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Our products

Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Project Preparation

We prepare credible technical and financial feasibility reports associated with banks and provide support for energy efficiency financing. In this model your company meet with energy efficiency project without allocating any financial resource and unbalanced cash flow. In other words, project finances itself associated with energy saving of project in monetary terms.

Besides, we prepare project documentation and follow-up evaluation period for energy efficiency grants which are provided by Ministry of Energy and Natural Science of Turkey.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Energy Audits

Why your company/building should carry an energy audit?
Establishing robust energy management system is a key strategy to control energy consumption of industrial facilities or buildings. Undertaking an energy audit comes in first place to define a strategy for setting up this system in the light of identification of energy usage practices and energy efficiency improvement opportunities. Energy audit findings can help energy cost reductions  as well as effective management opportunities to reduce environmental footprint. Overall achievements are both environmental and financial sustainability for your business.
Energy Efficiency in Industry
We focus on energy intensive industries such as glass, cement, iron and steel, pulp and paper, petrochemicals, construction materials and plastics as well as small and medium enterprises and develop energy efficiency projects. Studies are carried with on site measurements that we perform according to international measurement and verification standards and described in energy audit reports with all technical issues associated with potential energy improvements including estimated energy and cost savings.

More about industrial solutions http://endustriyelenerji.com.tr/en/our-services/
Which industrial facilities under mandate to undertake energy audit?

Industrial facilities with energy consumption of 5.000 TOE and above yearly are mandated to conduct energy audit from 2015 and renew every four years afterwards according to Turkish Energy Efficiency Law.
Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Energy consumption is comprise aconsiderable operational cost for residential and non-residential buildings as well as industry sector. We analyze energy consumption of HVAC, lighting system and appliances offering solution improving energy efficiency focusing on occupants comfort.

More about industrial solutions http://endustriyelenerji.com.tr/en/our-services/
Which buildings under mandate to undertake energy audit?
Commercial buildings with total area 20.000 m2 and above are mandate to conduct energy audit and renew audit every four years accordingly Turkish Energy Efficiency Law.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Energy Identity Certification

Energy Identity Certificate (EKB) covers all information on minimum energy requirement of buildings, energy consumption rating, insulation condition and efficiency of heating/cooling equipments. In case of no activities on modification or refurbishment, it EKB would be valid   from  the certification during 10 years.

Our company is authorized to certification of existing buildings associated with Turkish Energy Efficiency Law and Building Performance Directive.

Following collecting required data, we perform energy modeling of your building and identify energy class by using BEP-TR simulation software.
Which buildings are mandate to have Energy Identity Certificate?
All buildings but  exceptions below are mandate to have Energy Identity Certificate accordingly Regulation on Energy Performance of Buildings

Buildings which are operating in administration and production in industry,
Buildings with planned lifetime is shorter than two years,
Buildings having usage area under 50 m2,
Greenhouses, workplaces, discrete constructions which have no need for heating and cooling such as storage areas, arsenals, warehouses.
When is the due date to have an Energy Identity Certificate for Existing Buildings?
Existing buildings are obligated to have Energy Identity Certificate since 10 years then publish date of Turkish Energy Efficiency Law. In other words, deadline is 2 May 2017 for existing buildings.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

ISO 50001 Energy Management System Implementation

Powerful energy management applications and systems ensures bringing under control of energy consumption of your business.

At first establishing effective energy monitoring and reporting system after harmonizing identification of responsibilities of all departments clearly is essential . The keystone of all these activities is ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard.

As part of energy audits we analyze current energy management strategy of your business and provide support to create roadmap for increasing efficiency of this strategy accordingly ISO 50001 Standards.

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About us

Company details

Our company is established to provide engineering consultancy services on energy efficiency in 2010. We have authorized as an “Energy Efficiency Consultancy Company(EVD)” for industry and buildings by General Directorate of Renewable Energy of Turkey under Ministry of  Energy and Natural Science of Turkey. As part of building energy efficiency consultancy, we also certificate    energy performance of buildings associated with the authorization  of  Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey.
What We Do?
Based on specifications of your business, we offer solutions for efficient use of energy in commercial and public buildings such as administrative buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, university campuses, school and hospital buildings and energy intensive industrial plants as well as small and medium enterprises. We help you save energy at the same time reduce carbon emissions through energy use and reduce energy costs.  Our solutions provide efficient tool to tackle with climate change and support sustainability within the context of environmental impact, energy security and production security.

The services we offer:

Identification of energy efficiency opportunities via energy audits
Feasibility study of energy conservation measures
Certification of building energy performance accordingly Regulation on Energy Performance of Buildings
Renewable energy feasibility study
ISO 50001 Energy Management System implementation support

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