Zhengzhou Dongfang Ancai Refractory Co., Ltd.

Poliu Village, Quliang Town, 452375 Xinmi
China, People’s Republic
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  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.02  Auxiliary and operating materials
  • 01.02.01  Refractories

Our products

Product category: Refractories


The compact microstructure of Fused Cast AC-33 enables it to have very good corrosion resistance to molten glass. it very rearely results in stoning and has very limited chances to cause blistering and othe defects to glass, so AZS AC-33 is the most common product used in the glass furnace.

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Product category: Refractories


Besides the same eutectic with AZS AC-33 Tile, AC-36 Tile has further strengthened anti-erosion ability and reduces the pollution of glass melt because more chain-shape zirconium oxide crystal and low glass phase content. It is suitable for the area with fast glass melt flow rate and high temperature, such as pool wall tiles of the melting tank, pavement tiles and charging mouth tiles.

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Product category: Refractories


Fused Cast AZS AC-41 has the most free baddeleyite crystals among the AZS families, which are evenly distgributed within the block. its corrosion resistibility is the best and thus it is usually recommended to be used in the most demanding positions to balance the furnace life.

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Product category: Refractories


Low Exudation Fused Cast AZS products have low glass phase content, characterized by good high-temperature stability and strong anti-erosion performance, able to reduce the refractory’s pollution to glass melt remarkably.

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About us

Company details

Zhengzhou Dongfang Ancai Refractory Co., Ltd (ACRC) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development and manufacture of fused-cast refractories, which has been serving glass makers with superior quality refractory products and engineering services for many years. The company is located in Quliang Science &Technology Industrial Zone of Xinmi, Henan Province, bordering on the Jingzhu Expressway and Zhengzhou International Airport to the east, which affords it superior geographical location and conveniences of communication and transportation.

With five production lines (four for fused cast AZS products and one independently for fused cast alumina products) and a plant area of 210,000 m2, the company mainly produces fused cast AZS products including AC-33, AC-36 and AC-41, and fused cast alumina products including AC-M, AC-A and AC-H with total annual capacity of 15,000MT. Equipped with pre-assembly platforms over 5,000 m2, it is able to carry out overall pre-assembly of extra large-scale glass furnaces.

The company’s products are widely used in fields such as flat glass(including Float, Glaverbal and Rolling process), electronic glass (CRT), optical glass, fiber glass, glassware, solar PV glass, ceramic glaze, stained glass, etc. So far, the products have been supplied to a majority of Chinese glass manufacturers and exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East,Africa, etc.

ACRC will constantly pursue in the service of world glass industry and provide top quality products and most professional services to its customers!

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