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CONDAT Lubricants SAS

104, avenue Frederic Mistral, 38670 Chasse-sur-Rhone
Telephone +33 4 78073838
Fax +33 4 78073800

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.02  Auxiliary and operating materials
  • 01.02.03  Lubricants and coolants

Lubricants and coolants

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.06  Forming for hollow glass
  • 01.06.15  Dosing systems

Dosing systems

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.06  Forming for hollow glass
  • 01.06.16  Glass mould spray systems
  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
  • 02.11.08  Chemicals
  •  Chemical grinding and polishing materials

Chemical grinding and polishing materials

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
  • 02.11.08  Chemicals
  •  Chemical coolants
  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
  • 02.11.08  Chemicals
  •  Chemical protection material for glass

Chemical protection material for glass

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
  • 02.11.08  Chemicals
  •  Chemical cleaning agents

Chemical cleaning agents

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.12  Environmental protection/Recycling
  • 02.12.04  Waste water treatment
  •  Wastewater treatment and cleaning lines

Wastewater treatment and cleaning lines

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.09  Technical processing, treatment, finishing design.
  • 03.09.05  Glass finishing
  •  Edge and surface finishing technology/grinding, engraving, printing
  •  Etching lubricants and cover materials

Etching lubricants and cover materials

Our products

Product category: Lubricants and coolants

Shear spray oils

BIOGLASS soluble cutting oils: shear spray lubricants for scissor blades and the cutting of gobs of molten glass. Used in the container glass industry.

The blades or shears that cut the glass gobs (1 150°C) must be permanently lubricated. A solution/emulsion of soluble oil and water is sprayed continuously on these blades. While the water (99% of the blend) is there to cool the scissors, shears the BIOGLASS oil ensures their lubrication.
Good lubrication eliminates cutting lines and prevents molten glass sticking to the tools. It also reduces wear on the shears and in consequence their replacement frequency.
Our shear spray lubricants also allow, under certain conditions, lubrication of scoop and delivery operations.
CONDAT offers BIOGLASS, a complete range of aqueous fluids to meet your needs.

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Product category: Glass mould spray systems

Swabbing mold compounds - Container glass

Swabbing mold-compounds (or graphite mould-release greases) for the container glass industry: CONDAGLASS range for blank, blow and neck moulds.

CONDAGLASS 300 series mould-release greases or swabbing mold-compounds ensure uniform lubrication of the different moulds used in the container glass industry and optimise productivity. Their viscosity is specially adapted to this application: neither too fluid nor too thick. They allow for correct grease dosing and good distribution in the mould.
Blank mould grease:
This grease allows uniform application on the mould, without transfer of graphite to the items.
Neck mould grease:
It leaves a very fine and uniform film of grease on the mould. This grease avoids faults in bottle necks and improves mould release.
Blow mould grease:
This product gives a translucent appearance to the most demanding items. Its wetting agents and additives allow easy penetration of even narrow surfaces and help mould-release for the most delicate shapes.
With this new range, CONDAT represents a new source for mould-release greases, in a market with few suppliers.

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Product category: Chemical coolants

Coolant fluids for grinding - Flat glass

CONDAGLASS FA coolant fluids for the grinding, drilling, machining of flat glass: improve the bite of the grinders and reduce clogging

CONDAT offers a large range of coolants for the flat glass industry: CONDAGLASS FA. These are concentrated lubricants to be diluted before use, to improve the process of grinding, drilling and machining glass. Associated with the dilution water, they having a cooling power on the tools (grinders, drills) and allow for elimination of glass fragments.
Their high lubricity ensures quality grinding by removal of fine particles, resulting in a regular and clean surface. The bite and tool changes are improved.
Our formulators work continuously to improve ease of use for operators. CONDAGLASS FA products are:
non irritant,
non sensitising,
not classed as hazardous according to European legislation
Without mineral oil, they are free from hazardous molecules (DEA, nitrites, formaldehyde-releasing bactericides...).

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About us

Company details

International specialist in industrial lubricants for 160 years

Condat, an independent group of French origin, formulates and produces a very wide range of lubricants for the world of industry. Our expertise and know-how allow us to develop lubricants and other products with high added technical value for a multitude of applications: wire drawing, tunnel boring, forging, glass, machining, industrial maintenance... The breadth of our product portfolio includes, among others: metal-forming lubricants, technical greases, hydraulic oils, cutting fluids, soaps, surface treatments, and many others besides.

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