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Empakglass Lda

Rua Diogo Cao, No. 6, Loja 8, 2660-445 Santo António dos Cavaleiros, Loures

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  • 06  Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Our products

Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services


For an IS machine to run properly, requires the molding components to be dimensional and physically in accordance with the Glass Mold Design specifications.

In the real world, nothing lasts forever and the same applies to all molding components. Based on this principle, the Mold Shop personnel are constantly required to assess and determine if the components are capable to be maintained in production.

Through the correlation of glass and the mold dimensions, as well as the use of good maintenance and organizational practices, the glass molds lifetime can be maximized, costs reduced and anticipation patterns can be achieved in order to reduce the probability of late acquisitions.

In Empakglass we embody the Glass Mold Shop Department as a Self-Sufficient Operational Unit, and when compared with an equivalent outsourced operation, must have a lower cost and therefore justify the existence of this Department.

Consequently, the financial management of this department, which has a very relevant weight percentage of the total specific cost of producing glass, must always be kept under scrutiny and also be a driving force for price reductions in mold acquisitions with the Glass Plant’s main mold suppliers.

Taking that into consideration, Empakglass’s Mold-shop Department provides to its partners a technical support that ranges from the installation project and layouts, passing to the everyday operation and also with a financial approach.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services


Today's competitive pressures require companies to take advantage of every tool at their disposal.
Process simulation is unquestionably instrumental in cost, quality and delivery improvements.

After the final container design approval, the use of FEA technology is fundamental to predict the container final glass wall thickness distribution, considering the correct parison design, production process, glass composition and IS machinery used in the container manufacture (delivering system, cooling system and machine timing).

EmpakGlass approach will deliver our customers a higher level starting point on a very early production stage. This will effectively reduce the amount of trials needed before the sampling approval for final production.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services


Quite a unique offer - Strategy consulting and new markets support linked with technical solutions for Glass Industry.

This is a true, complete pack.

It is not important who is first, the egg or the chicken.
You can drive from investment needs and we help you to get the markets, or you define with us new market strategies and we support your technical adaptations.

But it is not “just” strategy, SWOT´s and competitors. It is also about important data you'll need to run your business in an efficient and profitable way.

Many companies (as well outside our industry) are struggling with their profitability analysis of models, production-lines, job-change costs, optimal lot-size,…

We are helping you with smart calculation tools, to help you identify your winners and losers products, compare different production lines, segments, explore target pricing and much more.
This is not rocket science, but we know from our own experience how difficult it can get day-by-day.
And here we speak of big numbers in company results.

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About us

Company details

Empakglass is an engineering company with its main focus on glass packaging.

That is why its mission is to help to develop the global glass markets to become stronger and more competitive. Competitiveness is strongly associated with costs, but not only. There are other important business-KPI´s which can create success, or not.
In our globalized world of today  we see a rising importance of global quality standards, time-to-market, OTIF, carbon footprint,....
Global concentration in all levels from raw materials, equipments for manufacturing, in the whole chain from a packaging production to filling demands higher performance levels. A bottle designed in Spain, produced in Tunisia, decorated in China, filled in Mexico and sold in the US, a typical situation today. OTIF, DRIFT,… a global supply chain needs professional glass producers.
The demands of the modern industry are changing rapidly.

EmpakGlass wants to support its customers to gain and keep a leading position in the global glass markets.

EmpakGlass wants its customers to lead.

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