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SAXONIA Edelmetalle GmbH

Erzstr. 9, 09633 Halsbrücke
Telephone +49 3731 2089-0
Fax +49 3731 2089-100


Dr.-Ing. Katja Pranke

Vertrieb Edelmetall Halbzeug / Sales Semifinished Products

Erzstraße 9
09633 Halsbrücke, Germany

+49 (0)3731 2089 446


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.08  Equipment for glass fibre production
  • 01.08.03  Textile glass fibre technology

Textile glass fibre technology

Our products

Product category: Textile glass fibre technology

Bushings for the glass fibre industry

Worldwide SAXONIA bushings produce glass fibres from E-glass, C-glass and other glasses in single-stage or two-stage processes for the following applications:
  • Reinforcement of plastics for PC boards, tank contructions, pipes, automotive panels, automotive sunroofs, transparent coverings, boat and yacht building
  • Textile glass fabrics for technical, electrical and acoustic insulation
  • Glass déco fabrics (wallpaper)
  • Fibre-glass mesh for plaster reinforcing
  • Bitumen roof linings

Use of materials                         PtRh5, PtRh10, PtRh20, dispersion strengthened PtRh10 (DVS PtRh10)
Number of nozzles                    800-4000
Nozzle geometry                        conical or cylindrical
Nozzle length                               > = 4 mm
Nozzle inner diameter             flexibly produced to customer design
Nozzle base production          pressed or laser welded

Refining to pure precious metals.

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About us

Company portrait

Corporate purpose of SAXONIA Edelmetalle GmbH includes refining, processing and trading of precious metals. SAXONIA stands for transparency in the recovery of precious metals, precision in the analysis and evaluation of raw materials as well as care in the manufacture of quality products. 

Services for the glass industry

·    Pressed or laser welded bushings made of platinum materials for the glass fibre industry
·    Glass melting equipment for producing high-quality glasses, also large equipment with more than 250 kg of platinum use
·    Precious metal sputtering targets for the thin-film technology used as consumables for sputtering in magnetrons
·    Laboratory equipment (construct according to customer designs or to individual specifications)
·    Design development and optimisation of large-scale equipment, bushings and glass melting equipment 
·         Precious metal refining

Further areas of business 

Precious metal semi-finished products
Precious metal chemicals
Contact parts
Contact materials
Precious metals trading

SAXONIA Edelmetalle operates worldwide.

 Further sites of the SAXONIA Group

WIELAND Edelmetalle GmbH, Pforzheim
SAXONIA Technical Materials GmbH, Hanau
ITALBRAS S.p.A, Vicenza
DODUCO Gruppe, Pforzheim, Sinsheim,  Madrid, Sibiu, Tianjin