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Technoform Glass Insulation GmbH

Matthäus-Merian-Str. 6, 34253 Lohfelden
Telephone +49 561 9583-100
Fax +49 561 9583-121

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
  • 02.11.05  Spacers

Our products

Product category: Spacers

TGI-Spacer Precision

TGI-Spacer Precision – Rely on Perfection

Due to our innovative production process, Technoform can consistently guarantee the high quality of the edge bond. Our developments in thermal performance fit in perfectly with the trend towards nearly zero-energy houses. The optimum combination of materials in the TGI-Spacer Precision enables the lowest possible U values to be achieved in the system as a  whole. As a result, fluctuations in thermal values are minimized, ensuring that designers and customers have a reliable basis for their calculations. Reliable process stability and insertion are ensured while a high-quality look completes the package. The TGI-Spacer Precision complies to the requirements of EN 1279-2, 3 & 6. It is a certified Passive House Component Class A (Arctic  Climate).

You can benefit from the following advantages:

  • High quality of the glass edge seal and consistent Lambda-equivalent values due to lowest possible product tolerances
  • Outstanding thermal performance
  • Optimum process capability due to high fracture strength
  • Suitable for large frames and triple-glazed units due to high profile stability
  • Smooth and bright surface
  • Perfect fitting connecting elements

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Product category: Spacers

TGI-Spacer M

TGI-Spacer M - Equipped for Every Challenge

The TGI-Spacer M was designed to meet the numerous requirements which apply to the modern glass edge seal. It is available in a range of variants specially matched to their individual intended use. While some of the details of the designs may differ from each other, they all provide low Psi values, high productivity, high process reliability and high-quality appearance. The TGI-Spacer M is a certified Passive House Component Class B (Cold Climate). It complies to the requirements of EN 1279-2, 3 & 6, DTA and ASTM.

You can benefit from the following advantages:

TGI-Spacer M with wire (ww)

  • High profile stability due to patented steel wires
  • Ideal for medium to large frames
  • No readjustment of the frame
  • Rigid corners
TGI-Spacer M without wire (nw)

  • High level of design flexibility in any form
  • Enables the bending of the smallest radii
  • Allows negative bending (e.g. for continuous ventilation pipes)

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Product category: Spacers

TGI-Spacer Pellini

TGI-Spacer Pellini – our internal blinds specialist

The TGI-Spacer Pellini is a spacer with integrated locating and guiding elements, specially designed for use with internal blinds while keeping Psi values low within the whole system.

You can benefit from the following advantages:

  • No noise or damage to the surface of the glass
  • Low Psi values
  • High-quality appearance

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Product category: Spacers


TGI-Muntin – less contact, more performance

Our “muntin” glazing bar system can be positioned within an insulating glass unit without any direct contact with the glass. It is aesthetically identical to the TGI-Spacer M, giving insulating glazing manufacturers a complete thermally optimized system that meets current thermal insulation requirements and will also meet the tighter requirements of tomorrow. Cross-shaped muntin bar connectors are used to connect profiles and are matched to the exact profile width in each case.

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About us

Company details

Hello, we are Technoform!

Simply mentioning that we specialize in plastics extrusion is quite an understatement.

Technoform offers an array of unrivaled tailored and standard
plastic solutions for a great number of industries all across the globe. This spans from thermal edge bond solutions for architects, building planners, and manufacturers of insulating glass units (IGUs), a vast range of insulation solutions for aluminum windows,
doors, and facades, to high-precision custom designs and system components for the automotive, aviation, and electrical engineering industries – just to name a few.

As a family company, we know that people empower every business. We firmly believe that the best ideas are always born together.

We are Technoform – 1,400 and growing, dedicated innovators
that work for our customers worldwide. Understanding what
drives customers and markets since 1969, we develop leading
solutions collaboratively. Providing 100 % reliability and quality
on all levels, we offer the same level of high-quality services
and solutions all around the world. 45 sites in over 40 countries
ensure continuous supply wherever you are.

Within Technoform, we focus on the development of thermally
optimized edge bond solutions. We are driven by our daily
challenge to find the best options for your individual purposes –
and we are only satisfied when you are.

Performing 360° precision and 1,000+ skills, our highly trained
team turns individual needs into tailored technological solutions.
Delivering quantities from 1 to 1,000,000 meters, our customers
can rely on receiving the best available package of quality,
quantity by time, and price.

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Company data

Number of employees

> 500



Area of business

Glass applications in the construction industry and façade area

Target groups
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
  • Architecture / Construction
  • Windows and Facades