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Area Impianti S.p.A.

Via Leonino da Zara, 3/A, 35020 Albignasego (PD)
Telephone +39 049 8626426
Fax +39 049 8626422

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Stefano Sinigaglia

Commercial back-office

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.12  Environmental protection/Recycling
  • 02.12.02  Glass Melting / Waste gas technologies
  •  Filter technologies (flue gas and electrostatic)

Filter technologies (flue gas and electrostatic)

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.12  Environmental protection/Recycling
  • 02.12.02  Glass Melting / Waste gas technologies
  •  NOx reduction technology, emission reduction technology

NOx reduction technology, emission reduction technology

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.12  Environmental protection/Recycling
  • 02.12.03  Heat recovery installations

Heat recovery installations

Our products

Product category: Filter technologies (flue gas and electrostatic)


Electrostatic precipitators are designed for the removal, within the required limits, of the dust carried by gases generated by fusion or combustion processes. The precipitator is constituted by collecting plates and emitting electrodes. Area Impianti has refined its technological expertise in this sector, optimising it to meet the needs of the various specific applications.

Having started out with consolidated technology, Area Impianti has gone on to overhaul the concept of the electrofilter by applying innovations deriving from its experience in the field and its partnerships with universities.

Specifically, it has conducted research and development on:

special-geometry electrodes for superior distribution and increased intensity of the electrical field
an innovative pre-heating and flushing system for the insulators to increase reliability and efficiency over time

To design our electrofilters, our Technical Department utilises state-of-the-art software that makes it possible to:

integrate solid/fluid dynamic modelling with electro-capturing simulations, optimising the performance levels constantly update the algorithms, comparing the simulations against the results obtained in the field

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Product category: NOx reduction technology, emission reduction technology


The SNCR treatment of nitrous oxides takes place through a reaction with ammonia, activated by high temperature (850-1050°C). These temperatures are generally reached immediately downstream of an incineration or calcining furnace.

The ammonia can be injected into an aqueous solution (around 25%) or through the decomposition of a diluted urea solution. The use of urea generally involves fewer safety restrictions during transit and storage.

The first stage in the creation of an efficient SNCR system is the definition of the thermal profile of the area in which the reaction is to take place.

Area Impianti can draw on many years of experience in the field, and has the expertise to analyse, through a series of measurements, the thermal profile of the plant; by taking account of the geometry of the system, the company can plan out the positioning of an appropriate number of injection points.

The injection process is carried out using specific nozzles in which the reagent solution is sprayed with compressed air. The nozzles are then flushed and cooled with air. 

The system allows users to measure out the correct quantity of reagent through a feedback algorithm with analysis of the emissions, which also makes it possible to keep the ammonia slip (unreacted ammonia) below the limit levels.

By means of a hydraulic cabinet and a control unit, the plant automatically deals with the management of the different fluids and optimises the reactivity based on the temperatures.

The fact that this SNCR system is installed upstream of an SCR system is particularly interesting.

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Product category: Heat recovery installations

Gas conditioning

Temperature management has a crucial role to play in flue gas treatment chains.

By leveraging its know-how, Area Impianti has the capacity to optimise in energy terms the cooling and post-reheating phases of the flue gas, enabling at the same time the recovery of energy from the flue gas.

The following technologies are regularly deployed:

  • Cooling through air dilution
  • Water quenching
  • Flue gas/air or flue gas/flue gas heat exchange
  • Flue gas/water or oil heat exchange
Water cooling takes place in quenching towers, where water is sprayed and then evaporates completely. Spillback and twin-fluid nozzles may be used. The quenchers may have ascending or descending flow. The water used may be process water, with consequent elimination of the liquid discharge of the plant.

The heat exchangers may be tubes or plates. Plates are recommended in the event of high dust levels.

These devices can also be used for flue gas/flue gas heat recovery, pre-heating of condensation, ORC, etc…

Thanks to Area Impianti’s industry expertise, certain elements in the construction of these cooling systems allow them also to be used as reactors. Due to specific, reliable, automated internal cleaning systems (chain scrapers), the injecting of the reagent can take place upstream of the cooler, the volume of which can therefore be used for reactions and adsorptions.

In addition, the special design of the heat exchangers eliminates the risk of the wall temperature nearing the acid dew-point. Partial recirculation of the outgoing warm air makes it possible to adjust the temperature of the incoming air.

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About us

Company details

Area Impianti is undoubtedly a company that is well-placed at present and can face the future with confidence. This success is based on rock-solid cornerstones, and the expertise of our staff endows the company with excellence, courage and ambition.

We can take on the largest players in the market by making the most of our innovative approach, leveraging the patents which that approach has enabled us to register. With an in-depth understanding of the industry, we utilise fully the experience accumulated by our founders and the enthusiasm and team spirit of our youthful staff.

Angelo Marcolin, CEO


From its inception, Area Impianti has been on the lookout for highly qualified partners with which to enter into serious, ongoing partnerships, with a view to delivering the best possible solutions and the maximum flexibility in both the air purification and energy fields.

Through ongoing reinforcement, these partnerships have created the conditions for the formation of a group that benefits from a modern organisational infrastructure, constituted by consolidated, specialist businesses, with Area Impianti as the parent company. This has made it possible to integrate the skills necessary to provide turnkey solutions.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress, working together is success.” Henry Ford

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