on the glass allows for a superb shading element without compromising its transparency. The use of ceramic ink extends the life of the product and preserves its beauty for years to come.

Product Benefits

Special effects can be created by applying solid and translucent layers of ink.
Prints may be encapsulated in UltraLam™ for extra safety
Designs may span on one or multi panel configurations.
Improved Performance - Solar Control (SHGC)
Control of Light Transmission (UV and Visible)
Individual sheets are available in sizes up to 2800 x 3700mm.
Available glass thicknesses 3mm - 12mm..


Imaging on building facades
Corporate branding
Interior design
Visual textured surfaces
Works of art.

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About us

Company details

Phoenicia has been producing, developing and supplying glass since the year 1934.

Based in the Lower Galilee, in the fast developing industrial area of Nazareth, our factory is best situated for easy and quick deliveries to our local customers and to Haifa Port. And with the majority of our production shipped to more than 36 different countries, globally, Phoenicia has developed the experience necessary for this type of logistics challenge.

Float lines run 24/7, 365 days a year,  Phoenicias' line was built for the production of only  the highest quality low iron float glass, and  specialty glass products.

Our own in house fabrication lines include specifically designed solar mirrors for CSP, grinding and drilling for the perfectly fitted and finished top glass in your Photovoltaic module, digital printing in addition to our laminating lines dedicated to the production of security glass in commercial buildings and in the home.

As the sole float glass manufacturer in Israel, a country enveloped by pioneering technology, Phoenicia offers its customers experience and knowhow for optimal solutions to any glass requirement.

Phoenicia has over 250 valued employees. Due to our specially designed management structure, and unique working environment, that flourishes and thrives on the initiative of its people, resulting in thousands of satisfied customers.

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