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Our products

Product category: Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation

Annealing Lehr / Arches de Recuisson / Archas de Recocido / Arcas de Recozimento

Excellent performances and results on glass annealing lehrs.
You can find our lehrs in operation at internationally renowned glass producers. 

Belt width: up to 6.000 mm.
Production: up to 250 Ton/24h.
Other services: refurbishment and modification of all types of annealing lehrs.


Tunnel in stainless steel according to the high temperatures, with mineral wool insulation.
Conveyor belt in heat resistant steel or in stainless steel, according to the articles and temperatures.
Efficient air convection inside the tunnel.
Heating with gas, electricity, fuel oil or a combination of heating methods if required.
Control panel is available with temperature controllers, PLC or with both.
Flexibility and quick response to changes in annealing curves.
Low energy consumption.
High material reliability and low maintenance costs.

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Product category: Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation

HOT-end hoods

Hot End Coating Hoods

It provides the glass container hot-end coating treatment, leaving a thin coating of tin oxide, on the surface of the containers and thus increase the surface strength and abrasion resistance.

Width (W): 160 / 180 / 200 / 220 mm
Height (H): 360 mm
Length (L): 1250 / 1750 / 2250 mm


2 Side chambers with 2 recirculation motors, which create inside loops for the product flow around the glass containers.
Recovering fan placed at the tunnel exit, allowing profit of the exceeding product.
Adjustable height mid-section with purge air to give finish protection. – Product vaporizer.
Product dosing system.
Fumes extraction.
Forced cooling for high production rates.
Internal heating for low production rates and production start.

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Product category: Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation

Annealing and Decorating Kilns

Crystal decorating kilns for luxurious articles. 

Annealing kilns for thicker articles and long time cycles of thermal treatment.

Controlled atmosphere to obtain high quality articles.

A special design of the inside chamber, use of a circulation fan with adequate features to the heating type are fundamental for excellent performance of the equipment.

Kilns are generally used for smaller production requirements. The environment in which products are annealed / decorated is highly controlled and benefits from homogeneous temperatures.

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Product category: Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation



Vidromecanica designs over-belt and under-belt cold end coating equipments for the glass industry.Lehr belt width up to 6,0 meters. This equipment provides glass container cold-end coating treatment, spraying glass containers with a dissolved polyethylene wax emulsion, thus creating an external coating on the glass container with good sliding capacity.


Strong portic frame.

Bridge with transverse sliding guides for the spray gun trolley. The spray gun has lengthwise displacement, which is automatically synchronized with belt speed.

Spraying precision between rows of bottles.

Transversal and longitudinal motions made by SEW motor reducer with position control.

Spray-gun manual height regulation and automatic lift when passage of the spray-gun between rows is obstructed.

Pneumatic spray-gun control equipment.

Electric panel with PLC, frequency inverter and PC connection.

Operation: Manual, Semi-automatic and Automatic.

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Product category: Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation

Scraper Conveyors / Racleurs de verre chaud / Rascadores de vidrio / Masseiras de casco

After receiving the rejected hot cullet and gobs in a water bath, this scraper conveyor carries the cooled glass to the stock area. 


Sturdy construction.
Bottom covered with wear-resistant melted basaltic tiles.
Strong steel chain and drag shovels protected with a wear resistant coating.
Adjustable speed according to the load.
Water temperature control.
Torque limiting device.
The system is equipped with a chain tension take up device.Designed and sized to suit the expected load and gob drop position single or double bottom.

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Product category: Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation

Tempering Lines on belt / Líneas de Templado con Tapiz

We are world number one manufacturer. You can find our lines in operation at internationally renowned glass producers. The toughening line with a flat belt is mainly used for tableware and kitchenware glass shapes, such as dishes, salad bowls and plates.The belt toughening line is made up of a heating and homogenisation tunnel which is followed by one toughening zone and the ware cooling zones.

This type of line can be heated by gas or electricity.

Belt length and width is determined by production.

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Product category: Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation

Moulds Pre-Heating Kilns

Heating: Gas (direct or indirect flame) / Electricity / Oil

Width: 500mm/ 750mm/ 1000mm/ 1500mm
Depth: 1030mm
Height: 500mm

Kiln with forced air circulation and automatic temperature regulation.
Metal construction in stainless steel for the inside and mild steel for the outside structure.
Insulation with mineral wool.
The Mould pre-heating kiln is available with one, two or three doors, corresponding to one, two or three trolleys.Doors and trolleys motion can be, according to the type of kiln, hand-operated or automatic (motorized).

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About us

Company portrait

Vidromecanica manufactures thermal equipment (for annealing, decorating and tempering) and equipment for coating treatment (hot-end coating and cold-end coating) for the glass industry.

Our technology results from our main technicians’ experience of more than 40 years and from our tight co-operation with many glass factories.

A project room composed by much valuable experts, working with CAD systems and a certification process.

Company data

Export content > 75%
Number of employees 31-100
Area of business Glass manufacture/production technology

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