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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.10  Technical processing, treatment, finishing design.
  • 03.10.03  Glass finishing
  •  Glass painting/glass art
  •  Glass paints

Our products

Product category: Glass paints

High Temperature Glass Enamel

High temperature glass enamels are suitable for decorating glass during the tempering process. Our products are developed for flat tempered glass, bending tempered glass, bending glass, glass ware and home appliance glass. Applied in screen printing, roller coating, spraying. Two kinds of medium system for choose, solvent based and water friendly. Also we have metal contain (JL system) and metal free (LF system) for choose.

Printing mesh :200-250mesh
Drying temp.:100~150℃
Heating temp.: 600-720℃ (Bending 600-650℃, Tempered 650-720℃)
Printing temp.: 20-25℃;Printing R.H.:50~60% 
Package: 20kg/plastic drum
Supply Mode: paste, oil-based, water-friendly
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place under 5~25℃

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Product category: Glass paints

Auto Glass Black Enamel & Silver Paste

                                                                                   Auto Glass Black Enamel

In the automotive industry two kind of glass enamels are used, laminating and toughening. Toughening products are used for side lights, back lights and sunroofs; laminated products for windshields.

Have very good anti-stick property which is suitable for deep press bending of back and side lights. Have a neutral black color (a-and b-value close to zero) which is very opaque. Have very good silver hiding under intense light for back lights.

Printing mesh: 150-250mesh
Drying temp.: 100~150℃
Heating temp.: 600-650℃(windshield); 650-700℃(side and back light, sunroof)
Printing temp.: 20-25℃;Printing R.H.:50~60% 
Wet film: 24um (can achieve good silver hiding)
Package: 20kg/plastic drum
Supply Mode: paste, oil-based, water-friendly
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place under 5~25℃  

                                                                                    Silver Paste

Hot wire for rear glass of almost all cars is printed on the surface of glass used conductive silver paste by screen printing. After tempered, conductive silver paste is sintered on the surface of glass. Because of having resistance, it can clean the fog after electrified.

There are three deciding factors for hot wire power:

Pattern of hot wire: It's best more than 1mm of width to be better printed.
Film's thickness of silver paste: Film is thicker, and power is less.
The silver content effects directly the resistance of hot wire.

Model Item         Silver Content                 Resistance Ω
SL-60                 60%                             7.0-8.0
SL-70                 70%                             5.0-6.0
SL-80                 80%                             4.0-5.0

Printing mesh: 300-400mesh
Drying temp.: 100~150℃
Heating temp.: 660-700℃
Printing temp.: 20-25℃; Printing R.H.: 50~60% 
Package: 20kg/plastic drum
Supply Mode: paste
Storage: Store in refrigerator under 5~10℃

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Product category: Glass paints

Thermoplastic Glass Color

Thermoplastic Glass Color adopts advanced technology and high quality raw materials. Mainly used in glass ware, such as light glass, cosmetic bottles & daily glass dinnerware.  It's suitable for soda lime glass.

Printing mesh: 200-250mesh
Drying temp.: 100~150℃
Heating temp.: 520-580℃
Printing temp.: 20-25℃;Printing R.H.:50~60% 
Package: 25kg/iron drum
Supply Mode: flake
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place under 5~25℃

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Product category: Glass paints

Inorganic Color Pigment

Inorganic color pigment is obtained by calcination of metal oxides at 1300℃. Different color comes from different metal oxides.

Basic color: white, black, etch, red, orange, yellow, blue, turquoise, green, brown, etc.

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Product category: Glass paints

Glass Flux

The most important elements of glass flux are: silica, boric oxide. And other small quantity of metal oxides are also very important, which determin the mechanical and chemical resistance and the expansion of the glass flux.

1.Particle size: 5um-10um

2. Fusing Temperature:

Bottles Temperature: 550℃~650℃

Bending Temperature: 600℃~650℃

Toughened Temperature: 650℃~680℃

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Product category: Glass paints


We provide many kinds of media with good tempering performance. It can be used in direct printing, screen printing or roller coating of glass.
                                Screen Printing                Roller Coating
                          Oil-Based    Water-Based          Water-Based
Fast-Drying         SD-06    
Slow-Drying        SD-11        WS-88                    WS-91
Thinner               SD-32        WS-01

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About us

Company details

Established in 2002, Kunshan Belleview Application Materials Co., Ltd. is one of Professional manufacturers and exporters of Glass Enamel with more than 14 years' experience in China. Throughout its long life, the company has strived to achieve high quality and innovation with the help of new technologies and has strengthened its position as the clear market leader.

We have 20,000sqm's factory with advanced equipment, well-trained and experienced workers, advanced processing techniques and a well-established management system to deal with professional colors and processing of Glass Enamel. With professional engineers, senior technical staffs and strong production lines, we export our product to worldwide: Europe, Middle East, South-east Asia, etc..

Our glass enamel color range is developed in accordance with the color templates such as Pantone , RAL, NCS, etc. and also with the samples provided by our customers.

The quality of the glass enamel of the company is at par with the standard of Chinese Industrial Standard JC/T 2167-2013.The Company is planning significant investment for the up gradation of its technology and is always committed to provide quality in all aspects of its operations.

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Company data

Sales volume

5-20 Mio US $

Export content

max. 10%

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Area of business

Glas processing and finishing

Target groups

Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing

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