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Belfortglass S.r.l.

Regione Fornace, 10, 15070 Belforte Monferrato (Al)

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glasstec 2018 hall map (Hall 16): stand E17

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glasstec 2018 fairground map: Hall 16


Mauro Bovone



Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.05  Forming for flat glass
  • 01.05.01  Float glass technique

Float glass technique

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
  • 02.11.01  Tools
  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
  • 02.11.02  Spare parts and consumables

Spare parts and consumables

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
  • 02.11.03  Insulating materials

Insulating materials

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
  • 02.11.04  Sealants
  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
  • 02.11.07  Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.01  Flat glass
  • 03.01.01  Float and mirror glass

Float and mirror glass

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.02  Processed glass
  • 03.02.02  Laminated glass
  •  Laminated glass (other)

Laminated glass (other)

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.02  Processed glass
  • 03.02.03  Insulating glass

Insulating glass

Our products

Product category: Tools

RESIN cup wheels

for traditional uses to process both medium and thick glasses when high quality is required.
long operative life and considerable removal power.
excellent finishing and long operative life suitable for replacing metallic arris.
special tools for high speed processings.

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Product category: Tools

peripheral tools for CNC MACHINES and SHAPING MACHINES

Belfortglass produces peripheral tools of different diameters and profiles (pencil edge, trapezoidal, flat, grooving, segmented or not segmented, with inner cooling or not) for every machine.

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Product category: Sealants


for bicomponent polysulphide or silicon sealant
model H505B or S505B
Automatic machine for metering, mixing and the extrusion of twocomponent sealants for the manufacture of insulating glass.
The extrusion hydraulic system gives to the machine special power characteristics that allow substantial flows of product.

Basic extrusion piston pump, driven by a hydraulic cylinder and mounted on lifter with pressing plate for 200 liters drum.
Piston catalyst feed pump, a pneumatic motor with a lift and pressing plate for 20-liter drums (immersion version available on request).
Mixing system STAINLESS STEEL CRIOMIX composed by three stages with two propellers (nr.3 propellers for the silicon version), situated immediately ahead of of the extrusion gun.
Hydraulic pump unit with high pressure silenced pump.
Adjusting pressure extrusion through hydraulic valve.
Adjusting the quantity of sealant through oleo-hydraulic regulator.
Safety against over pressures by pressure switches with digital display.
LED diagnostic panel on the control panel easy to read.
Oil cooling system and accumulator for a better extrusion homogeneity.
Acoustic alarm to signal the beginning of catalization inside the mixer
Qick wash system with basic product (with very low product’s waste)
Coated tubes in stainless steel (inside Teflon) (only for silicon extruders)
Stainless steel valves (only for silicon extruders)

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About us

Company details

Belfortglass began its operations in 1971, with the development of butyl extruders and extruders for mono and bi-component glazing sealants; it began diversification a few years later, with the production of diamond tools.
The flagship product of the range is the H/505/B or S/505/B model, an hydraulic extruder for two-component sealants,which features a hydraulic extrusion system conferring a particular resilience, thereby enhancing the functional capacity of the products themselves. Belfortglass began diversification in 1979 with the production of glass processing diamond tools; then, it rapidly expanded and developed the various types of tools (with different measurements and with either metallic or resin sealants for a host of machine models). Belfortglass produces wheels for straight line flat and pencil edgers, double flat and pencil edgers, and bevelling machines for prismatic mirrors as well as numeric control machines, the true distinguishing features of its production being the high quality level, excellent working speeds and flexibility of use.
Thanks to its over 30 years of experience in the field, the company is able to offer a specific combination of diamond tools for each individual machine, all with particular features tested directly on site in various applications.
In 2003, it acquired Zanetti Macchine, a well-established company with a good reputation in the production of glass processing machinery, distinguishing features being the use of a simplified technology and high-precision mechanics.Belfortglass today continues the production of two machine models: model BK2, a semiautomatic machine for the edge grinding and bevelling of shaped glass sheets, and the Diamatic model, designed specifically for edging operations.
The primary characteristics of Belfortglass are its flexibility and reliability, which translates into customer satisfaction, assured thanks to ongoing improvement in terms of quality and design innovation, as well as excellent product research and development operations.
The true strong point of the company lies in its capacity to understand customer needs in order to provide efficient solutions combining high-tech input with a thorough knowledge and experience in market needs.
The new generation of Belfortglass today is headed by the son of Enrico Bovone, Mauro, who is the current company owner and sales manager, taking over the helm from his father, after over forty years of impeccable service to his company.
Being aware that tackling today’s competitive and continually evolving market requires dedicated commitment and effort especially in research, development and infrastructure, he embarked on a company modernization programme, including the updating of the factory premises as well as the further expansion of the product range.
The aim is to enhance products performance, in order to always be able to assure the best solution for the customers, helping them to fulfil their objectives with greater efficiency.

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