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Algas-SDI International LLC

151, South Michigan Street, 98108 Seattle, WA
Telephone +1 206 7895410
Fax +1 206 7895414

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.04  Glass melting technology
  • 01.04.05  Gas equipment and supply systems

Our products

Product category: Gas equipment and supply systems


Algas-SDI VAPORAIRE mixers use propane or LPG to create a synthetic natural gas mixture by entraining air and gas through a venturi and diffuser set. These systems are designed for the rigors of heavy duty industrial applications and outdoor installation. Systems 21MM Btu/Hr and larger are equipped with a temperature controlled enclosure and PLC based controls. All units are manufactured with ASME “U” stamped surge tanks and have CRN’s for all Canadian provinces. Discharge pressures from 5-15 PSIG with propane and 5-8 PSIG with LPG are available using atmospheric air while discharge pressures up to 40 SPIG are available with compressed air. Models requiring compressed air are supplied without surge tank.
PLC controlled mixing unit provides 100% turndown capability and mixed gas pressures up to 15 PSIG for commercial propane LPG feedstock (8 PSIG for butane rich LPG mixtures) Up to 40 PSIG is available with compressed air.
Explosion-Proof design — Class I, Div 1, Gr. D — can be placed close to storage tank and vaporizer
110V/50-60Hz or 220V/50-60Hz available
Heated explosion-proof enclosure
FM Approved
7 – 250 MMBTU/hr

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Product category: Gas equipment and supply systems

XPV Packaged Propane-Air Mixing System

XPV systems are self contained units that provide a natural gas compatible mixture of propane and air or LPG vapor and air. These systems are supplied with a dry electric vaporizer and a venturi mixer. An accumulator tank enables the venturi to cycle on and off to meet the required load allowing 100% turndown. Operation is quiet, reliable and safe.
XPV compact LPG-air mixing systems are available in various propane and LPG models providing gas/air mixtures from 2.5 – 28 million BTU/Hr at pressures from 5-12 PSIG atmospherically. A liquid pump, such as the Algas-SDI STABILAIRE may be required to provide sufficient gas pressure for the mixing process.

Compact unit incorporates XP electric vaporizer, venturi mixer, and surge tank for ease of installation and operation.
Explosion-Proof design allows the unit to be placed directly adjacent to the propane supply tank.
System provides 100% turndown capability and is available in mixed gas delivery pressures of 5, 8, and 12 PSIG.
Venturi silencer promotes quiet operation
Perfect for confined space applications and those requiring additional security – schools, bakeries, general industry – these systems are explosion proof and take up very little space.
Ready to operate in 1 minute from a cold start
Systems up to 12 psig discharge pressure do not require compressed air
Can be used with LPG — discharge pressures vary. Contact factory for more information.
ASME constructed surge tank with “U” stamp
FM Approved
Available in most voltage configurations
5 – 28 MMBTU/hr

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Product category: Gas equipment and supply systems

GA500 Process Gas Calorimeter

Precision instrument used in feed control and gas blending where continuous measurement of the gas heating value is required.
The GA500™ burns a sample of the LPG/Air mixture to provide an accurate measurement of the Wobbe Index.
Gas flows through a fixed orifice; there are no moving parts or complex operation which means reliability is unparalleled.
The temperature differential is measured, not the absolute temperature of the flame. Hence, if the outdoor air conditions change after calibration (at higher humidity or higher temperature), the accuracy and repeatability will not be affected.
The GA500 is a free standing panel. Therefore, the installation is simple and inexpensive.
Digital Display for easy monitoring; 4-20mA control signal for automatic ratio control of LPG/Air Wobbe Index.
Alarm Output included.
Copper tubing is used to route gas to burner. Other manufacturers use plastic tubing. Plastic will crack over time due to thermal expansion and contraction.
The GA500 incorporates proven, off the shelf components in our design that are readily available. Other manufactures use proprietary components that drive up the price and limit availability.
GA500WC Model
Includes calorific value and specific gravity display.
The unit includes a densitometer that accurately measures the specific gravity. The Calorific Value is accurately calculated and displayed from the Wobbe Index and specific gravity.

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About us

Company details

Our Business
Algas-SDI is a manufacturer of products and systems for the reliable deployment of clean hydrocarbon fuels worldwide. We design and manufacture a wide variety of LP-Gas Vaporizers, LP-Gas-Air mixers for replacing or augmenting the supply of Natural Gas, Natural Gas-air mixers for augmenting the supply of digester gas, Natural Gas-air mixers for combustion process pre-mixing, and Ammonia vaporizers for thermal de-NOx and industrial processes. Algas-SDI, together with its partners world-wide, offers its customers an excellent single source for design, installation, and service for total system needs, supported by expert application engineering services.

Our Vision
We will be a quality-driven company, treating our employees with respect, while expecting them to continually improve their knowledge and skills; we will continuously improve our processes, delegating decision-making to the most knowledgeable people; we will work to improve our communities, and create an enjoyable work environment; we will become the global, technical, and market leader in the industry while focusing on our primary products and customers; we will pursue safety in all our product designs; and we will be ethical corporate citizens.

Our Values
At Algas-SDI, we know that things work better when we work together toward a common goal. That’s why we forge working partnerships with our employees, our suppliers, our communities, and most importantly, our customers. We work together with our partners under this same principle…. always working together to bring you the optimal solution to your most challenging opportunities.

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