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Selas Heat Technology Company LLC

11012 Aurora Hudson Road, 44241 Streetsboro, OH
Telephone +1 216 662-8800
Fax +1 216 663-8954

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Mike Damsell

+1 352 988 8788


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.04  Glass melting technology
  • 01.04.09  Combustion technology
  •  Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Our products

Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Forehearth Combustion Controller

Selas CAV Combustion Controllers are flexible systems equipped with Posimix mixing valves for constant heat, or CAV valves for variable heating processes. Selas Combustion Controllers are precision premix systems for blending fuel gas and air. They are suitable for most fuels, mixing them with room air and compressing the mixture to deliver a precise, preset gas/air ratio at uniform pressure to the burners. Selas combustion controllers are available with two valve types:
  • Posimix® valves for applications requiring constant heat
  • CAV valves for processes requiring variable heating
The Posimix valve is used in positive displacement (Model PM) compressor and centrifugal blower (Model TD) combustion control systems. Depending on the valve size, from B to F, and compressor/blower rating, these combustion controllers will provide a wide range of mixing capacities from 2,000 SCFH to 150,000 SCFH.

The CAV valve is used in positive displacement (Model CA) type and centrifugal blower (Model TD) combustion control systems, to deliver optimum turndown range in capacities from 500 SCFH to 125,000 SCFH, depending on the valve size, 5 to 150, and the compressor/blower rating.

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Automatic Firechecks

The Selas automatic firecheck, or flame arrestor, is basically a check valve which is closed by actuation of a thermal release.
Selas Automatic Firechecks Safeguard Personnel, Equipment & Processes. Components include a shut-off valve, check valve, corrugated fire screen, and a thermal latch. In normal operations, the combustible fuel/air mixture passes freely through these components. If flashback occurs, the sudden increase in back pressure will cause the check valve to close and momentarily interrupt the forward flow of the fuel/air mixture. The reduced flow and the internal configuration of the firecheck allow the backward-traveling flame to stop at the fire screen. The tiny holes and chilling capacity of the fire screen hold the flame on the screen until the thermal element is heated and releases the latch to close the shut-off valve. This valve-closure stops fuel/air flow and prevents the flashback from proceeding past the firecheck. The shut-off valve remains closed until manually reset.

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Selas Safety Blowouts

Selas Blowout Flame Arrestors automatically protect combustion controllers or mixers. The Selas blowout is basically a directed-flow release device combined with a check valve. It includes a check valve, rupture disc, electrical switch, and a flame arresting screen.
In normal operation, the combustible fuel/air mixture passes freely through the blowout. In the event of flashback, the increase in back pressure will cause the check valve to close and momentarily interrupt the flow of premixed gases. The pressure buildup then shatters the rupture disc thus releasing the flashback pressure and hot gases from the pipe via a vent to a safe area. (Suitable piping is required to conduct the hot gases and shattered disc material to a safe location). Rupture of the disc automatically trips the electrical switch which can be employed to command such functions as shutting off the fuel supply or sounding an alarm. The flame arresting screen delays the flame from progressing until the fuel supply is interrupted.

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Air Heating Package Burner

Selas PC Series package burners can be installed in a process plant recirculation system where it is not possible to construct a combustion chamber and install a conventional type of burner assembly. Selas PC Package Burners are custom designed for air heating applications requiring nominal capacities from 200,000 to 30,000,000 BTU/hr. PC burners provide high turndown, reliable ignition, and flexible air and gas control options. Typical packages contain a burner, spark ignitor, flame rod and flame safeguard, blower and motor, gas train with air-fuel control, and prewired mounted control panel. For standard packages and more information on how to configure a PC burner package, see the PC Package Burner Selection Brochure. Selas support is available for all package components from burner to controller.

Air-Gas Modulation Options for Efficient Operation in Every Application
Flexible air-gas controller options allow for fixed air or ratio air modulation, as well as high/low gas control, gas-only modulation, or precision gas modulation to automatically adjust air-gas ratio to maintain oven temperature within 3°F. Air-gas ratios controlled with linkage system for easy adjustment in-house. 4-20mA signal control motors are standard with all gas modulation options.

Wide Range of Applications, One Burner
For burner applications that require 200,000 to 5MM BTU/hr, PC Package Burners offer several, flexible controller options and 40:1 turndown. Speciallydesigned package configurations available for very low BTU input applications that require consistent operation (i.e. roasting). Higher turndowns available for specially designed systems. Gas trains are approved for use in all countries and motors are available for 60Hz and 50Hz frequencies.

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Selas Radiant Cup Burners

Selas radiant cup burners are precise ceramic combustion tools designed to radiate heat to workpieces without flame impingement. A range of styles and configurations offer broad throttling ranges and wide turndown rates. Intended for use in furnace walls or roofs, and where close burner spacing is required, Selas Duradiant(R) light duty burners are recommended for use where temperatures do not exceed 2000°F (1093°C). With a turndown of 20:1 and high speed radiant heat transfer, Selas KVA burners allow the position of the burner tip to change as the pressure by the fuel mixture changes.

Selas’ versatile KVA burner employs the variable-area principle. That is, the position of the burner tip changes as the pressure exerted by the fuel mixture upon the burner diaphragm changes. When mixture pressure exceeds that of a retaining spring, the diaphragm immediately responds by moving the tip to a new position which provides an enlarged port area. This special design feature makes a 20-to-1 operating range possible.

Features and Benefits
  • Faster heating. The high speed of radiant heat transfer and greater intimacy between the heat source and the workpiece assures faster heating without flame impingement.
  • Finer control. Burners focus radiant heat and, when necessary, pattern the heat to yield different degrees of intensity. Uneven heat losses in a furnace can be offset by directing radiant heat so it is proportional to losses.
  • Improved product quality. Faster, more uniform heating frequently improves product quality as it minimizes scaling, decarburization, and the oxidation of materials.

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Selas Superheat Impingement Burners

Selas Superheat Burners Provide Superior Flame Hardening, Flame Annealing, Fire Polishing, Brazing and Pre-Heating. Our superheat burners increase the effectiveness of selective open heating by releasing high heat only to very specific areas of a workpiece. Using commercial fuel gas and air (no bottled oxygen), Selas superheat burners can replace oxy-gas tips and cut operating costs by 10:1 or more. Gas/air premix is burned under pressure to produce flame temperatures up to 2800°F and blast velocities up to 600 ft./sec. Since conventional gas burners can’t handle these extreme operating conditions, Selas superheat burners are the only viable option for many processes.

Features and Benefits
  • High heat release to localized areas
  • Openings and slot lengths from 3/4 to 60
  • Perfect for automated high-speed production lines
  • Increases effectiveness of selective open heating
  • Low-cost alternative to oxy-gas burner tips
  • Flame temperatures to 2800F
  • Blast velocities to 600 ft/sec
  • Heat release capacities to 25,000 BTU/hr/inch of slot length
  • Instant ignition with optional spark plugs
  • Compact design, durable construction

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Selas Multi-Port PR Air/Gas Burners

Selas Multiport Perforated Refractory (PR) burners have multiport burner screens that break up flame into a large number of small flames. This results in a concentrated “flat face” round flame of high intensity. The screen port diameter/length ratio is selected to inhibit flashback, even at extremely low input rates. The screen retaining-ring effectively pilots flames to prevent flame blow off under normal operating conditions. The Multiport PR burner is a one piece construction with interchangeable components making replacement of damaged parts simple. It is easily installed either individually or in groups and can be mounted in any position to standard pipe fittings or manifolds.

Features and Benefits
  • Concentrated, high intensity “flat face” round flame
  • Inhibits flashback even at extremely low input rates, and prevents flame blowoff under normal operating conditions
  • Heat-resistant pilot ring screws onto burner body, eliminating special lock pins or costly “one piece” construction
  • Kiln-fired refractory screen will not warp, scale or corrode even under severe conditions
  • Interchangeable components can be easily replaced
  • Versatile installation and mounting

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Selas PRS Spear Flame Gas Burners

Designed to produce a piloted spear-like heating flame allowing wide turn-down and offering flexibility, advantageous performance and long life, the Selas PRS burner is normally used for open firing either individually or in groups where a focused or spot heat is required. Like the Multiport P-R burner, it permits quick installation and can be mounted in any position. Selas offers this flame in a range of sizes allowing wide choice of spear flame intensities and variable flame lengths. The PRS spear flame gas burner is also available with a built-in spark plug to provide push-button electric ignition.

The PRS burner combines a die-pressed, kiln-fired perforated refractory screen with a heat resistant alloy pilot ring. This produces an accurately piloted spear flame for wide turndown. The PRS burner installs quickly and can be mounted in any position by screwing the standard tapered-pipe thread base into a prepared manifold. The refractory screen resists clogging and maintains port size while the alloy pilot ring resists corrosion and oxidation. Selas PRS burners can be taken apart for quick cleaning or replacement. Selas PRS spear flame gas burners provide flexibility, performance, long life and ease of maintenance for localized pointed flame heating. PRS spear flame burners are often incorporated into combustion systems for applications as diverse as brazing, soldering, jewelry manufacturing, ampoule sealing, glass working, dental manufacturing, spot heat treating, laboratory work, soldering, preheating, and piloting.

Features and Benefits
  • Available in many spear flame intensities and variable flame lengths
  • Perforated refractory screen resists clogging, maintains port size
  • Heat-resistant alloy pilot ring minimizes corrosion and oxidation
  • Designed for easy mounting in any position
  • Easy to clean or replace

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Product category: Combustion technology for oxy-fired systems

Selas Utility Burners

Designed for limited space applications requiring concentrated heat patterns, Selas Utility Burners provide a wide range of flexibility with respect to capacities, flame patterns and sizes. Designed for limited space applications requiring concentrated heat patterns, Selas Utility Burners provide a wide range of flexibility with respect to capacities, flame patterns (broad flat, needle point, cone, etc.) and sizes. They are utilized in industries such as plastics, glass, wire, labs and metals. The patented stainless steel ribbon port construction consistently produces a balanced flame over a wide turndown range. All burner ports are precision manufactured for specific flame patterns. Burner bodies are constructed of cast iron alloy. Available in various sizes from 2” to 36”, all Selas Utility burners perform efficiently with all gases and with any type of gas mixing system.  Maximum premix burner pressure allowable is 1-1/4” W.C. When premix systems operating at higher pressures are used, a restriction orifice must be installed in the feed inlet to each burner. Standard ¾” x ½” x 5/16” orifice restrictions can be furnished on request.

Burners with special ribbon constructions for capacities or lengths greater than those listed can be provided on request.

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About us

Company details

Selas Heat Technology Company, An Industry Innovator Since 1896.

Recognized as one of the true pioneers in the industry, Selas has a
combustion heritage that is almost 120 years long. Selas began with gas lamps then expanded its innovations into a full offering of combustion components and eventually transitioned into a heat processing leader. With this growth, Selas built up its team of talent to invent and engineer many proprietary burners and other technologies, including our press and fired ceramics burners.

Throughout its history and with its acquired brands, Selas has gathered one of the richest collections of patents in the industry.
This expertise extends to all phases of glass manufacturing from
forehearth applications to secondary and finishing operations.
SELAS can provide a wide range of equipment and process systems to the glass industry, all engineered around the unique challenges of glass. 

We have experience with a variety of glass operations:
  • Melting
  • Lehrs and ovens
  • Processing and polishing
Reliable Combustion Technology For The
Glass Market.

The Selas Vision is to be the worldwide market choice as a leading-edge source of all combustion technologies. The company has positioned itself to be a key supplier for combustion needs within the Glass Industry. As part of this effort, a complete line of combustion equipment and solutions will be available for the Glass Industry.
Over the years, the Glass market has demonstrated the need for an independent supply of systems and burners provided by a reliable combustion technology company. Selas, with the development of oxy-fired burners for the furnace and forehearth, will lead the way to be your global source for this technology. Oxygen and fuel safety and control systems can be designed and engineered for your
specific local requirements and supported by our global partners.

Selas looks forward to being your reliable source for leading-edge combustion technologies in the Glass Industry.

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Area of business

Glass processing and finishing

Target groups

Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing