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Huainan Rongshunxiang Glass Co., Ltd.

In Tiandong Colour Printing Factory, Dianchang Road, Tianjia'An, 232007 Huainan
Telephone +86 554 3312577

Our range of products

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  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.02  Processed glass
  • 03.02.03  Insulating glass

Our products

Product category: Insulating glass

Low-E glass

Low-E glass, also known as low - radiation glass, is a film - based product of multilayer metal or other compounds on the surface of the glass. Its coating has the characteristics of high visible light and high reflection to the far infrared ray, making it have excellent heat insulation effect and good light transmittance compared with common glass and traditional building coated glass.

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Product category: Insulating glass

PVB film laminated glass

PVB film laminated glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass sandwiched between a layer of PVB film, after a special high temperature pre pressure (or vacuum) and high pressure processing, the glass and film bonded composite glass products. PVB film is a semi transparent membrane. It has good adhesion to inorganic glass, and has the characteristics of transparency, heat resistance, cold resistance and high mechanical strength. It is a better adhesive material for making laminated glass.

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Product category: Insulating glass

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is safety glass, is a kind of prestressed glass, in order to improve the strength of the glass, commonly used method of chemical or physical form of compressive stress on the surface of the glass, the glass can offset the first surface stress force, so as to improve the bearing capacity of reinforced glass, its wind, cold, impact, with safety, high strength and thermal stability.

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About us

Company portrait

Rongshunxiang Glass Co. Ltd., is a glass deep-processing enterprise combined with production, research, development & sales.  The company has purchased domestic advanced convection tempered glass production line of Luoyang Land Glass in recent years, it can produce single silver low-E glass & double silver low-E tempered hollow glass.Also it has domestic advanced production line for PVB film laminated hollow glass with automatic production, two lines for sealing.