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POMDI - Herramientas de Diamante S.A.

Camino de Villanueva, 20, 28880 Meco (Madrid)
Telephone +34 91 8860061
Fax +34 91 8860086

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxiliary equipment and fittings
  • 04.02  Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Our products

Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools


Let’s imagine that car wheels were sold attached to the rim. This would mean that any time the wheel gets worn, the rim would also have to be replaced. Besides the high cost of that operation, we will generate useless waste. That is why someone had the idea to make the rim as a permanent part of the car and sell the wheels separately, so that the wheel can be replaced on its own, saving money and generating less waste.

And this is basically the idea POMDI has had.

Why should we manufacture diamond wheels in one piece, if once the diamond side is worn we will have to throw the whole piece away? If the support of the diamond does not get worn and it is reusable, why not use it again and change only the wearable part, with less cost and less waste?

That is how 3NEO® was born, taking on the waste elimination and cost reduction Q-LEAN program, invented by Pomdi and that now has arrived to the market.

POMDI will sell the diamond part, the wearable part, with a lower cost, everything under the name of 3NEO®. 3NEO® will help you increase your productivity and reduce your costs, but what if we also assure you that the number of times the diamond part will have to be replaced will also be reduced up to 15 times less than before? 3NEO® will also help you reduce your stock by 50%.

Through a sophisticated and patented union system that consists of a base and a diamond ring, we guarantee that both parts won’t separate during the process by accident, they will be hardly attached but also easy to disassemble when the ring needs to be replaced. 3NEO diamond rings are universal, they fit any machine.

POMDI invites you to try this new and revolutionary 3NEO® technology to:

Reduce your stock, the manufacturer or distributor could supply the replacements in 24h.
Reduce your costs due to the low price of the replacements.
Save your time thanks to the quick replacement process.
Do not hesitate and become a part of the 3NEO® technology, the revolution in the sector.

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Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools


Used to grind the bottle mouths and the glass lids, either on their male or female variations. The degree of the cone shape normally used is 10%, as smooth as possible to guarantee the perfect fit and closure of the two pieces of glass.

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Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools


In glass manufacturing, sometimes it is required to edge and polish the interior or to make small designs for which conventional grinding wheels are not useful.

We use finger routers of different sizes and thicknesses to mill the interior side of the glass, or to make small designs with a small radius.

Once the milling process is finished, we will use a “finisher” to polish the edge and eliminate any cracks. These “finishers” are small wheels with round or flat shape and with a minimum radius of 5mm.

They are mainly used for door fittings, in the process prior to tempering.

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About us

Company details

Founded in 1972, “POMDI” – Herramientas de Diamante, S. A. is today one of the leading industrial diamond tool manufacturers.

Right from the start, POMDI’s aim has always been to offer clients in a wide variety of industrial sectors superabrasive industrial diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) machining solutions.

POMDI’s mission is to offer cost-effective machining solutions to all current and potential superabrasive machining users. Our goal is to become the leading point of reference for both our clients and our suppliers whilst creating value for our shareholders, employees and Society.

In order for POMDI to fulfil its MISSION fully it must:
Assure that the quality of the solutions that we manufacture or design meets our clients’ criteria: we need to be leaders in quality.

Maintain our production capacity at cost-effective levels for the solutions that we manufacture, and do the same with our know-how for the solutions that we design: we need to be leaders in professionalism.

Constantly analyse our clients’ requirements and our suppliers’ and competitors’ innovations to extend our range of solutions: we need to be leaders in innovation.

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