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Stromizmeritel O.O.O

Sovnarkomovskaya Str., 34 a, 603086 Nizhny Novgorod
Russian Federation
Telephone +7 930 7067970
Fax +7 831 4351370

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.03  Preparation of raw materials and batches
  • 01.03.03  Metering and weighing technology

Our products

Product category: Metering and weighing technology

Тechnology of multicomponent mixtures preparation

Glass batch is a multicomponent mixture of granular and fluid materials, to which increased requirements at one time in relation to exact dosing at high process capacity and to chemical and granulometric uniformity of the mixture are imposed.

The main steps of the glass batch preparation process are proportioning and mixing processes. Glass batch may include 7-10 granular and clump materials (sand, feldspar, alumina, dolomite, soda, sulphate, chalk, saltpetre, coal, glass scrap etc.), 1-2 fluid materials (water, black oil-fuel or heating oil) and microadditives (selenium, cobaltous oxide, denol etc.). Amount of the dose proportioned and fed to the mixer fluctuates for different materials from several grams to 2-3 tons. For this purpose two-speed modes of loading and unloading of the strain-measuring weighing batchers and different methods of weight measuring are used in order to keep exact proportioning.

The optimal time for mixing of glass batch components depends on the cyclogram of material feed into the mixer and mixing volume and for different types of mixers is from 1,5 to 3,5 minutes.

Microadditives are put into the mixer as a part of premixes (preliminary mixture with a filler), prepared in the automated proportioning-mixing complexes for small additives.

Increased quality of glass batch is also reached by means of preliminary treatment of the off-spec raw materials (crashing, drying, milling, sieving, optical and magnetic separation etc.).

Taking into account that glass batch production includes all main preparation processes of multicomponent mixtures from receiving of raw materials, their conveying, processing, storing on out to proportioning, mixing, conveying of the mixtures, it is advisable to consider the glass batch as a base mixture for system analysis and synthesis of the new equipment and processes which can be also used in production of dry mixtures for refractory applications, electrode products, building materials and other products in different branches of industry.

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Product category: Metering and weighing technology

Designing and production of dosing and dosing-mixing units for glass mixture raw materials

A particular equipment class manufactured by “Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC is: strain-measuring weighing dosing units of step-by-step action with a weighing range from 0,1 to 3000kg; continuous-running with a weighing range from 5 to 25 tonnes per hour; volumetric proportioners operating on liquid flow measurement principle and differential dosing units.
The specialists of the company successfully settle questions of dosing of liquid and free-flowing materials, caking ingredients of glass mixture as well as poorly flowing and water-absorbing coherent materials and small additives for preparing of premixes.
“Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC manufactures a wide range of the strain-measuring weighing dosing units equipped with the gravity, vibrating, screw and double-screw loading and unloading feeders:
- small-scale dosing units for partial doses (dosing according to load);
- small-scale dosing units for full doses (dosing according to both loading and unloading);
- one-component dosing units for full doses with a weight receiving device based on one or three strain sensors (dosing according to both loading and unloading);
- multi-component dosing units with weight receiving device based on three strain sensors (dosing according to load);
- continuous-running strain-measuring proportioners for glass mixture and cullet (are integrated into the belt conveyors);
- continuous-running weighing dosing devices/flowmeters based on the belt feeders;
- mobile strain-measuring weighing dosing devices – carts, operating in manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic control mode;
- strain-measuring scale platforms;
- weighing hopper devices for measuring of material level and consumption;
- dosing and mixing units for dosing of small components (glass mass dyes and decolorizers) and preparing premixes etc.
Several dosing units being equipped with the screw and gravity feeders for loading and unloading are of an peculiar structure allowing to operate in dual speed dosing mode with using of one speed uncontrolled drive.
A variety of the dosing units manufactured by “Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC expands technological capabilities and allows unifying the design process of the dosing-mixing lines.

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Product category: Metering and weighing technology

Designing and production of machinery for loading and unloading of free-flowing materials

In order to prepare glass mixture and different multicomponent mixtures one often uses raw materials supplied in big bags. Therefore a big number of transportation and processing operations in relation to loading and unloading of big bags is performed on the shop floors.
“Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC manufactures several modifications of big bags unloading stations and two models of loading stations.
The big bags unloading station SRB-1 (СРБ-1) consists of a frame, a conic receiving hopper with a rubber packing and a grid for lumps holdup, knives for big bags cutting and an unbalanced mass vibration generator. In the process of unloading at SRB-1 (СРБ-1) a big bag is held by a lift and transfer mechanism that’s why the unloading of different materials is performed sequentially. For parallel unloading of several big bags the unloading station SRB-2 (СРБ-2) is used, the structure of which includes an additional frame, adjustable for height and cross traverse, to which a big bag is fixed. The presence of a traverse allows using the lift and transferring mechanism for other operations after the big bag is fixed for unloading.
The station SRB-4 (СРБ-4) has smaller dimensions and is recommended for usage in space-limited process plants.
In the process of filling bags the big bag loading stations UZB-1(УЗБ-1) and UZB-2(УЗБ-2) manufactured by “Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC allow to control the weight of the materials filled as per digital display of the control block. In UZB-1 (УЗБ-1) a big bag is put directly on a strain-measuring platform scales, and in UZB-2 (УЗБ-2) – on an electric truck which moves from a weight-measuring position to a take-off position of the filled big bag. The stations are equipped with air supply nozzles for blowing bags and aspiration pipe-bends for dust-loaded air.
Louvre-type grates of different structure with movable (bending) and fixed flaps manufactured by “Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC are used to reduce dust emission when unloading dusty materials from big bags and hopper wagons into receiving hoppers. It is possible to use louvre-type grates for overloading of small lumps materials.

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About us

Company details

"Stromizmeritel" is well-known in Russia and abroad production and project designing company. "Stromizmeritel" Closed JSC is ready to provide to the customer a wide range of services and can perform the following work:
- design of modern batching plants and storage and processing departments for sand, dolomite, limestone, glass cullet and other raw materials;
- development, production and packaged supply of weighing and dosing, transportation and process and other equipment for batching and machine plants as well as departments for processing of raw materials and glass cullet;
- development and production of the computer control systems and automation aids;
- software development;
- installation supervision and equipment assembly;
- commissioning and start-up, putting of the equipment into operation and personnel training;
- after-sales service;
- supply of spare parts and modernization of equipment. 
Being engaged in these activities for more than twenty five years "Stromizmeritel" has all necessary knowledge, experience and technologies necessary to solve any problems of the customer. The success of the company is based on highly skilled specialists, well-equipped manufacturing base and design departments, complex approach to design and supply of the equipment, optimal quality-price ratio.

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Area of business
  • Glass manufacture/production technology
  • Glass processing and finishing
  • Process control technology for glass and glass-processing machines
Target groups
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
  • Flat Glass

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