German Floatglass Technology GmbH

Bochumer Str. 217, 45886 Gelsenkirchen


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Bernhard Katter

Geschäfts- /Unternehmensleitung

Bochumer Str. 217
45886 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

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Our products

Product category: Float glass technique


We develop, plan and realize utility and energy supply systems as an integrated part of complete production plants.

Already during concept development of these systems we are paying particular attention into its integration. Thereby our long termed and comprehensive know-how and experiences become part of the planning, to generate best functionality at highest reliability and fail safe operation of the systems.

In addition to this process relevant advantages often also cost savings (operation- and investment- costs) we could achieve.

Our main field of expertise is the glass industry, but in recent times increasingly also the insulation and ceramic industry.

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Product category: Float glass technique


We provide to our clients beginning from engineering up to turn-key supply of complete Thin Glass or Float Glass Melters with melting capacities up to 1.000 t/24h.

Our strength could be found by the individual melter design according to the demand of of our clients, as there could be i.e:

Glass quality
Energy demand
Investment volume
Life time
Maintenance demands
Our portfolio contains of course also planning and accomplishment of cold repairs, modification and optimization of glass melter, and as well the provision of following equipment and spare parts:

Furnace steel construction and steel components
Stirrer units
Peripheral Systems (Cooling Water System, Air Cooling Systems, …)
Natural Gas System / Emergency Diesel System
Field Instrumentation, PLC and Visualization Systems

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Product category: Float glass technique


We provide to our clients from one hand the turn-key supply of the core technology units (Glass Melter and Float Bath) especially for production of thin glass and special glass (i.e. Borosilcateglass), and as well also for production of architectural glass, automotive glass and solar glass.

Our Thin Glass Production Lines enable production of highly qualitative float glass with glass thicknesses down to 0,35 mm for i.e. Display Glass, or also special glass application.

The production lines will be individually designed according to the demand of the clients, i.e. the melting capacity or also the glass ribbon width.

Obviously all our further services we provide additionally in case of request.

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Product category: Float glass technique


We develop, design and manufacture the main components for our float bathes completely in-house.

Thereby we are enabled by the available long termed experience at “Made in Germany” engineering and manufacturing, to provide our clients with highly precise and reliable components.

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Product category: Float glass technique


Float bathes – individually according to your demand

Planning, engineering and turn-key supply of individual highly developed and highly capable float bathes for the float glass industry is our core business -from the first idea, further beyond design, manufacturing, installation until commissioning- and always connected with our claim to install and set-up the systems most suitable and to develop them together with our clients continuously.

Our float bath design is always focused on best glass quality together with lowest operation costs by low energy and media demand, and that all combined with high reliability and durability of the system components.

The core equipment components and –machines (Casing, Toproller, Cooler, etc.) therefore are manufactured in-house.

For commissioning, operation training and for process development and troubleshooting support our highly experienced glass specialists we provide for your disposal.

Our portfolio comprises float bathes for the complete market range with melting capacities of 35 – 1.000 t/24h and for glass thicknesses from 0,35 – 21 mm, and for production of architectural glass, automotive glass, display glass, solar glass and of special glasses.

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Product category: Float glass technique


Based on the shared know-how of qpunkt GmbH we design, engineer and realize unique and particularly competitive systems for Waste Heat Recovery, Energy Saving and Process Optimization, especially for implementation in glass production and processing plants, but also for other industries, as i.e. the ceramic and insulation industry.

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About us

Company details

The GERMAN FLOATGLASS TECHNOLOGY GmbH acts as a global player in the Glass Industry. In the recent years we successfully supplied our technological equipment (Float bathes, Float Furnace Equipment, WHR Systems, etc.) to international clients, and our key personal managed international investment projects of complete new plants, optimization projects and cold repairs (Float Glass, Display Glass, Container Glass, Glass Wool, Mineral Wool, …).

Who we are

The experience grade of our highly qualified engineers and technicians is mainly based on Pilkington know-how, the inventor and long termed patent owner of the “float” system, where most of our key personal started their career more than 25 years ago at various positions (Engineering, Development, Production, Logistics, etc.) and involved in national and international investment and optimization and operation projects.

How we work

Based on our long termed praxis and experience in engineering and operation we manufacture the technological key components in-house.

Together with our competent network partner (JSJ Jodeit GmbH and qpunkt GmbH) we provide production components up to complete and highly competitive production plant concepts with highest product quality and lowest energy consumption.

We supply turn-key units and support our clients by experienced engineers and operators during commissioning, personal training, production and operation, and continuous process optimization. In case of demand furthermore we also provide temporary production operation.

We know the difference

Our experience and comprehensive services linked with German engineering and manufacturing distinguishes us from market competitors, which are mainly coming from equipment manufacturing, and therefore configure and design components and plants with different focus.

Based on our know-how we design components and plants from the clients’ point of view by considering integrated concepts and in case of demand tailor made solutions. At all activities we determine and consider the balance of investment and operation costs.

Our components and concepts are continuously under development and improvement, and such we dispose also about unique and also patent registered solutions for process optimization and for reduction of primary energy demand.


Our Products

Float bathes

35 - 1000 to/24h capacity
1 - 19 mm glass thickness

Thin-glass Float Bathes

35 - 80 to/24h
down to 0,5 mm glass thickness
up to 7 m glass ribbon width

Float bath equipment

Dross Box with separated LOR drive
LOR roller change unit for roller change during operation  (technological innovation for thin-glass production)
Toproller TR402
Special - Toproller TR503 for thin-glass production (technological innovation for thin-glass production)
Tweel unit, precise and repeatable adjustable (technological innovation for thin-glass production)
Maintenance optimized Venting-System
Cooler and Cooler-lances
Pusher / Fences / Flags
Video equipment
Cover glass system
Peripheral systems (cooling water, etc.)
Control system incl. field instruments

Glass furnaces

Float glass furnaces
Special glass furnaces (i.e. Borosilkatglass)

Glass furnace equipment

Steel construction and steel elements
Peripheral systems (cooling water, gas-sytem, etc.)
Control system anf field instruments

Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) - Systems

Generation of 250 kWel - 8 MWel at shortest ROI
Compared with our supplier about 60 % higher electrical power at highest WHR efficiency grade
At a 700 tpd float plant our WHR system generates about 3 MWel power
Feasible grid-indepentend float plant operation
Additional to the electrical power generation the complete central heating could be provided by the WHR system without any electrical power performance losses

Glass processing systems

Fire protection glazing systems
Glass bending systems
Glass tougheng systems
Cooling channels

Systems for process optimization and primary energy savings

EQM System for furnace pressure optimization and for energy savings (up to 100 kWel and 1 % of the glass melter energy demand)
REGOPT System for reduction of the primary energy demand of the glass melter up to 5 %
Integrated Energy- and Media supply systems for reduction of investment and operation costs

Our Services

Spare and wear part service

Repairment and optimization service

Prozess optimization and product quality optimization in the field of glass production at cost+fee basis

General engineering and Project Management for planning and new erection or also for cold repairs of complete production plants (Float-glass, Thin-glass, Special-glass, Container-glass, Glass-Wool, etc.)

Energy Engineering for determination of the energy saving potential and their related measurements

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Company data



Area of business
  • Glass manufacture / Production technology
  • Glas processing and finishing
  • Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxilliary equipment and fittings
  • Contracting, Consulting, Engineering, Services
Target groups
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
  • Architecture / Construction
  • Windows and Facades
  • Solar Glass/Technical Glass
  • Flat Glass
  • Hollow Glass