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TGT GmbH Lifttechnik für Glas und Fassade

Papenstr. 3, 48488 Emsbüren
Telephone +49 5903 2179-630
Fax +49 5903 2179-631

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxiliary equipment and fittings
  • 04.04  Handling tools, hand-guided

Our products

Product category: Handling tools, hand-guided


The TGT GlasKuli with hand winch is the compact, lightweight transportation device for doors, glass and elements,
which is characterized by extreme maneuverability regarding transport and operation.

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Product category: Handling tools, hand-guided

Robocrane 1400

The TGT RoboCrane is the perfect and universal crawler device for an everyday use whether on
rough ground or solid floors. Two in one = crane and glass robot.
With his manipulator he can easily rotate, tilt, telescope and move sideways glasses and elements
up to 1200 kg and this up to a height of nearly 10 meters, of course by remote control.
The millimeter-accurate installation of elements and glasses is no longer a problem.

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Product category: Handling tools, hand-guided


The TGT VACU/POWER 600A battery-powered suction system with its manual swivel (turns 360° and rotates 90° horizontally) is an ideal aid for glaziers, window fitters, carpenters, metalworkers and on the construction site. It can hold and insert elements with a gastight surface, such as doors, glass panes, metal sheets, etc. without damage. The carrying capacity of the VACU/POWER ranges between 300 and 600kg max. depending on the number of suctions cups.

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About us

Company portrait

My name is Heinz Teupen. After twenty years of work in the glass and facade business, I am now perfectly familiar with the demands and performance requirements its customers. For this reason I am convinced that our product range will surpass your expectations. Our product portfolio contains glass carrying devices (which a single person can operate), glass lifting devices, VACU/POWER devices, mini, trailer and mobile cranes, as well as material and personnel elevators. We are here to provide all you need for production and installation in the glass, window and facade sector. We can transport and handle glass and elements weighing from 50 to 1800 kg.