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Product category: Washing machines and equipment

Demineralizers for brackish water IDRO RO series

IDRO RO demineralizers
IDRO RO series devices produce first class de-ionized or low-salt content water in fully automated and guaranteed fashion. Reduction of the salt content ranges between 98% to 99.5%, depending on models. Values up to 99.5% are reached twice in dual-stage systems (bi-osmosis). The process is continuous and does not require the presence of an operator.

Fully equipped
Demineralizers come with all the necessary equipment for correct and automatic operation; details of performance parameters are also provided. IDRO RO devices are mounted on an elegant and sturdy stainless steel structure. They offer:
• pre-treatment
• top-brand reverse osmosis membranes
• pressure and load indicators
• electrical levels, pressure switches and other safety devices
• water control through a conductivity meter with automatic stop in case of non-compliant water production
• microprocessor-based ECU and LCD message display in 6 different languages.

Intuitive and… international
Operator intervention is only required very occasionally and is easily performed, because Idrotecnica's units are always designed and made with a mind to reliability and low management costs. For example, there is the new ECU featuring a large LCD display where fault messages and operating conditions can be viewed (such as status, hours of operation, water conductivity). The user-friendly menu offers a choice of 6 different languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese).

A range of choices to meet diverse requirements
When selecting a reverse osmosis water purification system from the IDRO RO range, it is vital that the proposed solution meets all the customer's specific requirements in order to ensure the following:
• the required water quality given the untreated feed water
• low energy consumption and operating costs
• a reasonable investment cost
The wide range of IDRO RO allows to choose the ideal demineralizer for every need, for production capacities and salt rejection rates (to minimize energy consumption). Thanks to Idrotecnica's long-proven expertise, the IDRO RO series offers many different production capacities (from 60 to 30000 lt/h, and above) and several different salt rejection levels, in particular:
• IDRO RO LE series-medium salt rejection; perfect for low salt content water with lower energy use
• IDRO RO St - high salt rejection: for low conductivity
• IDRO RO DPS with dual-stage reverse osmosis (Bi-osmosis) produces very low conductivity water (usually < 3 μs/cm) for special applications.

IDRO RO reverse osmosis units were created by Idrotecnica in the 1990s and the IDRO RO range has been constantly improved and refined since then, using the expertise we acquired through the production of thousands of high quality devices and the evolution of new-generation reverse osmosis membranes of the best available quality. Skilful design, high-quality manufacturing and rigorous testing performed on each and every unit ensure the quality and reliability of the IDRO RO range of products.

Performances refer to the treatment of primary water with salinity 1500 ppm (500 ppm up to IR700St) at temperature 15°C. Salt rejection rate 98,0 ÷ 99,0%.

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Purification and demineralization of entry water in an industrial process play a very important role, otherwise production should be stopped; in the meantime customer’s attentions focus on the main industrial process.