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Spare parts and consumables

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Spare and wearing parts

Our products

Product category: Refractories

Bagged Refractories

Bagged refractories are dry mixes of aggregate and binders, which, when mixed with water, can be cast, trowelled, pumped or sprayed onto surfaces or into forms to make refractory shapes.
Note: For mastics and mortars for patching refractory surfaces, click the mastic and mortars link in the resources tab.
Pyrotek Offerings
Pyrotek bagged materials are produced with consistent quality and properties. Additionally, Pyrotek can offer stocking services.

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Product category: Refractories

Refractory Protective Coatings

Coatings extend the service life of various refractory products by repelling surface metal adhesion and protecting the substrate material from attack by the molten metal. The corrosion process of the molten metal gradually removes this protective coating and reapplication becomes necessary. Typically, when the coating type is more nonwetting to molten metal, better refractory protection and longer service life of the coating is achieved, although binder system and other variables also come into play.
Pyrotek has a wide array of coatings and release agents to protect substrates from molten metal. These coating choices range from premium non-wetting products designed to increase the amount of metal and number of casts between maintenance recoating, to the economical sacrificial products that fit a particular process.
Prescribing the correct type of coating and its correct application is a proven and economical way to prevent refractory wear. It is a good practice to consistently use the correct coating for a specific application to improve refractory life, reduce downtime and repairs, and increase process efficiency. In general, most refractory success involves a good coatings solution.
All of these coatings are backed by Pyrotek's experienced and professional sales engineers and product specialists, who are accustomed to providing solutions that work.
Pyrotek Offerings
Pyrotek is the exclusive distributor for ZYP Coatings Inc. into the molten metal industry. ZYP is the world leader in boron nitride coatings, and specializes in paintable high-temperature ceramic refractory coatings.
Boron nitride (BN) coatings are nonwetting to molten aluminium and have become the most trusted and most used coating in effectively protecting ceramic and steel substrates. ZYP's coatings are available in varying BN concentrations and with select binders, so end-users have a choice when it comes to the degree of nonwetting and erosion resistance they need for their particular process and substrate.
Pyrotek also manufactures and sells a wide range of other protective coatings used in a variety of applications:
Dry parting agents like Alukam 60, bone ash, and wollastonite for launders and troughs
Graphite coatings used in troughs and molds to anode stubs and tools
Zircon (zirconium silicate) coatings used in filter boxes to ladles and launders
Refractory charged coatings developed for specific applications

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Product category: Refractories

Furnace Refractory

Furnace refractory is the ceramic component of the furnace that directly interfaces with the contained molten aluminium, also referred to as the working liner. The term "furnace refractory" may refer to either the working liner of a holding furnace or melting furnace. Additionally, furnace refractory is typically referred to in relation to its location in the furnace: lower walls, belly band, upper walls, roof, hearth, subhearth, door surrounds (jambs, sills and lintels), ramp, inlet, outlet (tapout block) and charge well.
Furnace refractory plays a major role in furnace efficiency, furnace maintenance costs, life of a furnace shell and more.
Pyrotek Offerings
Pyrotek’s TAB Refractory Services is a world leader in lining aluminium furnaces, having relined furnace projects in over 30 different countries. Projects include furnaces of melter or holder design of all kinds including: reverbatory, round top loading, static, tilting, rotary, tower, and die caster. TAB's engineers help operations choose and install the best refractory to improve the lifetime and performance of a furnace.
Pyrotek's years of experience casting refractories have resulted in a selection of the best refractories from many suppliers in addition to experience in quick, high-quality installation of brick liners, monolithic/cast-in-situ liners, and/or big block liners.
In addition, Pyrotek's production facility in Cortland, New York, USA, provides engineering and casting services that generate high-quality precast shapes, which are cast in a controlled condition that closely monitors all variables during manufacturing. All shapes are fired to high temperatures to remove all moisture and provide the refractory properties that will proved a superior furnace lining.
Pyrotek liners are designed per alloy, charge material, temperature, burner design, operator methods and more to combat corrundum growth, mechanical damage, metal penetration, thermal shock, erosion and chemical attack.
Other Related Products
Furnaces will often incorporate other Pyrotek products such as electromagnetic pumps (EMP), mechanical pumps, and LOTUSS scrap melting systems.

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