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MicroShade A/S

Gregersensvej 1F, 2630 Taastrup

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  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.02  Processed glass
  • 03.02.04  Function glasses
  •  Sun protection glass

Sun protection glass

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.02  Processed glass
  • 03.02.13  Solar glass
  •  Solar Float glass

Solar Float glass

Our products

Product category: Sun protection glass, Solar Float glass


How does it work?
MicroShade® is a passive and highly effective shading element fully integrated into a double or triple pane insulating glazing unit.
MicroShade® consists of microscopic lamellas which shade the direct sun progressively. The shading effect of the microscopic lamellas can be compared to that of exterior blinds, except the micro lamellas remain invisible as they are too small for the human eye to see.
In the summer, where the sun is high in the sky, the energy from the sunlight is reduced with up to 90% by the MicroShade® lamellas. In contrast, MicroShade allows roughly 35% of solar transmittance in the winter which reduces the need for heating during the cold period.
MicroShade® allows a high level of natural daylight to enter the building and is available in various configurations and colours suitable for both facade and roof applications.

How is it made?
MicroShade® is a micro lamella so thin that it almost doesn’t show when placed between two or more layers of glass. The only thing you see is the stripe where the lamella is fixed to the glass using extremely strong glue.
The solution is entirely passive and requires no control units, no configurations and no extra maintenance or service. MicroShade® is compatible with all modern glazing configurations including structural glazing, sound reduction and safety glazing configurations.

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About us

Company details

Who are we?
The story of MicroShade starts in 2003, when the company was founded as a spin-off from the Danish Technological Institute following an idea to integrate solar cells in glass facades. The solar cells are designed to promote energy-neutral air conditioning, whereby the power generated by the solar cells is used to remove surplus heat caused by high levels of solar irradiation, a well-known problem in modern glass buildings.
In 2004, the idea was further developed to also include a groundbreaking passive solar shading system built into insulating glazing. The design is intelligent, meaning that the solar shading adapts to the height of the sun in the sky. Since then, the idea has been further developed and fine-tuned in close cooperation with a number of knowledge centres and architects.
In 2009, Vækstfonden and the Danish Technological Institute made a substantial investment in MicroShade to promote sales and the production of the MicroShade® solar shading as well as further develop MicroShade® Power, which comprises transparent, solar-shading solar cells built into glass facades.
In 2009, MicroShade® was introduced to the market and installed in a number of reference installations in offices and institutions.

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