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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.01  Measurement and control technology, sensoring
  • 05.01.02  Inspection technology
  •  Measurement, control and inspection of gas mixture

Measurement, control and inspection of gas mixture

Our products

Product category: Measurement, control and inspection of gas mixture

VE Technology - Sampling

VE Technology® comprises a suite of modular sampling products developed specifically for the Natural Gas Industry from production/wellhead to distribution/burner tip and all the associated processes and industries along the way.

A complete VE Technology sampling system contains just 3 versatile and cohesive products:

Sampling probe with isolation valve
Sample Conditioning unit – VECU
Analyser Interface Module – VEAIM
VE Technology is a modular designed system with all the hard and clever sampling knowledge pre-engineered and built-in at the factory.

What does VE Technology Do
VE allows sampling from any point and connection along a pipeline or process stream to just about every natural gas or gas related analyser on the market. It achieves this level of coverage with these 3 basic products, plus linking accessories like trace heat tubing. All which are pre-engineered and supplied as part of an engineered solution.

Most importantly VE Technology ensures a representative sample, with its IDENTITY* preserved, is delivered to your analyser of choice. It gives you the most cost efficient and safe sample in the shortest time possible meeting and exceeding standards such as ISO 10715, GPA 2116 and API 14.1.

What else does VE Technology® Do
In addition to providing the perfect sample to your analyser in the shortest/fastest possible time VE Technology:

Eliminates Vortex Induced Vibrations. No longer do you need to be concerned about performing wake frequency calculations and limiting the insertion depth of the probe.
Dynamically rejects particulates and droplets keeping your sample pathway clean like new without collecting contamination on filters or membranes that would sully subsequent samples.
Provides a means for validating the entire sample pathway so you can be ensure the sampling system is not affecting the results of analysis.

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Product category: Measurement, control and inspection of gas mixture

What is GasPT

GasPT is an online transducer producing information regarding physical properties of natural gas – hence the name NaturalGasPropertiesTransmitter.

What does GasPT do
GasPT provides the industry critical information about the physical properties of natural gas:

Calorific Value (CV) / British Thermal Unit (BTU)
Wobbe Index (WI)
Relative Density (RD)
Compression Factor (Z)
Methane Number (MN)
Total Air Requirement (TAR)
Plus others
How does GasPT work
GasPT measures a number of easily monitored physical properties of a NaturalGas sample from which it infers a composition. From the inferred composition GasPT uses ISO 6976 to calculate Calorific Value, Density, Relative Density and Wobbe index.

Measurement Uncertainty
The uncertainty of information of the physical properties calculated by GasPT is equal to the uncertainty when using gas chromatography. However, the speed of response will reduce the overall uncertainty. When integrated with our VETechnology® sampling system (GasPTi), the total uncertainty can be reduced to 50% of that typically available with chromatography.

How is GasPT Installed
GasPT is straightforward to install, similar to a pressure or temperature transmitter. With our VE Technology sampling system GasPT can be installed directly on the pipeline. The electrical/data connection is provided through a safety interface, which is supplied as standard, providing certification for Zone 1 (Class 1 DN2) hazardous areas and for certain applications Zone 0 (Class 1 DN1).

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About us

Company details

We work with a growing number of analyser manufacturers who realise the superiority of our sampling technology.
We manufacture sampling and measurement equipment for the natural gas and related industries.

Orbital has 5 basic lines of equipment:

Sampling products
Gas property measurement transducer - CV, BTU, WI, RD, Z, MN*
Integrated measurement solutions.
Partnered solutions for composition and trace analysis.
Sampling Products
Orbital's sampling equipment comprises a fully integrated suite of products/modules starting with a sampling probe and culminating with an interface/monitoring module. This module interfaces with just about any natural gas analyser on the market.

Our thermowells are revolutionary in that they negate all of the problems associated with vortex-induced vibration* – no longer do you need to consider wake frequency calculations.

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