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Leica Geosystems GmbH

Triebstr. 14, 80993 München
Telephone +49 89 149810-0
Fax +49 89 149810-33

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.01  Measurement and control technology, sensoring
  • 05.01.03  Measuring devices to be used on site

Measuring devices to be used on site

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.04  Software
  • 05.04.04  Software and applications for architects and planners

Software and applications for architects and planners

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.04  Software
  • 05.04.05  BIM - Building Integrated Modeling

BIM - Building Integrated Modeling

Our products

Product category: Measuring devices to be used on site

Leica DISTO™ X-series

The rugged Leica DISTO™ X-series combines innovative measuring technologies with a site-proof design and simple user interface. Together with the Leica DST 360, the X-series can be turned into a powerful 3D capturing station.

The precision measurement module is protected by solid rubber. The Leica DISTO™ X–series is therefore particularly resistant. It is drop-tested up to 2 m in height.

Protection class IP 65
The housing and keypad are water jet and dust protected. Cleaning the device under running water is no problem.

Tilt sensor and Smart Room
The combination of distance and tilt measurements allows you to easily determine horizontal distances with absolute precision. You can even use your measurement data to automatically generate realistic and scaled floor plans.

Rotatable display
The display automatically rotates in line with the orientation of the device; meaning you can easily read the screen from any angle.

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Product category: Measuring devices to be used on site

Leica Lino

Leica Lino
Outstanding performance and versatile adapters designed for building applications

All our Leica Lino products are designed for professionals with the same aim in mind as all our Leica Geosystems products: Making your work easier, and improving your results, by providing excellent quality, performance and well conceived accessories. Because top-quality products are for top-quality work.

Outstanding visibility
All Leica Lino products incorporate decades of knowledge and experience in the fields of optics and electronics. The results are outstanding visibility and high accuracy of our red and green lasers.

The Leica Lino has a Li-Ion battery which ensures continuous working. A single charge provides a 24-hour battery life.

Magnetic adapters
The Leica Lino products can easily be connected to precision engineered adapters via strong magnets, allowing you to work faster and more precisely.

Leica Lino products are well crafted with high quality materials, therefore perfectly suited for construction sites. Each product is fully tested to meet Leica Geosystems quality standards.

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Product category: Measuring devices to be used on site

Leica 3D Disto

Recreating the real world

The Leica Geosystems 3D DISTO is a unique tool for capturing and projecting accurate three dimensional measurements. The speed and precision of the 3D DISTO brings unprecedented efficiency to applications like:

◾ Creating CAD templates: CNC is only good as your file. A 3D DISTO is the bridge between reality and CAD. When you are cutting to fit and you know your original measurements are accurate, you can cut even the most expensive materials with confidence.

◾ 3D Visualization and Navigation: The upgraded Leica 3D DISTO Software for smart devices using Windows® now displays results in three dimensions. With the 3D navigation, it is even easier to check measured points.

◾ Capturing As-Built Measurements: The best way to eliminate surprises later in the job is to know what you are starting with. The 3D DISTO accurately captures 3D coordinates with the precision you need for planning. If your work involves expensive materials that are difficult to cut, transport or are processed off-site, you know accurate “as-built” measurements are critical.

◾ Building Information Modeling (BIM): Take DXF data directly into your Windows tablet and use the 3D DISTO to layout anchor points, transfer heights or verify critical construction locations.

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Product category: Software and applications for architects and planners

Leica DISTO™ Plan - App

Leica DISTO™ Plan
Measuring requires documentation

The Leica DISTO™ Plan app assists you with the vital task of documenting and visualising your measurements. This way you can easily plan the next steps of your project.

Sketch Plan — create a scale drawing
Simply use your fingers to create a sketch on your smartphone or tablet. Then take corresponding measurements and assign them to the relevant lines of you sketch. The app’s ‘auto-scale’ function automatically adjusts the lines’ length and the result
is a scaled drawing, showing surface area and circumference. It is that easy to produce a CAD ready floorplan.

Smart Room — plan while you are measuring
A newly integrated sensor in the Leica DISTO™ X3 and X4 makes it possible to create accurate floor plans simply by taking clockwise or counter-clockwise measurements of a room. Once all measurements are taken, the app automatically generates the plan. Keeping records of each measurement and the angle between any two of those measurements at the
same time makes it possible.

Measure Plan — create as-build plans for CAD
The Leica DISTO™ app supports P2P technology which makes it possible to create detailed floor or wall plans, including doors and windows. Once complete, simply export your plans as a dxf or dwg file into your preferred CAD solution.

Sketch on Photo — dimension objects in pictures
Leica DISTO™ Bluetooth® Smart technology allows you to assign distance measurements to the appropriate part of a picture taken with your tablet or smartphone. This way you can document all your measurement results and easily process them later
in the office.

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Product category: BIM - Building Integrated Modeling

Leica BLK360

The BLK360 imaging laser scanner is the result of uncompromising dedication to a minimalistic aesthetic and the simplification of reality capture.

Its shell is comprised of sleek, matte black anodized aluminum

The BLK360 design was carefully selected out of 20+ design proposals

A focus on premium materials was adhered to throughout the project. The mirror is comprised of gold coated - polished titanium.

Thermal Imaging
The BLK360 features the newest, integrated thermal camera technology.

It is completely wireless. Data is transferred via wifi and BLK360 is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

The challenge to miniaturize an imaging scanner system without sacrificing on quality or accuracy was immense. Those challenges were surmounted by the ingenuity of the development team who drew several exclusive technologies out of the Leica Geosystems portfolio and made them inclusive to the BLK360.

A focus on simplicity and interaction. The BLK360 single button design, iPad Pro user interface and custom machined quick release tripod fitting create an intuitive user experience.

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Product category: BIM - Building Integrated Modeling

Leica BLK3D

Real-time, in-picture 3D measurement.

Take a picture. Measure anything.
The BLK3D captures images and places precise measurements at your fingertips. Share images and measurements in multiple formats.

New dimensions for 2D pictures.
The BLK3D creates images that contain precise three-dimensional measurements.

The art of photogrammetry. Simplified.
Un-matched combination of a calibrated stereo-camera, advanced algorithms and real-time edge computing
fused with leading Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) technology.

Progressive project documentation for architecture, engineering and construction.
Capture critical moments throughout the life of a building.

Access projects. Anywhere, anytime.
Measure in your image – on the handheld imager, on the desktop, on-site or in the office.

Object detection and snapping.
Auto-Snapping uses computer vision technologies to select the right points for your measurements.

Working with digital floorplans.
Create floorplans and import existing ones. Add measurable images. Document construction progress with multiple images over time.

Store. Organise. Share.
Store your measurable images on the device and on desktop. Organize your projects by tagging measurable images with searchable keywords for easy recall and share them in multiple formats.

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About us

Company details

Leica Geosystems has been trusted by professionals worldwide for nearly 200 years. We are proud of our history and pioneering solutions to measure the world with Swiss technology. We represent precision, reliability, quality and sustainability – important values of our company.

We understand the challenges and needs of daily measurement tasks, from long-distance measurements in bright sunlight to point-to-point measurements of a clear span of a
beam. Our innovative solutions are designed to support and simplify workflows across many different industries.

Our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities around the world. Swiss technology is combined with exceptional craftsmanship to ensure highest precision and quality standards.

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