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Polytron Technologies, Inc.

No. 88, Lane 1434, Chunri Road, 330 Taoyuan
Telephone +886 3 3263958
Fax +886 3 3262815

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Touch Glass Demonstration - PolyPattern Glass vs. Touch Control

PolyPattern Glass vs. Touch Control

Glass switches into different modes with only a touch on the small sample glass?
To see is to believe; come and visit 10 C30 and find the wonder with Polytron Technologies!

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Our range of products

Product categories

Our products

Product category: LED/OLED technology

Polyvision™ Privacy Film&Glass

PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Glass as a magic glass which can be visible or invisible by your controller. It suitable for using in conference rooms, hospitals (nurseries, emergency rooms, ICUs, operation rooms), shower enclosures, privacy clinical areas, exterior windows, optical shutters projection displays, residential areas, security windows, skylights, cosmetic counter displays, yacht, trains, vehicle windows... etc.

Break down walls and put up Polyvision Privacy Glass. PolyvisionTM provides creative design applications for architects and other innovative and practical users. 

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Product category: LED/OLED technology

PolyBlind™ Film&Glass

PolyBlindTM (Electronic curtain) is one of our latest technologies; a patented technology that divides switchable sections as a curtain or shutter, one section at a time in a single piece of film or glass without visible wires. It can be programmed to transition up or down, or you can program only one or two sections at a time to be “private” while others are clear.

PolyBlind™ (Electronic curtain) can be installed in the office, study room, bathroom, show room, VIP room, etc. There are so much advantage that you can think such as cutting down on germs and allergens, decreasing the dust in your place, protecting your privacy, etc.

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Product category: LED/OLED technology

PolyPattern™ Film&Glass

PolyPattern™ is inspiring from Polyvision™ that utilizing very similar technology, but customized with logos, designs, and more.  PolyPattern™ uses customized images to divide switchable sections as patterns, one section at a time in a piece of film or glass.

If you looking for the design for customized company logos, office widinow decoration or theme activities logo design, we are glad to offer the best and special product for you.

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Product category: LED/OLED technology

PolyMagic Glass/Film

PolyMagic™ is a special, patented technology that incorporates LED light sources into laminated glass panels to create distinctive patterns, images, and logos. It serves as an excellent partition, promotional tool in creating attention-grabbing displays and storefronts.

Some application examples are storefronts, hotel, conference rooms, exterior window displays, inner doors/shop windows, façades, shelf displays, skylights, boutiques/specialty counter displays, and more.

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Product category: LED/OLED technology

PolyDigit™ LED Film&Glass

Polydigit™ is an enhanced, moving LED display unlike any in the market.Users can pre-install text, logos, messages and animation.

LEDs shine from inside the glass out both sides, to form scrolling banners and animate logos. Easily upload to the PolyDigit controller and start to catch eyes for your windows to the public, day and night.

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Product category: LED/OLED technology

PolyFlush™ Film&Glass

PolyFlushTM Glass/Film is one of optical glass which appears in different colors when viewing at various angles.

One sided glass that is a rich blue and purple from the darker side, and reflects vibrant colors with a hint of gold on the bright side.

This attractive, eye-catching material with unique presentation that will enhance your building facades and interior applications also blocks 99% UV, gives life toyour displays and curtain walls. 

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Product category: LED/OLED technology

PolyRainbow™ Film&Glass

PolyRainbow™  is a new addition from the Polytron R&DTeam. It presents protean effects when viewed from different angles.

The glass can be widely applied for application in high-end commercial, home decoration, and furniture design.


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Product category: LED/OLED technology

PolyHolo™ Film&Glass

PolyHolo™ is a new optical glass that creates unique glass panels embedded with holographic patterns.There are a variety of colorful, attractive, and eye-catching patterns available for your design and specification.

Applications include: outer windows, conference rooms, dining table, shop windows, reception areas, newborn nurseries, room dividers, display areas, museums, and commercial shops. 

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Product category: LED/OLED technology

PolyGlow™ Film&Glass

PolyGlow™ is another innovative product, used in laminating in the dark, catering to emergency access and creating novelty merchandises.

It has a unique glow-in-the-dark feature, allowing it to set the perfect romantic atmosphere or to serve as an emergency light source in the event of a power outage.It can be used as curtain walls in a building, it’ll catch andmaintain the light by day and release it at night.

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About us

Company details

Polytronix, Inc. a U.S. based company located in Richardson, Texas, has been an innovator in design, manufacturing and marketing of liquid crystal displays for over 35 years. Our displays are used in a variety of applications, providing visual output for medical, aviation, aerospace, marine, automotive, industrial controls and defense related products. 

Polytron Technologies, Inc is the leading electronic and optical vision glass and film supplier worldwide, based out of Richardson,Texas, USA.
We are a specialty, architectural glass company, supplying high quality architectural glass, including:
  1. Polyvision™ Privacy Glass(switchable privacy glass and film),
  2. PolyMagic™ LED Glass (Transparent LED glass and film),
  3. PolyHolo™ Glass (holographic glass and film),
  4. PolyFlush™ Glass ,
  5. PolyRainbow Glass (optical-view glass and film),
  6. PolyGlow™ Glass (glow in the dark glass and film)
  7. PolyDigit™ display Glass (pixel control transparent LED Glass Technology) to service customers in more than 85 countries.

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Company data

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Area of business
  • Glass manufacture/production technology
  • Glass applications in the construction industry and façade area
Target groups
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
  • Architecture / Construction
  • Windows and Facades

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