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Dream Glass S.L

Calle Canada, 15, 28860 Paracuellos de Jarama (Madrid)
Telephone +34 91 6584245
Fax +34 91 6582656

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glasstec 2018 hall map (Hall 10): stand H55

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glasstec 2018 fairground map: Hall 10

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  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.02  Processed glass
  • 03.02.06  Display glass
  •  LCD glass technology

Our products

Product category: LCD glass technology


Transform your space. Glass can now offer full privacy or clarity at the flick of a switch.

The original ON/OFF switchable smart glass is a laminated glass panel with a polymer dispersed liquid crystal interlayer film (PDLC). It offers instant privacy at the flick of a switch by changing its state from transparent to opaque and vice versa through a small electrical current.

  • Enjoy maximum natural sunlight while maintaining UV protection and stability (DreamGlass products block over 99% damaging UV rays)
  • DreamGlass® helps to minimize energy costs through reduced A/C cooling
  • Instant privacy or transparency: Transform your space with the your mobile device, motion sensors, and more
Customizable in endless configurations, ranging from ultra-clear glass to color tinted, curved, double glazed, fire rated, and shaped glass. DreamGlass® The Original grants flexibility in building designs, resulting in unique applications in order to meet customers’ specific needs.

Once activated, Electric Glass turns transparent for as long as the transformer is running. When the electrical current stops, the electric smart glass instantly returns to an opaque state. Set up your space with one transformer to operate multiple panels, or additional transformers across the room. DreamGlass® liquid crystal properties produce high contrast features, meaning DreamGlass® can also be converted into a rear projection screen with incredible image quality, a highly demanded product in many sectors like retail.

Transform your space
Efficient & easy to use, DreamGlass® products present an effortless solution to your privacy needs. Transform your space instantly with the flick of a twitch or touch of a button. 

DreamGlass® liquid crystal properties can create high contrast features, resulting in a rear projection screen you can use to enhance your office space, retail space, home, or other outlet. All our products can be converted into these rear projection screens which have incredible image quality and fidelity.

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Product category: LCD glass technology


Upload custom designs and patterns directly to your DreamGlass® surface.

Discover a uniquely interactive privacy glass experience with Dynamic Shutter™. Alternate between designs uploaded & controlled directly through your BlueTooth capable device. Choose from our designs or create your own patterns, and effortlessly manage the sequence & switch times.
  • Experience total control of your displays, and target specific areas of the glass to switch ON/OFF and create custom patterns
  • Dynamic Shutter™ offers unparalleled customization abilities. Your glass surface is re-programmable to offer endless designs
  • Control and customization is always within reach using the DreamGlass® APP via tablets or smartphones
Until recently, privacy glass users could only manipulate the entire surface of the glass at a time. Now, Dream Glass Group introduces Dynamic Shutter™: a single sheet capable of behaving like a shutter or blind. Activate and deactivate different sections of the customizable matrix, controllable both vertically and horizontally.

Dream Glass Group is deeply committed to research and privacy glass discoveries that produce cutting-edge products to our clients. Dynamic Shutter™ is a laminated glass with a PDLC (switchable film) interlayer, cut and prepared by our team to the necessary dimensions. Once installed, users have the freedom to alter the design with ease.

Upload all the patterns and/or sequences you desire onto the glass via Bluetooth through your tablet or Smart Phone. You can even determine the switching time between each design making the interaction and experience even more dynamic.

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Product category: LCD glass technology

DreamGlass® MATRIX

Control individual pixels on the glass surface.

Activate individual pixels or groups of pixels on your DreamGlass® panel. With DreamGlass® Matrix you can pinpoint specific areas of the glass to manage the display of your logo & designs.
  • Customize the width and length of the shapes on a single sheet
  • Experience total control of your displays, and target specific areas of the glass to switch ON/OFF
  • Control is always within reach using the DreamGlass® APP via tablets or smartphones
With DreamGlass® technology, you can customize & control small portions of the glass. Effortlessly update your logo or design by altering a select group of pixels via your BlueTooth enabled device.

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About us

Company details

Our Vision
With continuous research and development, we seek to pioneer the future of smart glass innovation and design.

Our Mission
To create multi-functional space for our clients through cutting-edge smart glass technology, sleek aesthetic design and dedicated customer service.

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