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Fosbel Europe GmbH

Karstr. 116, 41068 Mönchengladbach
Telephone +49 2161 27751-0
Fax +49 2161 27751-99

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Our products

Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Glass Furnace Inspection Services

Fosbel's unique water-cooled inspection technologies provide instant images of the refractory for aiding in the diagnosis of furnace problem areas, including checker blockages, rider arch damage, reversal valve issues and recuperator damage.

Inspections can also be used to aid in repairing difficult to view areas, or to create baseline images of the furnace to document current furnace condition and plan for future rebuilds.

Endoscope - Access to glass furnaces for inspection and repair is usually severely restricted. The introduction of Fosbel's water-cooled endoscope make it possible to view damage and repair procedures within the furnace. Every part of the furnace can be studied in minute detail. With the aid of water-cooled lenses, many areas of damage can be examined, documented and tracked over a period of time.

Endoscope view of glass furnace
Lancescope™ - The Lancescope™ system utilizes cutting edge optical technology to allow close-up inspection of virtually any area of a glass furnace, through the use of specially designed equipment. Checker chambers and Port Neck bottoms can be made fully visible. In low temperature applications, the system also provides illumination via a light source for superb clarity.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Hot Refractory Repair: Ceramic Welding for Glass Furnaces

The Fosbel Ceramic Welding process for glass furnace hot repair was invented and first applied in the late 1960's. Fosbel has pioneered and perfected this innovative hot repair process that is used to repair the inside hot face of any furnace refractory at operating temperature in most cases with minimal disruption to production.

The repair material forms a ceramic bond to the damaged refractory, utilizing a fusion process that generates an exothermic reaction in excess of 4000°F (2,200°C). Materials are available to repair silica, alumina, AZS and magnesia refractories. Fosbel also offers volume stable, low temperature Ceramic Welding materials for external furnace refractory sealing.

Ceramic welding is best utilized as a preventive maintenance tool, but can also address large scale catastrophic repairs, thus providing an economic alternative to extend furnace life and prevent unscheduled furnace shutdown.

In areas where contamination or glassy phase on the base refractory is a problem, Fosbel offers thermal cleaning methods utilizing our range of proprietary cleaning materials or our Supertorch cleaning system. The Supertorch’s specially designed oxygen-fuel burner allows pinpoint control of a high temperature flame in localized areas of the glass furnace superstructure. This unique process provides a fast, highly effective way to ensure a proper bond between the ceramic weld repair and base refractory.

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Product category: Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Furnace Repair Solutions

Fosbel offers a wide range of repair solutions including Traditional Hot Repairs, Innovative Engineered Repairs, and Cold Repairs.

Fosbel’s maintenance services are a cost-effective way to:
Extend furnace life
Reduce fuel costs
Increase furnace efficiency 
The chart below provides examples of our repair options for a range of furnace problems.  This is just an overview of our service options with links to some more info on selected repairs.  Contact us to learn more about which of our solutions will best address your needs.

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