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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.03  Edge and surface finishing technology
  • 02.03.02  Grinding techniques for hollow glass/moulded glass
  •  Surface grinding technology

Surface grinding technology

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.10  Cleaning technology
  • 02.10.01  Washing machines and equipment

Our products

Product category: Surface grinding technology

Grinding Glass Washing & Drying Machine

This machine has high efficiency and performance for polishing and cleaning glass.
With disc brushes and cerium oxide, our equipment can grind down your glass surface and clean the invisible grease on the surface and make it much smoother.
And it increases the adhesion of printing, spray painting or coating on the surface.
The equipment helps you get a better surface and is suitable for pretreatment before coating or mirror producing process.
Also it can remove the failed coating on the glass and makes your glass as clean as a whole new one.
The machine washes the glass with special designed brushes and sponges, and dry glass with the air knives.
The water tank is designed into several sections separately.
The machine parts, where contacts water, are made of stainless steel material.
The water recycling design will save water consumption.

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Product category: Washing machines and equipment

*Customerized* Glass Washing & Drying Machine

This user-friendly equipment is suitable for general architectural glass, tempered glass, pre-laminated glass, and soft Low-E coated glass.
It’s easy-operated and has high performance, quality and durability.
One of the advantages of our product is its flexibility.
The specifications can be customized according to your requirements.

It features three pairs of rotary brush, which divided into two parts and two individual water tanks.
It comes with air knives for drying glass. In addition, it’s equipped with a water tray under the conveying rollers at inlet.
And it has a pre-washing section, which spraying water from both above and bottom before washing, with an air knife for blowing water and particles from surface.
The upper section can be adjusted to lift, according to the glass thickness, up to 250mm.
The effortless motorized lifting ensures more convenient maintenance, repair, and adjustment.
This design prevents the brushes from wear and tear and prolongs the service life of brushes.
It can also perfectly clean Low-E glass without any scratching the surface.
The conveying method adopts worm-gear driven system.
Stainless steel parts are used in contact with water to prevent rust.
This equipment features a water-recycling system to save water consumption.

Technical Specifications:
Maximal cleaning glass: (width) 1700mm
Minimal cleaning glass: 400×400mm
Cleaning glass thickness range: 2~30mm (adjustable)
Cleaning speed range: 2~6m/min (adjustable)
Total power: 31kw
Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 5280 mm ×2350mm × 1600mm
Weight: 2500kg

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Product category: Washing machines and equipment

Vertical Glass Washing & Drying Machine

**Specifications can be customized according to demand.**
This user-friendly vertical machine cleans general architectural glass, solar panels, and Low-E glass.
It’s easy to be operated and has high performance, quality and durability.
The space-saving design features rubber rollers equipped with a spring device, to wash different thickness glasses freely and easily without manual control.
KCG-2030-B also comes with an electric heater or air knives for drying glass.
Stainless steel parts are used in contact with water to prevent rust.
This equipment also features a water-recycling system to save water consumption.
The conveying method adopts worm-gear driven system.

Technical Specifications:
Maximal cleaning glass specification: (height) 2000mm
Minimal cleaning glass specification: 100×300mm
Cleaning glass thickness range: 2~15mm
Cleaning speed range: 2~5m/min
Total power: 15kw
Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 5460mm × 1100mm × 3200mm
Weight: 1500kg

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Company news




Oct 3, 2018


We are looking for AGENTor DISTRIBUTOR worldwide.
Visit our stand and learn more about our high quality machines.
Our products include tiny size and huge size, horizontal and vertical machine.
Specifications can be customerized according to client's demand.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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About us

Company details

KINCHILI was established in 1982. In the beginning, we were focusing on producing a variety of conveyor.

Until 1985, we devised the new Glass Washing and Drying Machine series. Led by CEO Mr. Kevin Chiang, we are dedicating on continuous innovation and research. KINCHILI has won a place in the specialized field of glass washing and drying machine.

Around 30 years from a difficult initial stage to this day, besides domestic market, KINCHILI is expanding the business to global. Now we have a constant customer base in both domestic and abroad market.

Main products are Glass Washing and Drying machine, we also devised the (grinder) machine which could handle flaws and defects on the surface of glass.

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Process control technology for glass and glass-processing machines