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BNT Chemicals GmbH

PC-Str. 1, 06749 Bitterfeld
Telephone +49 3493 75370
Fax +49 3493 75377
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+49 151 14786885


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.12  Coating technology for hollow glass
  • 01.12.01  Hot end coating

Our products

Product category: Hot end coating

Container Glass Coatings

Glass coatings from BNT are used in the hot end coating of container glass to increase durability, enabling thinner and more easily produced glass, with high wear resistance ensuring fast reliable filling and safe transport.

Customers benefit in particular from the application know-how. BNT works with leading experts in coating materials and application technology and makes this expertise available to you via specialist audits and laboratory services.

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Product category: Hot end coating

Monobutyltin Trichloride

Monobutyltin trichloride is one of the organotin compounds and is also abbreviated as MBTC or MBTCl. At room temperature it is a clear to yellowish liquid, not very volatile and soluble in water and organic solvents.
The most important area of application is in the coating of glass, but monobutyltin trichloride is also used as a catalyst and stabilizer. The substance is also an intermediate from which numerous other organotin compounds are produced, such as di- and tributyltin catalysts for esterification and transesterification reactions.

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Product category: Hot end coating

Tin Chloride

Tin tetrachloride, often referred to simply as tin chloride, is an essential intermediate for the production of organotin compounds and is itself an important basic chemical for many industrial processes. BNT supplies product variants ranging from anhydrous tin chloride to aqueous solutions in various concentrations.
It is manufactured via reaction of metallic tin with chlorine gas. Pure, anhydrous tin chloride is a colorless or pale-yellow liquid that is highly corrosive. When exposed to air, a whitish smoke with a pungent, hydrochloric acid-like odor is produced and tin butter (tin chloride pentahydrate) is formed. It is soluble in water and a variety of organic solvents.


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Product category: Hot end coating

Expert Audits

Our experts analyze your coating processes on site and develop concepts for stable and uninterrupted production. With know-how that goes far beyond the direct use of our products, we randomly select containers from your production and comprehensively analyze the coating image. Based on these findings, we can draw precise conclusions about possible improvements and make fine adjustment of the respective production line, optimizing for uniform coating, increasing the effectiveness of your coating hood or increase the throughput. Perfect for extending maintenance cycles and increasing production.

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About us

Company portrait

BNT chemicals – Experts in the Production of Organometallic Compounds

As a diversified manufacturer of organometallic compounds, we support you with solutions for production and with our technical know-how. With a focus on organotin products and wet-chemical processes, we supply a wide range of businesses, including the glass, automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Company data

Area of business Glass manufacture/production technology