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Product categories

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.10  Technical processing, treatment, finishing design.
  • 03.10.01  Glazing, glass building
  •  Construction with glass, specialist glazing systems
  •  Railings and balustrades

Our products

Product category: Railings and balustrades


Posi-Glaze is our most technically advanced Aluminium Channel System on the market today.  Whilst developing this system, we determined that the primary fundamental drawback with balustrade products was the lack of ability to adjust the glass panels individually once set into position.    

Our high specification glass clamping mechanism locks glass panels into position effortlessly with four immobilising fasteners, per meter of channel.  Thus making it possible to realign and even disassemble each individual panel, even after installation, should the need arise.

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Product category: Railings and balustrades

Spig-Lite Pro

Spig-lite Pro has been specifically designed for domestic balustrade, glass fencing and partitioning, both internal and externally. Our new design has been developed with a strong focus upon ease of installation and aesthetics.

This Patented Glass Solution demonstrates a greater percentage of glass visibility. Spig-Lite Pro can be bolted directly into the substructure without the need for channel, ensuring a flawless appearance.
Another complimentary benefit of Spig-Lite Pro is the free-flow natural drainage system, eradicating the added expense and design complications of drainage installation. Our channel free spigot system allows a 32mm gap between substructure and glass allowing the free-flowing dispersal of water.

With only two Spigots required per meter of glass and only one single bolt fixing per spigot this system is one of the fastest systems to install on the market. Mechanised by our trapezoidal adjustment device, each individual panel of glass can be horizontally adjusted once in position, guaranteeing accurate and effectual installation.

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Product category: Railings and balustrades

MEGA-Grip 3kN Adjustable Balustade

Mega-Grip has been produced specifically for vulnerable public spaces such as; Stadiums, Shopping Centers, Public Transportation Zones, Theaters and other such areas susceptible to a high profile of people traffic. The Heavy-Duty Commercialised and Fully Adjustable 3Kn Frameless Balustrade System.

Expanding upon Pure-Vista’s existing signature design superlatives.  Seamless aesthetics and uncomplicated installation still remain a key feature of this product.   But, in today’s current climate, we have identified the need for a more robust system, in order to facilitate public safety and to stand resilient within crowded spaces – Provoking Safety through Strength of Design.

Our latest patented design uses a 13mm Hex Bolt, making it incredibly easy to adjust and fix the glass with a 1/4inch torque wrench and extension arm.  This also means it is possible to install the glass from one side.

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