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Wirekinetics Co., Ltd.

4F-3, No. 46, Sec. 2, Zhong Shan N. Rd., 10448 Taipei City
Telephone +886 2 25113207
Fax +886 2 25113201

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.04  Forming and bending technology

Our products

Product category: Forming and bending technology

Knitting Fabric: 100% 316L Stainless Steel Fiber Fabric

The metal fiber knitted fabric is widely used as a separate or buffer material in auto glass bending processes. Thus, the quality of the fabric is highly related to the quality of the glass. However, the development and production of the fabric is a complicated technology involving metal material science and textiles engineering. A comprehensive ability is the key for producing the fabric because the knowledge will be applied to designed the fabric with better thermal resistance, lifetime and optical enhancing ability.

Wirekinetics recruits the professional team in alloy science and textiles engineering for better and long term service. Reliability and communication is our service goal in glass industry.

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Product category: Forming and bending technology

Fecralloy alloy fiber

Wirekinetics produces world best quality Fecralloy alloy fiber and already wins the reputation in the market, according to our alloy professionals and metal fiber production technologies. The Fecralloy alloy fiber is widely used in
ultra high temperature resistance (normally above 900 ℃),
combustion (specially in pre-mix system), and
automobile filration for catalytic converter.

We also develop the patented Fecralloy alloy fiber fabric through our advanced textile engineering technology for burner to low the CO and NOx emission for strict regulation in air pollution.

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Product category: Forming and bending technology

Aramid Fiber Textile Acessories

Aramid Fiber Textile Acessories are very common in glass industry as the cut or thermal resistance material appling in roller. Wirekinetics has ability to provide different types of textiles for diverse applications.

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About us

Company details

Wirekinetics was founded in 2006, Taiwan. The company is addressing in the technologies in micro metal/alloy fiber and related textiles. The major market is in high performance thermal resistant textiles and smart textiles based on the intrinsic properties of the metal, thermal resistance and conductivity.

In thermal resistance field, we provide the best cost/performance products and solutions for the glass industry in separated material to enhanced the optical quality, and for the combustion industry to lower the CO and NOx emission with our expertise in metal material science and micro metal fiber production technologies.

In the conductivity field, the company is the first one in Asia to produce and develop smart textiles (or intelligent textiles). The field of the smart textiles involves the technologies of material science, textile engineering, and electronic engineering. It is a highly integrated technology. Using inappropriate kits, materials and solutions could induce uncertainty and confusion in R&D direction. Certainly, they also waste lots of works and funds. We believe the smart textile should meet the general requirements of day-to-day clothes, such flexibility, tenacity, washability, etc. which do not exist in electronic devices. Hence, the smart textiles are not just the products embedded PCBs, cables, or sensors into your clothes. They have to be or feel like a fabric.

Wirekinetics develops a simple, textile-oriented, and commercialised smart textile system, a micro metal and polymer composite yarn system. The micro metal provides the electrical properties of the smart textile and compatibility with electronic processes, and the polymer provides the textile properties of the smart textile and compatibility with textile processes. The assemblies of the composite yarn system, the electronic devices and textiles can demonstrate conductivity, detection, or other electrical functions.

The Wirekinetics’ team integrates the expertises of material science, textile engineering and electronic engineering to support our customers in diverse industrial fields.

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