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F.I.C (UK) Limited

P.O. Box 15, TR20 8HX Penzance, Cornwall
Longrock Industrial Estate, TR20 8HX Penzance, Cornwall
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1736 366962
Fax +44 1736 351198

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  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.04  Glass melting technology
  • 01.04.03  Melting technology for tank furnaces

Our products

Product category: Melting technology for tank furnaces

Electric furnaces

FIC has, almost certainly, a far more extensive corporate knowledge of electric furnaces than any other company in this field. It can offer clients all the advantages of these furnaces, ideal for more volatile glasses, with none of the traditional disadvantages.
As well as the company’s origins lying in electro-heat and specifically electric furnaces, a sizeable proportion of the FIC workforce has gained considerable expertise and experience working for glassmakers with all-electric furnaces prior to joining the company. Added to this is FIC’s much-lauded and internationally recognized reputation for technological innovation.

One of the known disadvantages of electric furnaces is a poor turn-down ratio. FIC’s highly advanced solution to this is its unique Fully Modulating Electric Furnace embodying a flexibility of operation that allows zero to maximum design pull without detriment to glass quality.
FIC has provided medium to large scale furnaces to a number of clients worldwide. Equally its range, which includes laboratoryscale furnaces and those of all shapes and depths, affords capacities from a few kilograms to 200 tonnes per day. All benefit from FIC’s carefully selected design details based on unmatched experience and appreciation of glass convection current flow in the furnace and unlimited support by our team of experts and consultants.
Uniquely, FIC can ensure complete stability of composition in the high-tech formation of PDP and LCD glass. In these glasses the company offers well proven electrode solutions rather than expensive and unproven precious metal.

The FIC Maxi ‘Q’ No-Weld Electrode Holder is ideal for the more aggressive glasses. It is particularly forgiving and resilient with no critical weld inside of the refractory blocks.
With the advantage of low capital cost and 24 hours rebuild and warm-up periods, Pochet furnaces are ideal for those subject to the vagaries of a volatile market where stop/start may be an operational feature.
FIC’s innovative technology allows Pochet furnaces to be used for the melting of Basalt. Other specialist applications include rolled sheet and coloured glass.

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Product category: Melting technology for tank furnaces

Glass conditioning is the heart of glass making - the FIC Iso-Thermal Unit

It has long been recognised in the glass industry that Thermal Homogeneity and the means of achieving this goal are crucial to good quality production and maximizing capacity. The FIC Iso-Thermal Unit ensures an increased thermal efficiency in the forehearth and consequent homogeneity in the gob. Small capital outlay Thermal homogeneity results in more uniform gob weight and improved mass distribution within the article.
  • Particularly beneficial for the more difficult glasses such as coloured, borosilicate and opal glasses. n Faster response to job changes, reflected in increased yield. n Improved flexibility between adjacent forehearths for a constant working end temperature.
  • Incorporates ‘greatest wins’ secondary current feedback signals which limits the circuit current on individual electrodes to safe, pre-adjusted values. n Our electrode-boost design for the forehearth is wellproven not to produce galvanic re-boil.

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Product category: Melting technology for tank furnaces

The FIC Distributed Boost

Controllable heat when and where you need it:

FIC’s unique Distributed Boost, the only intelligent way to ensure totally efficient heat distribution, comes from the company now acknowledged to be the world’s leading technical innovator in the glass industry with more experience of boosting the highly sensitive float furnaces than any other company world-wide.
A radical advance on the thermal barrier, the ultimate in efficiency is achieved by reinforcing the natural thermal convection currents in the furnace and dissipating heat where it is most needed: underneath the blanket.

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About us

Company portrait

Tomorrow's Technology Today

F.I.C. lead the industry in solving difficult electric melting problems for over 25 years. F.I.C. has established a worldwide reputation for design and manufacture of electric glass melting systems. These systems are designed for glass conditioning and boosting in a wide range of glass types and manufacturing processes.

We design and supply electrical boosting systems for all glass types and manufacturing processes including TFT, LCD, float, fibre, holloware and borosilicate. Additionally, we supply all-electric furnaces and forehearths, offering advanced glass conditioning options with the Isothermal unit to improve side to middle and top to bottom temperature gradients.

We offer systems to extract heat out of the glass to aid glass conditioning and reduce gas consumption through the use of removable water-cooled tubes. These tubes can be placed anywhere from the throat to the back of the forehearth. These cooling tubes can also be inserted adjacent to severely eroded refractories to delay or even prevent premature replacement of these areas.

Within the range of electrode holders manufactured by FIC is the High ‘Q’ holder, in which the cooling circuit is replaceable in less than 10 minutes. More than 10,000 of these holders have been supplied since their introduction about 20 years ago. Recently we have introduced the Maxi ‘Q’ holder which is constructed such that no welded portion is located within the refractory and it has the largest crosssectional area of waterway when compared to all other holder designs.

Additionally our portfolio includes bubbling systems of both pulse and variable types. These system are complimented with a variety of types and sizes of bubbler tubes.