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Our products

Product category: Sun protection glass


SGG COOL-LITE is a solar control glass manufactured by depositing a coating of metallic oxides by magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions onto clear or body-tinted glass. This coating gives the glass its solar control properties and its distinctive appearance.

There are many types of SGG COOL-LITE coated glass:
• SGG COOL-LITE SKN a solar control glass range which gives excellent selectivity while retaining a neutral appearance.
• SGG COOL-LITE K a selective solar control glass with low-E properties
• SGG COOL-LITE ST is unique in that it can be toughened and curved after the coating has been applied.

• Windows in traditional facades
• Curtain walling
• Exterior structural sealant glazing
• Exterior bolted glass assemblies
• Double-skin applications
• Cladding of external walls
• Overhead and atria glazing

The most appropriate glass is selected using 2 criteria:
• Solar control performance: relative to the amount of direct sunlight, the orientation of the facade and the area to be glazed, the specifier can select the best compromise between the light transmittance (LT) and the amount of solar energy entering the building (solar factor g). Overhead glazing should generally have a much lower light transmittance than facades.
• Appearance (when viewed from the exterior): the aesthetic appearance of the glass (colour, intensity, reflection) depends on 4 factors: ◦ Orientation of the building
◦ Surrounding environment
◦ Glare
◦ Amount of direct sunlight

The final choice must be made after viewing samples of the proposed glass types in their intended location.


Solar control: energy saving and more economical use of air conditioning.

Improved "visual comfort" by reducing glare.

Multifunctional glazing: when assembled into double-glazed units, SGG COOL-LITE can become a multifunction glass, for example providing enhanced safety, security or comfort (thermal or acoustic).

• More environmentally-friendly cooling solution with less need for costly air-conditioning or blinds.
• Gently filters light to reduce uncomfortable glare from direct sun rays, whilst still allowing in plenty of natural light.
• Excellent thermal insulation to reduce the need for internal heating during colder months.

• Very selective glass combining high light transmission and low solar factor / shading coefficient
• Solar control: energy savings and more economical use of air conditioning
• Improved visual comfort by reducing glare, while keeping natural light
• Low-E property energy savings in both hot and cold climate.
• Environmentally friendly products thanks to less CO2 output of the buildings

• Energy savings for air conditioning
• Large range from transparent to darkest on clear, green or blue glass
• Easy to store, handle and process coated glass
• Temperable and bendable glass
• Possible combination with SGG PLANITHERM® on face 3 for a more efficient thermal insulation
• Can be used as single glass

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Product category: Sun protection glass


SGG PLANISTAR SUN is a low-E, neutral soft coated glass. The metallic oxide coating is deposited onto the clear float glass SGG PLANILUX under vacuum conditions. The coating reflects both long and short wave infra-red radiation and so provides:
• Excellent thermal insulation
• Good solar control


SGG PLANISTAR SUN double glazed units offer improved thermal insulation along with solar control and high levels of light transmission. The neutral appearance of the glass enables the product to be used in a wide variety of applications in both new build and refurbishment. It is ideally suited for use in homes with large areas of glazing and south or west facing windows and in public or commercial buildings (hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, sports centres, shopping centres etc).


Comfort in all seasons!
• In Winter

SGG PLANISTAR SUN double glazing provides 3 times more heat insulation than standard double glazing and this offers many advantages:

- Improved comfort near large areas of glazing because cold spots and drafts are minimised.
- Energy savings, due to reduced heating requirements.
- Environmental protection, due to this reduction in energy used for heating.
- Reduced condensation on the inside of the windows, as the interior pane is kept closer to room temperature.
- The opportunity to increase the size of glazed areas without increasing heating requirements

• In Summer

Due to the fact that it also blocks twice as much direct heat from the sun, SGG PLANISTAR SUN offers remarkable advantages:

- Improved comfort, due to a more agreeable interior temperature being maintained.
- A reduction in the running costs, where there is air conditioning.
- A reduction in the transmission of UV rays, which protects home furnishings

• Also:

• The appearance of SGG PLANISTAR SUN is neutral both in transmission and in reflection and is almost the same as that of standard double glazing.
• When used in renovation projects, the SGG PLANISTAR SUN double glazed units can be used in existing frames.
• The multi-functionality of SGG PLANISTAR SUN can be further enhanced by using it with other types of glass to provide acoustic insulation, security, decoration or privacy.

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Product category: Sun protection glass


Being a product of the SGG PLANITHERM glass range, SGG PLANITHERM 4S and SGG PLANITHERM 4S EVO are manufactured on a magnetron coater. It is made of high quality SGG PLANILUX clear float glass on which a coating has been deposited by magnetron sputtering under vacuum. The resultant microscopically thin, metallic coating very effectively reflects long and short wave heart radiation for combined low solar factor and thermal insulating (low-E) properties.


SGG PLANITHERM 4S and SGG PLANITHERM 4S EVO can be used for windows and façades in residential or non-residential buildings (schools, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals, sports centres).

Its neutral appearance makes it particularly suited to vertical glazing for year round comfort, whilst maximising the transmission of natural light.

• In wintertime

- Energy savings due to reduced heating requirement
- Reduced condensation on the inner pane
- Improved comfort due to reduced colds spots and drafts: no cold areas around windows

• In summertime

- Improved comfort due to reduced overheating
- Cost reduction where there is air conditioning

• In all seasons

- Environmentally friendly thanks to the CO2 emission reduction

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Product category: Sun protection glass


SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS presents SGG REFLECTASOL, a reflective, Solar Control glass, carefully designed to meet two requirements of architects: heat resistance on the inside and great exterior appearance, for better living and better working.
This product is manufactured by a process known as 'On-line pyrolitic coating' wherein a silicon-based coating is applied to the glass surface by means of pyrolisis.

Also known as hard coating, the process fuses precious metal oxides on the surface of the float at high temperature while the glass is in formation.

This process gives the coating a number of properties:
• Total integration into the surface of the glass
• Strength and stability over time
• Specific solar control properties limiting glare inside the building

To fully benefit from the product's aesthetic, solar control and durable qualities, the coated surface should be located on face 2, in both single and double glazing.

This product provides functional benefits like solar control and glare reduction.


SGG REFLECTASOL is suitable for most types of façade glazing in commercial buildings:
• Offices
• Schools
• Industrial buildings
• Hotels

Its attractive appearance also enhances the interior of a building:
• Reflective quality: creating a one-way observation effect in certain lighting conditions, transmitting light whilst screening vision
• Bevelled edges: to create a unique decorative effect (e.g. traditional internal doors)


The solar control properties and reflective appearance help keep the interiors cool and bring the power consumption down.

It can be used as well for external or internal use. Its low light transmittance guarantees "visual comfort" against direct sunlight. The combination of high light reflectance and low light transmittance provides internal privacy, even in buildings with large glazed areas.

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Product category: Sun protection glass


SGG PLANITHERM BRONZE glass coatings are obtained through cathodic sputtering deposits in specific installations (magnetron) under high vacuum and controlled atmosphere. These coatings are featured by low emissivity and have double qualities: they reflect the infrared radiation, characteristic to the warmth derived from the heat and at the same time, reflect a large part of the solar energy.

SGG PLANITHERM BRONZE glass reflects sunlight in an efficient manner during summer and maintains the heat indoors during winter, thereby ensuring an increased comfort throughout the year.


The characteristics of SGG PLANITHERM BRONZE glass enable the use of product in the residential sector (individual houses, blocks of flats), but also in non-residential projects such as restaurants, schools, kindergartens etc…

• In wintertime

- Energy savings due to reduced heating requirement
- No cold areas around windows

• In summertime

- Improved comfort due to reduced overheating
- Less running cost for air conditioning

• In all seasons

- Environmentally friendly thanks to the CO2 emission reduction
- Bronze appearance from the exterior fitting well with wooden frames

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