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Maithan Ceramic Limited

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Our products

Product category: Refractories


Magnesia Carbon refractories are resin bonded with a blend of high crystal size seawater magnesia, fused magnesia and high purity graphite flakes. Suitable for use in the bottom/metal/slag zones of EOF, EAF, VAD, LRF, AOD. Excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance, non wetting characteristic, resistance to spalling and high hot strength are the keys to superior performance. Alumina Magnesia Carbon refractories are tailor made for specific LF/LRF/VAD/VD applications. Due to their unique chemistry they restrict joint openings in service and restrict metal penetration. Their high pyroplasticity provides an ideal solution for ladle impact areas. Alumina SiC Carbon Refractories are recommended for high wear areas of Torpedo and Hot Metal ladles.

Dense fired conventional Magnesia chrome bricks are offered for ferrous applications such as Ladle, LRF, AOD, VOD, EAF/EOF, RHF for both back up and working lining. The DBMC range is based on high grade magnesite chrome cosinter and fired at temperature >1750°c. These products exhibit good corrosion, erosion and thermal shock resistant and are suitable for Copper Smelters, Lead & Zinc Furnaces, AOD working lining and other Non Ferrous applications.

The range of fired magnesite bricks up to 94% MgO is suitable for use in backup applications of EAF, LD converter and steel ladles. Also used in utilities such as EAF sub hearth and working lining and hot metal mixer wear out lining. These can also be considered as low cost alternatives in non-ferrous and glassmaking applications.

With the increased focus on fuel efficiency and furnace life in glassmaking, the use of high purity magnesite and magnesia zircon bricks in glass regenerator has become universal. Maithan offers the MGIS and MAGZIR range manufactured with high grade Sea water, sintered natural magnesia and zircon. These refractories are distinguished by their high density and resistance to alkali, sulphur, silica carry over and fume attack.

The product range comprises of gunning mixes including the highly successful MCL GUN95 for EOF hot repair, ramming masses produced with a blend of DBM and fused/sea water magnesia for coreless induction furnaces, EAF hearth, cold and hot steel launders, filling masses for EBT taphole and BOF taphole repair and mortars to complement the range of Basic shaped products.

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Product category: Refractories


The MACVIB range of low cement castables ranges from 45% to 95% Al2O3 content. They are made with aluminous aggregates and HYBOND cement. These are suitable for extreme service conditions upto 1800°c. These products are distinguished by their high volume stability, low porosity, better corrosion and erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance and excellent hot strength. Installation of these castables is by vibration only. These products are also offered with large aggregate -10mm for lining thicknesses exceeding 75 mm.

The MAC CRETE range of conventional castables is suitable for moderate and high heat duty applications. These are calcium aluminate bonded refractory concrete for application in temperatures upto 1400°c. These can be either vibration cast or poured. The grading of these products is formulated such that they can be gunned if required. The MACHEAT range of high alumina conventional castables is made with aluminous aggregate and HYBOND cement. These products are suitable for use in critical applications upto 1800°c. They exhibit high volume stability, good thermal shock resistance and excellent hot strength. These castables are installed by both vibration and hand placement.

The MACLITE range of insulating castables is based on high purity insulating grog manufactured in-house. The service temperature goes upto 1800°c and bulk densities as low as 500 gms/dm3. This prolific range of castables find use as both hot face and backup refractory lining. The castables have higher strength than fibre products and are more versatile than bricks, making them the product of choice for multiple applications.

The MACGUN range is formulated with HYBOND cement and synthetic refractory aggregates. They are characterized by high refractoriness, good abrasion and corrosion resistance and high volume stability. These products can be applied through hot or cold gunning. This range finds application in Blast Furnace, steel ladles, LRF, EAF, petrochemical and fertilizer plants.

These castables with lime content -1% provide the versatility of an unshaped product in terms of application while not compromising on the hot load properties of similar shaped-fired products. They display higher density, lower porosity and superior abrasion resistance in comparison. These are also offered as precast-prefired products in critical shapes and for large formats.

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Product category: Refractories


This range starts from general purpose firebricks made from calcined fire clay and fired to suit customer's application.On the other hand, Superduty bricks are made from a combination of chamotte, high purity calcined kaolin andsillimanite. SX grades are notable for their low impurity content, low porosity and exceptional thermal creep resistance.These are well suited for glass regenerator, blast furnace and aluminium anode baking applications. Limit of application is 1550°c.

The Sillimanite class of refractories range from 50%-62% alumina content. The primary content is sillimanite and calcined alumina fired at high temperatures. The resultant refractory has low glass content, low porosity and high strength. Appropriate for application temperatures upto 1600°c. The versatile range Andalsuite refractories range from 55-70% alumina content. Made with a combination of andalusite and fused alumina and fired at temperatures upto 1700°c, the refractory undergoes a high degree of in-situ mullitization resulting in exceptional hot properties such as Creep and HMOR. Appropriate for application temperatures upto 1700°c.

In the 70-99% alumina class, these refractories are manufactured almost exclusively with synthetic materials such as fused mullite, fused and tabular alumina. The key to their performance is a high mullite-corundum phase and the absence of any glassy phase. The result is very high hot strength, abrasion resistance, resistance to chemical attack and volume stability. Appropriate for application temperatures upto 1800°c.

Manufactured from rotary calcined indigenous/imported bauxite, these bricks are the most economical solution in their alumina class. Especially noteworthy are the 70% and 80% class which proven their mettle in steel ladles and cement rotary kilns. Appropriate for application temperatures upto 1700°c.

For critical applications, special products based on Zircon, Fused AZS, Silicon Carbide, Chrome, Magnesia Spinel either in conjunction with an alumino-silicate system or in pure form have been developed. They find application in critical glass, steel making and cement applications among others. These products have been indigenously developed leveraging in-house R&D capabilities and are benchmarked to the toughest specifications for similar products globally.

Holloware is key to energy efficiency in blast furnace stoves and glass regenerators amongst others. The distinctive characteristics of Maithan’s checkers and chimney blocks are tight dimensional tolerance, high physical strength and thermal stability. Maithan range of checkers and chimney blocks start from 40% alumina and extends to 99% alumina including chrome and zircon bearing variants.

Maithan manufactures large format variants for Glass manufacturing applications both for tank backup as well as direct glass contact. These are manufactured through the pressing/vibration pressing method. Blocks and tiles can further be machined to zero tolerance and pre-assembled before despatch for quick mortar less laying at Customer's site.

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About us

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Processes change. Principles don't.
This is a mantra which drives us for the last 60 years. Quality focus is a driving principle and customer satisfaction is the guiding force. We offer the entire product spectrum from shaped to unshaped in Alumina, Basic and Special qualities.

Our deep experience is a key enabler for large project requirements as well as critical consumer applications across ferrous and non-ferrous sectors. Deep relationships have been built on a foundation of trust with Prestigious customers and technology providers which is reflected in the repeat business generated for decades.

Global leaders in Steel, Glass and non-ferrous metals are our valued Customers. Our facility in India has a rated capacity of 80,000 TPY and has been completely modernised as recently as 2018. We manufacture products that can be gunned at site or pre-assembled at our works, depending on the application.

We also have one of the finest research facilities in the country where we take pride in taking our products apart. With a customer centric approach to research, we have developed numerous breakthrough products which have solved chronic issued or served as viable import substitutes. From collaborative design to responsive supplies and application services, we serve as single point contact for refractories.

And that is all we do.

Product Spectrum:
We are a one stop shop for multiple sectors requiring refractory solutions for demanding applications.

We have been engaging with leaders across various sectors for decades and attuning our products to optimize performance in the face of changing technology and operating environments. We combine product customization and application knowhow to deliver a high degree of customer satisfaction.