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Antonini S.r.l.

Via Medaglie d'Oro della Resistenza 2 Ponte a Elsa, 50053 Empoli (FI)
Telephone +39 0571 93221
Fax +39 0571 931828

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.09  Kiln technology
  • 01.09.03  Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation

Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.09  Kiln technology
  • 01.09.04  Decorating lehrs
  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.09  Kiln technology
  • 01.09.05  Pre-heating furnaces

Pre-heating furnaces

Our products

Product category: Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation, Decorating lehrs, Pre-heating furnaces


  • Annealing lehrs
  • Annealing lehrs with two belts
  • Decorating lehrs for ceramic paints
  • Decorating lehrs for organic inks
  • Tempering lehrs
  • Lehrs for glass blocks
  • Lehrs for HV insulators
  • Lehrs for special thermal treatments
  • Lehrs upgrading & overhauling
  • Kilns for moulds (standalone)
  • Kilns for thermal treatment of deliveries
  • Moulds preheating chambers (built-in)
  • Scraper
  • Cold end spray systems
  • Accessories
ANTONINI, improving and integrating innovative ranges of models in avant-garde technologies and drawings, is able to specialize its production, manufacturing annealing, decorating and tempering lehrs for hollow glass. ANTONINI integrates its production program with accessories as kilns for moulds and other devices, cross-conveyors,cold-end treatments, motorized brushes for belt cleaning. On its Customers request, ANTONINI supplies also lehrs for special thermal treatments as lehrs for glass block or electric insulators (NiS lehrs).

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Product category: Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation


Thanks to the technology matured over the years, Antonini annealing lehrs guaranty low consumption levels and maximum efficiency. Furthermore, by using high-quality materials and components, the lehrs ensure a long service life with extremely limited maintenance requirements.
An automatic control system guarantees uniform and stable heating temperatures inside the annealing lehr.

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Product category: Decorating lehrs


To cure decorations, where the uniformity and accuracy of the temperature and the repeatability of the process are fundamental, ANTONINI proposes its own Decorating Lehrs where these features are fully attended.
A Decorating Lehr can be considered as the extension of an Annealing Lehr, to which some modules are added at the beginning to heat-up and fire the decorations.
The consolidated quality of Annealing Lehrs allowed us to apply the same high technology to these modules which are extremely important as they constitute the innovative items heating and paint fumes extraction systems. Both innovations guarantee an accurate thermal process and a clean fumes evacuation ducts.

The Decorating lehrs are composed of:
• A charge table suited to hand or automatic items belt loading.
• An exhaust hood to eliminate the fumes produced by decorations.
• A hand-lift or motorised inlet door.
• A series of high power heating modules (usually 2, 3 or more), for a heating speed that goes from smooth to ultra-rapid (suited to special decors), based on Customer requirements.
• A system that extracts and exhausts the fumes.
• A temperature control and measurement system.
• A “bi-component” insulation, specifically and carefully designed to guaranty absolute stability over time.
• A tunnel section and an uncovered table exactly like a classic annealing Lehr (see the section regarding Annealing Lehrs).

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Product category: Pre-heating furnaces

Antonini S.r.l.

Antonini S.r.l.

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About us

Company portrait

ANTONINI SRL, founded in Empoli (FI) in 1946 by Fosco Antonini, was born as a small, artisan business that manufactured tools and small equipment for the hand and semi-automatic made glass articles. 
To meet the increasing demands of local glassworks plants, ANTONINI subsequently specialized its production, manufacturing annealing and decorating lehrs for hollow glass, gaining prestige at both local and national level.

A rapid expansion abroad followed, where ANTONINI demonstrated its high competitiveness, affirming itself in the markets of all 5 continents. 
Today, ANTONINI is among the world leaders in its market and boasts the presence of over 1800 installations in 87 Countries the world over. 

Benefitting from its consolidated experience, the Company has been able to integrate tradition and innovation in avant-garde technologies, focusing constantly on the changing needs of a devoted clientele. 

ANTONINI is today synonymous of quality, “Install and Forget” reliability, high specialization, know-how and a high-tech production in terms of efficiency. Thus, the Company can guaranty the certainty of made-in-Italy products, keeping the entire production process under its direct control.

ANTONINI has defined its winning corporate policy by meeting a diversity of market needs, always putting Customer requirements first, thus developing that great flexibility and dynamics which characterises the business.
Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, ANTONINI is able to offer the same reliability and technology in all the machines of its production program, as well as all overhauling or upgrade of existing Lehrs whatever the Brand, thus guarantying minimum component requirements and a reduced spare parts warehouse.