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AceLabs s.r.l.

Via E. Fermi, 30, 20019 Settimo Milanese
Telephone +39 02 45506488

This company is co-exhibitor of
Cugher Glass S.r.l.

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Emanuele Sironi


+ 39 0245506488


Nicolò Tomasini

Sales & Marketing

+39 3401485670


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.05  Measuring and testing technology/Software
  • 05.05.02  Visual inspection systems

Our products

Product category: Visual inspection systems

Automatic machine for the control of glass containers capacity

AceMACC 2.0 (Automatic Machine Control Capacity) is an automatic machine ideal for testing glass containers of all shapes. The machine is designed for hollow glass manufacturing companies that need to control the capacity on samples of various types of containers, with the aim of having a control on production.

AceMacc 2.0 has a modular structure and can be customized according to production needs. It consists of a vision chamber where the capacity control test of the containers takes place, through the filling with water and a vision system, thanks to the high modularity, it can be equipped with an input conveyor belt of variable size based on the number of molds of the plant, an output belt for maintaining the sequence, a rotating table or a direct reject.

The machine vision system is managed by a touch monitor that allows to view the acquired images of each individual container, processing inspection statistics and related data, with the possibility of connecting to the factory software.

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Product category: Visual inspection systems

Control system extrusion surface defetcs, trafilature bars

3D reconstruction for the control of defects in shape

The system through the use of high resolution cameras, light sources and led to the development of a software application, is able to acquire images synchronized to the movement of the bar and to process images in continuous so as to highlight and report defectiveness.

Based on the results processed, the system will take decisions on the allocation of the object that will be routed as good material, defective material and material with a degree of defectiveness doubtful.

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Product category: Visual inspection systems

Automatic inspection and sorting machine

AceSDC is an inspection machine that allowsto check the quality and tolerances by selecting the parts according to the Good/Waste logic through highly sophisticated inspections in the shortest possible time.

The automation of the machine consists of a scale conveyor belt that allows the pieces to be inserted into a vibrating (soundproof) bell, which in turn allows access to the viewing chamber consisting of cameras and a rotating tempered glass plate on which the pieces circulate. The vision system is managed by a computer, which makes it possible to display the acquired images of each single piece, in several positions, elaborating the inspection statistics and the relative tolerance margins.

The high versatility of the machine and the algorithms in the vision system software, allow to control small parts of every type or dimension, with the possibility to add or insert a number of cameras or illuminators, variable for each type of piece to be analyzed. The final result of the work of AceSDC, will be the supply of selected pieces in good/waste and automatically divided into separate containers.

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About us

Company details

AceLabs is an industrial automation company, specialized in the design and production of industrial systems for quality control of production, based on machine vision technologies.

Based on the visual characteristics of the monitored products, AceLabs systems are able to derive process information for the evaluation and measurement of qualitative parameters, the determination of the position of objects in space, the assessment of volume and surface, and reading and decoding text and codes in every industrial sector.

AceLabs deals with every single project with the aim of offering a personalized and effective customer-oriented service. The solutions:

- Creation of machine vision machines or at catalog for each sector
- Study and implementation for machine builders, in their machinery
- Adaptation and implementation on existing machinery of the end user

The process that rotates 360 degrees around the customer is structured in five phases:

- Feasibility analysis
- Design
- Realization and testing
- Installation
- After sales technical assistance

To date AceLabs has several vision systems installed around the world, a guarantee for customers that the AceLabs branded systems have fully demonstrated their quality and efficiency in the field.

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Company data

Area of business
  • Tools, spare and maintenance parts
  • Process control technology for glass and glass-processing machines
Target groups
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
  • Flat Glass
  • Hollow Glass

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