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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Ceramic Welding Technology

Ceramic Welding was developed approximately 30 years ago. It is a proven method for hot repairs of industrial furnaces under operating temperatures. A mixture of ceramic and metallic particles is projected with oxygen onto the hot refractory ceramic surface and melts on impact both the projected powder, as well as the surface, thus creating a bond, equivalent to metallic welding.

The Ceramic Welding method allows furnace repairs without having to cool down the surface. In fact, the battery can keep on producing while an individual oven is repaired. In contrast to a gunning repair, Ceramic Welding provides long lasting repair results, which are measured in years not months.

Beroa NovoCOS provides this technology for Coke Oven batteries. Beroa NovoCOS uses state of the art equipment which is audited and certified for technical functionality and safety by TÜV inspection.
Our technology and variable length lances enable us to complete Ceramic Welding repairs as deep as the centre of the Coke Oven if necessary.
Beroa NovoCOS works to the highest standards of Health & Safety, meeting or exceeding all requirements relating to working practices.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Special Brickwork Technologies

Part re-bricking using fused silica modules
Where the damage to the coke oven walls is already so severe that there are holes in the wall, brick-shaped modules made from fused silica grain are utilised. These are fixed in place by Ceramic Welding which is also used to fill any remaining gaps. The fused silica material will not display the thermal expansion seen with fired silica brick which is why there are no heat-up problems and why they are known in the coke-making industry as zero expansion bricks.

Modular Coke Oven Wall System
This technology uses pre-cast and pre-fired zero expansion shapes with excellent thermal resistance and in comparison to traditional methods 90 % less joints - all of which minimises the leakage of flue gases.
As a result of the design and engineering of the blocks, end-flues and even through-walls can be built in the minimum of time and with minimal on-site equipment.

For further information please contact us and we will provide you with a full presentation.
Traditional Silica Brickwork, End-Flue Repair And Through-Wall Erection
In addition to the special brickwork technologies, we also offer the traditional end-flue-repair and through wall erection using conventional silica bricks.
Depending upon the customer’s requirements, we provide the engineering, refractory supply, mechanical parts as well as completing the full installation.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Cleaning Services

The preparation of the zones or areas of a refractory wall to be repaired is of the highest importance for the success of a Ceramic Welding repair. If not all damaged material is removed, an early failure of the repair is likely to happen.

1. Pneumatic Hammer
This method has been used to clean Coke Ovens since the earliest days of employing Ceramic Welding more than twenty years ago. This method is still widely used and has a history of success. Beroa NovoCOS offers this technology as part of the total service to our customers.

2. High Speed Cleaning Technology
This new technology offered exclusively by Beroa NovoCOS has a number of advantages in most applications.

Faster Cleaning Time
Precise Cleaning of only damaged areas
Adjustable to both surface area and crack or joint repairs
Benign to "healthy" brickwork
No danger of "White finger syndrome"
Substantially less Ceramic Welding powder consumption
Ovens are back into production faster than with other methods

These advantages are achieved because the equipment, which is easy to handle, allows very precise work. HSCT works without vibrations, protecting undamaged refractories and the operator.
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HSCT will not lead to cool down of treated areas as the material flow is achieved by increased speed rather than greater air volumes or pressure.

HSCT technology is available exclusively from Beroa NovoCOS . It is far more sophisticated than conventional media blasting or pneumatic hammering and delivers a highly economic and effective solution.

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About us

Company details

Beroa NovoCOS is the international hot furnace repair specialist of the Beroa Group.

Beroa NovoCOS is focused on the application of innovative technology to provide furnace repairs for the coke and glass producing industries.
Supported by the global network of Beroa Group companies we offer customer oriented services throughout the world.

Beroa NovoCOS is headquartered in Germany and employs staff with many decades of experience in expertly and safely repairing furnaces.

Many top international customers entrust us to safely, reliably and cost effectively deliver services designed to meet their specific objectives.

Our core technology is ceramic welding but we offer a service portfolio ranging from complete furnace maintenance through to the provision of ceramic welding machines and powder together with training for your personnel in the use of Beroa NovoCOS technologies.

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