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Tyrolit Vincent S.r.l.

Via dell' Elettronica, 6 Z.I., 36016 Thiene (VI)
Telephone +39 0445 359911
Fax +39 0445 370842


Carlo Crescini


Franco Di Nardo

Product Specialist

Moreno Molon

Sales Italy Spain

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.09  Technical processing, treatment, finishing design.
  • 03.09.05  Glass finishing
  •  Edge and surface finishing technology/grinding, engraving, printing
  •  Grinding technology
  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxiliary equipment and fittings
  • 04.02  Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Our products

Product category: Grinding technology, Cutting, grinding and drilling tools


In laminated glass processing, a push to simplify grinding operations, improve yields and increase processing quality, has led customers to try many different things. The need to regularly stop grinding machines to remove the built up plastic waste during the processing of laminated glass can often present a problem as well. The TYROLIT product specialists have recognised these issues and have developed innovative new grinding wheels offering the ultimate solution.
The slots on these new wheels – angled in opposite directions – are designed to fragment plastic waste into small shards that can easily drain away from the grinding area. This new geometry of the tool has given it the name REVERSE.
The regular and effective removal of plastic shards has significant positive effects also on the diamond band of the grinding wheel. Once free of processing waste they can work with no overheating. This is an essential condition to obtain an enhanced finishing quality of the edge and prevent deformation. It also reduces wear of diamond wheels, thus improving diamond tool life up to 30%. Moreover, the new REVERSE wheels allow a 20% faster working speed compared to standard ones.
Laminated glass is a widespread application in architectural and structural facades. Those dealing every day with laminated glass will benefit not only from faster working speeds, but also from the lack of machine stoppages and tedious resetting processes.

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Product category: Tools

HALO: single use automotive glass grinding wheel

 With the HALO product line, Tyrolit defines a new concept for edge grinding of automotive glass. As well as high process speed, low dressing frequency and a clean edge, the design of a single use wheel offers several new advantages and added value compared to a standard repeatedly reprofiled wheel.
Edge grinding of windshields, side windows, backlites and sunroofs.

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Product category: Tools

SAVA ACTIVE Abrasive sticks for dressing automotive grinding glass wheels

The innovative Tyrolit abrasive stick has been designed to obtain improved quality and efficiency in the performances of diamond wheels in grinding glasses for Automotive glass industry. The regular use of the colored section of the stick avoids excessive exposure of the diamond present in the tools. This creates the optimal conditions for a correct removal of glass and an adequate working pressure, with consequent general improvement of the edge quality

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Product category: Grinding technology

Cerium polishing cup wheel

Flat edge and arris polishing on float and laminated glass.
With the new line of cerium cups, TYROLIT is back to serve the last steps in the glass processing, those more technical and sensitive, related to polishing of technical and furniture glass. With this new product Tyrolit offers to the market an alternative solution that combines high performance and high quality with an appropriate cost benefit.

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Product category: Grinding technology

STARFLEX Universal set of metal and resin grinding cups for flat edge processing of float and laminated glass.

Universal set of metal and resin grinding cups for flat edge processing of float and laminated glass.
This is a set of flat edge diamond cup wheels for double edging machines, specially designed to ensure outstanding edge finishing and performance on all glasses, ranging from 3mm mirror glass to thick glass, or even laminated glass, using always the same tools.

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Product category: Grinding technology

HYLAS peripheral wheels for grinding glass on double edger machines

New concept of grinding glass for double edger machines with peripheral wheels.
The most significant benefits are: fast startup, high speed, excellent quality finishing as well as extreme flexibility of use. HYLAS allows the same wheel to be installed on different double edging machines, regardless of the type of machine fitting, thanks to the simple use of suitable adaptors. Hylas has also been designed to never need reprofiling and thus offers the advantage of working always with a new grinding wheel.
  • Fast startup
  • Machine set up minimized
  • Maximum performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Economic advantage

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About us

Company portrait

TYROLIT is one of the world's largest producers of bonded grinding, cutting, drilling and dressing tools. The family-owned company, founded in 1919 and a member of the Swarovski Group, is based in Schwaz, Austria, and currently has over 4,500 employees at 29 production locations in 11 countries and on 5 continents.  The Tyrolit Italian subsidiary in Thiene (VI), Tyrolit Vincent s.r.l., is the global head office of the Stone – Ceramics – Glass business unit.

Milestones in automotive glass industry are TYROLIT high-quality diamond pencil wheel for grinding automotive glass at 40 m/min and HALO product line, a pioneering concept for edge grinding automotive glass.

TYROLIT has thus become a trusted partner for all kind of tools for the automotive glass sector: grinding wheels, drills and sticks.

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