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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.05  Measuring and testing technology/Software
  • 05.05.02  Visual inspection systems
  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.05  Measuring and testing technology/Software
  • 05.05.03  Process control

Process control

Our products

Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection, Visual inspection systems

Flexible Measuring System for Glass Containers Inspection VISI QUICK™

VisiQuick™is a flexible machine suitable for accurate dimensional and geometric inspection of a
large variety of glass containers having different size, shape and colour.
The range of measurable items includes food/beverage containers, perfumery/cosmetic containers
and pharmaceutical containers.

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Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Pharma and Food Industry - Bottles and Glass Containers

Packaging is becoming more and more sophisticated to enhance the overall value of the product.
Glass containers manufacturers, providing packaging to many different industries such as:

·       food and beverage
·       perfumery
·       cosmetic
·       pharmaceutical

are therefore paying higher attention to the quality of their products.

Not only aesthetic reasons are leading glass containers manufacturers to focus on product quality inspection and process monitoring. Dimensional and geometric conformity of the product is essential to prevent problems during filling, sealing and handling processes, optimizing, at the same time, the consumption of raw materials.

Marposs can supply different gauging systems, employing tactile and optical technologies, that include:
- reconfigurable and flexible benches or machines for measuring, on sample basis, dimensional and geometric  characteristics of glass containers as well as glass thickness and weight .
- in-line process monitoring systems
- gauging components for integration by third parties.

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Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Automotive Industry - Car Glass

Marposs provides both gauging components and dedicated solutions for the measurement and control of automotive glass. The wide range of sensors, including contactless, with low measuring force, and display or measurement computers are able to meet any customer’s need. 

Marposs can supply both the components necessary for the realization of measuring benches and complete applications for the control of automotive windshield and flat glasses. The wide range of sensors combined with interface and display units, allows the design of fixtures to measure laminated and tempered glass of any shape, size and thickness. Marposs sensors combine high accuracy with a low measuring force or  contactless technology. Signal interfaces and gauging computer provide our customers with a great modularity and the possibility to collect and manage data. Marposs dedicated measurement software guarantee a rapid and intuitive programming of the measurement and allow the personalization of the screen. 

- Contact sensors with widia or nylon contacts with low measuring force
- Non-contact sensors through multiple technologies
- Modular interface units to satisfy every need;
- Marposs Gauging Computer Line
- Intuitive software allowing the display of customized measurement pages and automatic collection of measurement data;
- Complete measuring cabins on wheels with integrated pneumatic and electrical systems, making them mobile measuring stations.

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Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Automotive Industry - Car Lightings

Rear lamps and headlamps not only have the functional purpose to improve vision and visibility: they also have a very important impact on the style and appearance of the vehicle itself. Restylings and facelifts frequently require new rear lamps and/or headlamps, to characterize the design of the car. When mounted, rear/headlamps must follow the profile of the vehicle without sinking or protruding from the car body. Furthermore, a uniform gap must be guaranteed between car body and rear/headlamp. 

To guarantee a correct assembly, any lamp must be accurately measured before being delivered to the car manufacturer. Marposs can provide components and complete applications for dimensional and geometric inspection of automotive lightings.

Marposs components and applications such as:

Components like, for example:

- contact or contactless sensors
- acquisition boxes
- Industrial PC
- statistical process control (SPC) and quality control software.

Complete semi-automatic benches or machines in which the rear/headlamp is referred on a fixture in the reference points (RPS), and is measured by contact or contactless sensors, on the surface (flush points) and on the edge (gap points).

Marposs can also provide systems to perform leak tests on rear/headamps.

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Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Automotive Glass Inspection Software - GLASS ADD-ON FOR QUICK SPC

The Marposs Glass AddON has been designed to overcome the incorrect positioning of the glass on the measuring fixture. The software displays and processes the measurement of the digital sensors quickly and intuitively and allows for all types of shape inspection. By compensating for human error, the revolutionary algorithm (Best fit) reduces production rejects. Thanks to the possibility of importing 3D drawings the measuring points are entered automatically, reducing programming times and ensuring a perfect display during the measurement.

- reduced cycle time
- reduced production rejects by 50% thanks to the Best Fit algorithm that eliminates "false rejects"
- more economical mechanical solutions because Glass AddON renders glass positioning devices superfluous
- fast and intuitive programming from 3D drawings
- zeroing all sensors simultaneously
- real time display of the measuring values and state
- configurable measuring pages ensure a clear and prompt display
- programming always under control
- reduction of the fixture recertification frequency.

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Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Non Contact Displacement Sensors OPTOCROWN™

The Marposs range of components for measurement applications includes a state of the art fibre optics sensor for contactless measurements.

The possibility of including Optocrown in Marposs Network Systems, provides contactless applications for delicate materials (glass or plastic) as well as mixed applications with different sensors, based on the requirements. 


- contactless measurement of parts
- same diameter of Marposs RedCrown and DigiCrown contact sensors
- can be included in DigiCrown modular systems for complex applications with up to 62 sensors
- compatible with any Marposs display and statistical processing devices
- it compensates for changes in light and reflectance of the material being measured
- greater resistance due to no friction
- up to 12 material calibrations can be stored.

OptoCrown™ is an optical sensor based on light reflection technology designed for contactless linear measurements. The sensor transmits a beam of light towards the part, through a bundle of fibre optics and receives the light from the part being measured through two separate bundles of fibre optics connected to two receivers. The distance between the sensor and part surface is determined by the intensity of the light reflected.

After being calibrated correctly the sensor can measure any type of material. Marposs can provide pre-calibrated sensors on the customer's materials, but the user can perform further calibrations autonomously. Thanks to the particular configuration of the fibre optics, the sensor is not affected by changes in the reflectance of the surface being measured.

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Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Displacement sensors - REDCROWN 2™

RedCrown2™ is the latest generation of pencil probes developed by Marposs, to provide the highest metrological performance levels in any application.

The compact shape, measurement precision, sturdy design, ease of clamping make this type of sensors the basic element for creating customised solutions.

- easy to install
- reliable and sturdy
- excellent precision measurement
- easy maintenance
- suitable for workshop use (IP65)
- the interchangeable contact ensures that the probe can be adapted to the most disparate applications
- wide range of customisable configurations (specifications and layout)
- easy to integrate in third party systems thanks to the specific TOOL SW.

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Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Gauging Components, Computers & SPC

Marposs provides gauge makers the components they need to build gauging stations and fixtures.

Components provided are:

- Probes and measurement transmission elements: mechanical components and sensors
- Indicators and display units: mechanical and electronic units to elaborate and display results
- Signal converters: to convert sensor values between devices
- Data acquisition systems: interface units to connect analog and digital sensors to an industrial PC
- Industrial Computers (embedded computers, panel PC and workstations) for data processing and control
- Application software to create distributed shop-floor data acquisition systems for Statistical Process and Quality control (SPC).

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About us

Company details

Your global partner for measurement and testing systems

Represented in 34 countries worldwide

Marposs Group, a leader in its sector, supplies high precision measuring, inspection and process control systems to industry
worldwide. Ranging from simple products for a single measurement on a component, to “turnkey” machines and fully automated production lines.

The company produces equipment capable of measurements below one thousandth of a millimetre in the comfortable ambient
conditions of a metrology laboratory and in harsher workshop environments, along production lines and on machine tools.

Marposs is now present directly with its own sales and service organization in more than 20 countries and has a network of
agents and distributors in another dozen countries.

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> 75%

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> 500

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Process control technology for glass and glass-processing machines

Target groups
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
  • Solar Glass/Technical Glass

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