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K Bukovinam 45, 63500 Brno

This company is co-exhibitor of
Sans Souci s.r.o.


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.02  Processed glass
  • 03.02.03  Insulating glass

Our products

Product category: Insulating glass

Glass without Ice


During the clear nights glass radiate its own heat very much into the cold sky (see the chart in IR spectrum), become colder than the dew point of exterior air and on its surface condens steam.
In winter can the drops of water even freeze.

The colder the exterior glass is, the more heat goes thru the IG (bigger gradient) and the more energy gets lost.

By simple double glazing is the heat flow bigger so the exterior glass freeze later and ice melt earlier.

By tripple glazing is the heat transfer less and this is the reason why on exterior glass is wet or frozen surface untill Sun rise up and melts the ice and dry the glass.

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Product category: Insulating glass

FILM in SPACER - Revolutionary solution for insulating glass


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Product category: Insulating glass


HOLE GRADIENTLESS INSULATION (business name is GRADLESS-HOLE insulation) is unique product, using IR light, radiated from warm area, to create gradientless plateau inside the insulation.

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Product category: Insulating glass


GRADIENTLESS WALL INSULATION (business name is GRADLESS-WALL insulation) is unique product, using IR light, radiated from warm area, to create gradientless plateau inside the insulation.
Protected by patent no: PUV 2014-559
Gradless-wall panels are made from polyester tubes, mantelled in from both-sides extremely high reflect polyester film protected against atmosferical influences.

Main properties:dimensions 62 x 62 cm
recalculated Lambda: 0,004 W/m.K
long lifetime (>100 years)
very fast and easy application on wall adapters
version A) steam permeable (facade application)
version B) steam vapor (for inside application)
Version C) Light transparent:
Glass-facade look
Allows heat up the wall (Gain: up to 500 W/m²)
Overheating protection (+ ventilated facade)
Solar power for warm water (G: up to 400 W/m²)
Steam permeable facade application

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About us

Company details

"Energy IN - research & development" - how we see our company:

"Energy" = philosophy of life, way of working, courage for global challenges, decision ability, care for environment, savings...

"IN" = be IN a become part of success team.

"research & development" = any idea can lead to an ingenious solution...


Ing. Jiri Dobrovolny, CTO (*1968) [english]
Does business since 1997 in construction
Specialized on insulating glass since 2002
Number of successfully completed projects
Oltimer fan, sportsman, strong personality

Michal Bilek, CEO (*1970)  [english+deutsch]
Sells s. 1993 technical buildings equipment
Specialized on thermal insulation since 2009
Self studying type with open mind to all new
Always positive-energy guy, happy big family

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