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Via Marconato, 2, 20811 Cesano Maderno (MI)
Telephone +39 0362 52931
Fax +39 0362 524225

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxiliary equipment and fittings
  • 04.10  Adhesive technology

Our products

Product category: Adhesive technology

UV curing adhesives

Loxeal UV curing adhesives contain Cure Initiators activated by UV RADIATION.
They are designed to bond glass to glass, glass to metals, plastics etc. when at least one surface is transparent

  • Usually colorless, they are designed to bond clean, transparent and not yellowing junctions
  • They’re suitable for coating, potting and sealing
  • They are extremely reactive, they start curing as the sun UV light activates the photo initiators.
  • Different kind of UV lamps are available for industrial use, such as mercury vapor lamps and led lamps.
Loxeal Range includes a variety of grades:

For Glass/Glass and Glass/Metal bonding
Loxeal UV30-20   General purpose
Loxeal UV30-21   Edge bonding, strong
Loxeal UV30-23   Bonding flat surfaces, capillary viscosity
Loxeal UV30-30   High transparency
Loxeal UV30-60   Gel - Vertical application, gapfilling
Loxeal UV30-35   Humidity resistant

For transparent Plastic bonding: 
Loxeal UV30-11 Citotoxicity certified
Loxeal UV30-12 Transparent plastics - general purpose
Loxeal UV 30-13 Strongest on PMMA

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Product category: Adhesive technology

Structural Acrylic Adhesive

Loxeal Acrylic Adhesives are structural Adhesives with high peel and impact strength. They assure high resistance against chemicals and good resistance against heat.

• Greatly increase in design possibilities to bond a wide variety of substrates.
• Suitable for materials with different thermal expansion coefficient
• Shocks and vibrations resistant
• Chemical reaction can start in different ways:
 -Mixing by static mixer
 -Bead on bead
 -At contact (with liquid activator)

Loxeal acrylic adhesives for transparent bonding
POLYOLEFINS BONDER AC5465 - Excellent on LSE plastics (PMMA, PP, PE..)
MMA AC5004 - Super fast - For bonding plastics-glass to metal

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Product category: Adhesive technology

Gasketing Adhesives

Gasketing Loxeal adhesives seal flat mating surfaces and join flanges on pumps, gearboxes and differential housings of any shape and dimension in an easy and effective way directly from the tube or the cartridge both vertically and horizontally.

• Prevent leakage on aging (vs preformed paper, cork, or plastic gaskets)
• One adhesive replaces many pre-cut gasket shapes
• Guarantee the parts sealing and enhance hydraulic tightness.
• Do not generate any thickness
• Highly resistant against temperature, pressure, oils and chemicals
• Prevent oxidation and fretting corrosion
• Possible to dismantle with standard tools
• Rapid cure speeds at low pressure and resistance to high temperature, up to +250°C

• Metal
• Plastic
• Glass
• Ceramic
• Enamel
• Wood

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Product category: Adhesive technology

Two-Part Epoxy Adhesives

Loxeal Two Component Epoxy Adhesives are easy to use structural adhesives with high mechanical resistance. They cure by mixing the chemical components (resin and hardener), usually at room temperature

• High mechanical resistance
• Can bond different materials
• Different curing times available
• Heating shorten the curing process
• Fill large gaps
• Highly resistant against humidity and chemicals
• Available in a full color range: from transparent for glass and design to black for carbon fiber
• Relatively low cost
• Manual and pneumatic dispenser available for easy application

• Metal
• Composite
• Glass
• Ceramic
• Wood
• Stone
• Plastic

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About us

Company portrait

Loxeal Engineering Adhesives is an Italian Company supplying, locally and worldwide, high quality adhesives and providing industrial solutions since the early Eighties.

Our commitment is certified since 1993, when Loxeal was one of the first Italian chemical Companies to achieve UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification, followed by UNI EN ISO 14001 in 2011. Many of our products are certified according to international standards and regulations.

Our R&D Team is constantly involved in developing high quality products that are in compliance with Safety and Environment Regulations and tested in our Quality Control Laboratory.

Loxeal production chain vertical integration allows us to customize products according to customers’ needs, providing effective and efficient solutions.


Mr. Attilio Grossi, after a brilliant university career in Chemical studies, works as R&D and Production director for Acrylic Adhesives in the world leading company for the production of adhesives in the building industry. After this experience he explores Cosmetics market and founds a company for intermediates production. Eventually he comes back to adhesives, realizing that there is a potential yet to be fully explored market, and starts his company in which his family is involved as well.

These are years of great growth in which the company plays a pioneer role for research and development in the field of adhesives industrial application.
In 1987 the brand Loxeal was born, the company sets its own structure becoming a leading player in the market, with a focus on anaerobic and cyanacrylate technologies.

Loxeal is one of the first Italian Chemical companies to achieve the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. Research&Development focuses on new and unexplored market segments in order to offer effective and up-to-date solutions. Distribution strengthens in Italy and starts developing globally.

Loxeal Group is founded thanks to international acquisitions. Investments in research and development are the main drivers to the future with new products related to the structural adhesives technologies. The organization, most in terms of distribution, expands and consolidates at a global level.

Loxeal Adhesivos Industriales SL is founded in order to develop the Spanish market.  Loxeal achieves the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification.
Now, the Group is focused on quality, customer satisfaction, innovation and on improving the company organization with increasing investments in new projects.