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AOSB 3 Kisim 35 Cadde No. 8 Dösemealti, 07000 Antalya
Telephone +90 242 2212229
Fax +90 242 3402001

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.07  Processed flat glass
  • 03.07.04  Technologies for multifunctional facades
  •  Systems for sun and glare protection

Our products

Product category: Systems for sun and glare protection


Perdesan Venetian Blind – PRD-F-4525 is a magnetic system with manual operation for venetian
blinds incorporated within 25 mm insulating glass units. It is designed to perform a tilt-only function
of the blinds. External knob that is secured to the up or down of window frame.
• Portable mechanism
• Axial movement of the stripes (TILT only)
• Appricable to 4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm and 8.1 mm lami panels.
• 16 mm and 12.5 mm blind stripes
• 25 mm Air Gap
• Various color alternatives
• Warranty is 5 years after sale.

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Product category: Systems for sun and glare protection


PERDESAN Venetian Blind PRD-A-9028 is a motorised system with raising and tilting function for venetian blinds incorporated within 25-mm or 28-mm insulating glass units.   The self-contained 24w motor is placed in the inner upper casement No other control device is applied on glass or window frame, the motor is activated by wall-mounted push buttons or remote control. To operate the motor cable should be connected to the adapter cable via socket.   System allows raising and tilting function by remote control or wireless wall-mounted push buttons. TECHNICAL INFORMATION:
Quite and powerful motor
  • Easy assembling
  • Between 1-20 Motor control with one controller
  • Optional remote control
  • 35 meter command detection distance
  • 16 mm and 12.5 mm blind stripes
  • 25 mm and 28 mm Air Gap
  • Magnetically tested neodymium magnets can operate up to 4 sqm
  • Warranty is 2 years after sale.

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Product category: Systems for sun and glare protection


Perdesan Venetian PRD-SL-9020 is a magnetic system with manual operation for venetian blinds incorporated within 20 mm insulating glass units. It has both raising and axial movement funtions.   At PRD-SL-9020 system, magnetic slider optionally placed on right or left side of the glass provides working of blind. The linear movement of slider is provided by narrow fixing stick. Slider is moved toward up-down for raising and lowering of blind. It works axial when the same movement is done softly.   PRD-SL-9020 is produced in conformity with all window frames. It protects the integral glass units from all external effects resulted from dirt, dust and weather conditions, thereby it provides long-term usage. Technical Information:
  • 20 mm air gap
  • 12,5 mm blind stripes
  • Raising and tilting function
  • Chic and ergonomic designed slider device
  • Applicable with the help of narrow body to everywhere integral glass is used
  • Fit into the window frame like standard insulating glass
  • Various colour options
  • Applicable to 4 mm/5 mm/6 mm glasses.
  • It can be operated untill 2,5 sqm.
  • Warranty is 5 years after sale.

Magnetically tested neodymium magnets are used.

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About us

Company portrait

To offer the high-quality products with stable team, to achieve success with quality and to
keep costumer satisfation with success.
PERDESAN means quality that manufactured by improving.
Corporate Profile:
We started producing and selling integral blind systems within double glazing units in the Antalya region in Turkey as the only manufacturing company in our field in 2005.

Our company has based its production and company structure on the principle of ‘TRUST’ and has been working hard to maintain it. We are well aware of the technological advances in our field and thus has attached great importance to investments in research and development. We have attended national and international fairs in order to gain an innovative perspective on the production of integral blind systems. We care about our customers’ needs and satisfaction so we provide different types of blind systems valuing form and appearance.

Manufacturing our products in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, we serve our customers through a network of dealers all around Turkey. We also export to many countries.

Our goal is to take firm steps towards an even higher quality service based on trust and innovation in our field.