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Our products

Product category: Gas equipment and supply systems

CNG Systems - TRUXX

TRUXX portable and fixed CNG decompression stations make natural gas accessible, reliable, and easy to use for locations off the grid.

TRUXX is a fully functional CNG decanting system that gives end users access to natural gas as quickly and easily as possible with minimal downtime. The TRUXX CNG pressure-reduction units are ideal for commercial and industrial facilities, utilities, high-horsepower field-service companies, and others not connected to a pipeline.

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Product category: Gas equipment and supply systems

Electrical TRUXX E-Series – Fixed Installations

The TRUXX E-Series decompression system manufactured by Algas-SDI is an ideal CNG system for facilities that have access to 3-phase electrical power and do not want to have a separate burner for adding heat for the decompression process.
This environmentally friendly decompression unit uses electricity and compressed air to maintain its operations. The E-Series systems are ideal for natural gas loads of up to 36,000 standard cubic feet per hour (1011 normal meters per hour). The E-Series system has the smallest footprint on any CNG decompression system, requiring only a concrete pad of 6’ x 14’ to mount.

Lowest maintenance requirement of any CNG systems
Designed for automated or manual switchovers between trailers
Small footprint (unit is 12' x 8')
Quick start-up (at operating temperature in less than 4 minutes)
316 stainless steel heat exchanger
Class I, Div. 1 explosion-proof design
Modules available to 900 CFM

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Product category: Gas equipment and supply systems

Packaged SNG Systems

Much like a generator for electricity back-up, ASDI's Packaged (propane-air) Systems provide a complete solution for backing up Natural Gas. Simply connect to the fuel storage vessel and the natural gas piping feeding the process load. Systems sizes range from 5MMBtu/hr to more than 1Billion Btu/hr. Industrial systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with NFPA 58 while municipal utility systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with NFPA 59. Most models and packages carry third party listings (Factory Mutual) for ease of local acceptance.

Synthetic Natural Gas systems can be used to augment or completely replace piped natural gas, compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas to manage outages, interruptions in supply or to capture price advantages between different fuel types. Algas-SDI manufactures a complete range of natural gas replacement systems for industrial and municipal applications, including hospitals, schools, military bases and emergency shelters. Large utility systems are designed and manufactured for LDC peak load shaving after the city gate. Systems can be supplied in either high or low pressure configurations with high pressure systems requiring a compressed air source. Algas-SDI has the widest range of vaporizer options available from direct gas fired, to gas fired waterbath to full dry electric vaporizers that can be turned on and ready in less than 60 seconds. Environmentally, propane air is a clean alternative to backing up your fuel energy needs. With more than 80 years in the propane industry worldwide, Algas-SDI stands ready to help.

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Product category: Gas equipment and supply systems


The Algas-SDI Stabilaire pump is a fully packaged liquid pressure stabilization system designed to match Algas-SDI's full line of vaporizers and air/gas mixing equipment.
packages include a Blackmer positive displacement pump with sliding vane, an explosion proof UL listed motor, explosion proof manual A-B starter w/ overload protection, all required piping, valves, and controls all mounted on a steel base.
Epoxy painted.
Leak tested at 200 psig with Nitrogen.
Pump motors 10HP and below come standard with manual starter.
Pump motors 15HP and above come standard with magnetic starter.
Explosion proof motor and start/stop station meets NFPA standards as a Class I, Division 1, Group D unit.

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Product category: Gas equipment and supply systems

Gas-Fired TRUXX G-Series – Portable and Fixed Installations

Algas-SDI has developed a revolutionary CNG decompression system with the TRUXX G-Series. The G-Series was the designed to offer the lowest power consumption of any CNG skid. The G-Series gives users all of the functionality and controls provided by our other systems. The key to the G-Series is the proprietary heating system specifically designed for CNG.

Whether your CNG equipment needs to stay in one place or go mobile, the G-Series is your full-function solution that can be installed on a trailer for portable applications or at a fixed installation.

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About us

Company details

Our Business
Algas-SDI is a manufacturer of products and systems for the reliable deployment of clean hydrocarbon fuels worldwide. We design and manufacture a wide variety of LP-Gas Vaporizers, LP-Gas-Air mixers for replacing or augmenting the supply of Natural Gas, Natural Gas-air mixers for augmenting the supply of digester gas, Natural Gas-air mixers for combustion process pre-mixing, and Ammonia vaporizers for thermal de-NOx and industrial processes. Algas-SDI, together with its partners world-wide, offers its customers an excellent single source for design, installation, and service for total system needs, supported by expert application engineering services.

Our Vision
We will be a quality-driven company, treating our employees with respect, while expecting them to continually improve their knowledge and skills; we will continuously improve our processes, delegating decision-making to the most knowledgeable people; we will work to improve our communities, and create an enjoyable work environment; we will become the global, technical, and market leader in the industry while focusing on our primary products and customers; we will pursue safety in all our product designs; and we will be ethical corporate citizens.

Our Values
At Algas-SDI, we know that things work better when we work together toward a common goal. That's why we forge working partnerships with our employees, our suppliers, our communities, and most importantly, our customers. We work together with our partners under this same principle.... always working together to bring you the optimal solution to your most challenging opportunities.

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