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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.06  Coating technology
  • 02.06.10  Highly opaque special colours and conductive silver pastes for automotive glasses

Highly opaque special colours and conductive silver pastes for automotive glasses

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.13  Nanotechnology

Our products

Product category: Nanotechnology

Family GoNan

Nanesa Graphene Oxide is a stratified material produced thanks to a particular oxidation process of graphite.
Unlike graphite, Graphene Oxide, produced through a particular oxidation process, is a highly oxygenated material, where most of the oxydrilic and epoxidic groups are on the basal layers, while carbonyl and carboxylic groups lie along the borders of the layers. The presence of these functional groups makes Graphene Oxide highly hydrophilic, thus easily dispersible in water. Graphene Oxide is a bad conductor but heath treatment (thermal reduction), or treatment with reducing agents (chemical reduction), reactivates most of the electric and thermal properties of the original graphite.

Graphene Oxide is, in effect, a parent compound of Graphene, and in its reduced form it presents very similar characteristics to those (ideal ones) of Graphene.

For a thorough examination of this subject, ask for our Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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Product category: Nanotechnology

Family G2Nan

One of the most interesting products delevoped and produced by Nanesa is grouped into the family of Nanesa Graphite NANoplatelets (G2Nan).

These materials are made of little blocks of graphene produced through the exfoliation of graphite. The dimensions and morphology (high Aspect Ratio > 1000) make these particles particularly effective to provide barrier property, while their structure make them excellent thermal and electric conductors.

These materials are classifiable according to surface dimensions or thicknesses.

For a thorough examination of this subject, ask for our Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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Product category: Nanotechnology

Graphene sheets for Thermal Managment

G2Nan Sheet is a new graphene based product with excellent thermal proprieties on plane for thermal management and heat spreader applications.

We can realize sheets of different dimensions and thicknesses, with different thermal conductive and dissipation properties.

The new class products combines different important functionality like high performance for thermal management and thermal transfer, high flexibility with possibility of application on wide range of substrates and very low weight solutions.

These new materials can be easily applied in a wide range of applications delivering supplementary heat-sinking in limited spaces, thermal management and dispersion, shielding for touch temperature.

Check our products performances here and ask us for a quotation.
Specific products with particular characteristics can be made upon request.

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About us

Company details

What is Nanesa?

Nanesa is an innovative start-up company that originates with the purpose of producing and marketing silver-based inks and conductive pastes as well as graphene-based nanometric products.

The domain of activity ”Graphene and nanometric products” arises from the matching of the chemical and process experience of Cabro S.p.A. ( and the scientific know-how of Jaber Innovation S.r.l. which owns the majority of the spin-off of CNR ”Punto Quantico S.r.l.” (, specialized in the development of nanometric products streamlined for high performances.

The domain of activity of “Silver-based conductive products” and their high quality level arise from the continuance of the well-established experience of Pemco-Euroinks, a company founded more than 20 years ago by Alessio Brogi, President of Cabro S.p.A., and then successfully managed by Dr. Enrico Sandri for several years.

Nanesa aims at carrying on and improving the activity, providing high-quality products designed for the automotive, decorative, photovoltaic fields as well as other sectors. This has been possible thanks to the strengthened management experience in this field as well as to the dedicated staff, all coming from the previous experience in Pemco-Euroinks.

Nanometric products based on graphene nanoplatelets are created thanks to proprietary technology and enhanced according to the final consumer’s needs and his process technologies, by working in agreement with the client, transformers, compounders and research centres with the intention of constantly improving products and developing new applications.

The series of products available are continually being improved and updated by the technical staff in order to boost specific performances and promote their opportunities of employment in a variety of productive processes.

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